Vivian Virgil; a Qeltzal of the Souljournean tribe.

Qeltzal-Delta is just one of several alien planets in a universe me and two friends have been working on for 2-3 years. I have put the most work into this world and have come to love it, so now I devote an unhealthy amount of time to daydreaming about the people of this world.

Qeltzal-Delta is part of something called The Galactic Alliance and is home to a species of mint-green cat people with white hair (who are genetically distinct from Earth cats) called Qeltzals.

They have their own language (which is largely undeveloped by me) and their own central planet-wide religion, which will be most of the focus of this page. The name of their planet, Qeltzal-Delta, means "The People's Planet" in their religion's standard language.

Qeltzal-Delta is also the home of a race called the Capricians, due to recent devlopments. The center of the Galactic Alliance, known as Ranes, created a breed of genetically engineered Ranians who have been spliced with goats, sheeps, and other caprine creatures from Earth, simply to see if they could. Once they were satisfied with their experiment, rather than slaughtering them all they decided to dump them on Qeltzal-Delta, so the Qeltzals could deal with them.

Rather than being killed by the Qeltzals, the Capricians were largely accepted into the Qeltzal worldview, scorned only by racists, mostly those from the Shinarian Deltist sub-religion. Since then, the Capricians have been scraping together a new life for themselves with the aid of the Qeltzals.

Most of this world's development comes from things that I think our own world of Earth would be able to benefit from. It is in no way a perfect society, but I think that cats would be able to build a much better society than we have, even if they are alien cats unrelated to cats from Earth.