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A section of SCP-D.

Item #: SCP-D
Object Class: Safe
Site Responsible: Site-204
Director: Disura Shantha
Research Head: Atharva Acharya
Assigned Task Force: N/A
Level 4/D

Special Containment Procedures: The public is to be informed that the perimeter surrounding SCP-D has been closed off due to the atmosphere having been infected with Agent Orange1. Drones or D-Class personnel should be used for exploration attempts.

Efforts to locate PoI-D is ongoing.

Description: SCP-D is a massive network of tunnels used by Viet Cong guerillas during the Vietnam War, located in a forest within the Dak Nong Province, Vietnam. No notable anomalous property has been noted for SCP-D's interior, although explorations by D-Class personnel have revealed that the tunnels extend to an estimated length of 26.415 kilometres2 downwards.

Mapping of SCP-D is difficult; multiple sections of the tunnels have either collapsed or have been built in ways that would usually cause infrastructural instability, such as overlapping and/or over-sized rooms. SCP-D also lacks any form of defence built into the tunnels3.

Despite the poor conditions of SCP-D, there is evidence that SCP-D was extensively used by Viet Cong guerillas during the Tet Offensive4. According to a document recovered during a D-Class exploration attempt, SCP-D was constructed in 1967 for logistic and communication purposes, later used to house Sarkic cultists for an unknown purpose.

So far, one D-Class exploration team has successfully reached the bottom of SCP-D. Members of the exploration team described a large room containing Sarkic-related artefacts, which was flooded with a liquid with a similar chemical composition to human blood, flowing from a collapsed section of the tunnel. Excavation of this specific section of the tunnel is forbidden due to the fragile infrastructure of SCP-D.

Addendum D.1


Addendum D.2

Material recovered from SCP-D

Addendum D.3

Exploration Logs