Item: SCP-3964
Object class: safe

Containment procedures:
SCP-3964 is to remain in a standard containment cell at Site-19. Its cell may only be entered by two level-4 personnel.
SCP-3964-1 is to remain in a standard humanoid containment cell. Stored at site Site-17. When talking to or around SCP-3964-1 he is to be referred to as Connor in order to prevent psychological damage. Under no circumstances is the specimen to be told about SCP-3964 or his position as SCP-3964-1. With any conversation about the Foundation kept to a minimum unless under testing approved by at least one member of the ethics committee. Under any case of SCP-3964-1 entering an agitated state due to the mention of SCP-3964, class-b amnesics are to be administered to SCP-3964-1 at which point specimen is not to interact with any other personnel for at least one week.

SCP-3964 is a leather bound book roughly 11 cm's long, five cm's tall, and twelve cm's wide titled "All the answers in the world." Inside each page of the book appears to be a random answer to a random question. So far in all cases of opening SCP-3964 following a question being said out loud, the book has turned to a page that answers the question correctly. So far in all cases when SCP-3964 has been asked a question it has responded with an answer the reader would perceive as negative..
1: On a seemingly irregular basis SCP-3964 will give an answer appearing to be so vague that it would be almost impossible for the answer to be incorrect.
2: The answers seem to be specific to the person asking the question. When asked about important world events SCP-3964 will simply answer with "You wont notice" or "It will be a slight annoyance" or answers that don't give a real picture of what will happen.

SCP-3964-1 is Caucasian human male, the former Officer.█████ who was sent out to confirm reports of a "book of answers" from local law inforcement. After Officer.█████ sent in a report of entering the town of ████████ Florida he was not heard from again until MTF Iota-10 was further sent out at which point SCP-3964-1 was obtained.
SCP-3964-1 has shown intense obsession and violent interest in SCP-3964. It is currently unknown as to whether this is because SCP-3964 has a person-unique cognitohazard or because of a pre-existing psychological condition in SCP-3964-1. Further testing required.
So far only one other humanoid has shown this kind of obsession with SCP-3964. This separate subject designated as D.3964.9.
When SCP-3964-1 was obtained, it was seen gripping SCP-3964 firmly and keeping SCP-3964 to his chest. Furthermore SCP-3964-1 appeared to be whispering to SCP-3964 and very slightly opening SCP-3964 enough to read an answer. When SCP-3964-1 was told that the foundation was going to have to take SCP-3964 off SCP-3964-1, subject began to enter an extreme state of distress and agitation towards site personnel.

SCP-3964 was obtained by MTF Iota-10 after Officer.█████ had stopped responding to the foundation attempts for communication shortly after entering the town of █████████, Florida. MTF Iota-10 went first to the house of Mr.███████ and Mrs.███ where the reports of a "book of answers" first began. The following is a edited audio transcript of their investigation.

Note: During this investigation Oak was not present inside the house but instead keeping
electronics functioning and monitoring Mahogany and Spruce from a distance.

<Begin Log>

Oak: We're online.
Fast forward 17 minutes
Mahogany: Yes sir, we will be inspecting your house. And we will be taking the book.

Mr.████████: Please, I don't care about the book, just get that.. thing, out of my town.

Mahogany: You have no reason to fear sir, but in that case. could you elaborate as to what is
inside your house?

Mr.████████: A man, earlier he claimed to be fbi, but there's no way that's true. I mean he's
just been… Obsessed… With the book I mean. He's uh currently held up in the spare bedroom.

Spruce: Mahogany this way come on.

  • Mahogany and Spruce head towards the spare bedroom.

Mahogany: Oh my god. What happened to him?

  • Officer.█████ was observed in the corner of the room naked using the book of answers. What appeared to be Officer.█████'s faeces was also strung across the room.

Spruce: Excuse me Officer I will need to be taking that book.
Officer.█████: No! Its so magical… Its… my love.
Oak: We'll take it off him once we get back to site, just get him in the car, its time to go.
<End Log>

In order to establish SCP-3964's cognitohazard properties several different d-class subjects were sent in to test if they were affected. So far this has been the only subject other than Officer.█████ to be affected by the cognitohazard. The results of the test are following.

After one hour the cognitohazard properties of SCP-3964 seemed to take effect in D.3964.9 Subject was seen clawing at his eyes and inscribing in human faeces what is thought to be the answers to the questions asked of SCP-3964. Within three hours D.3964.9 had shown to reveal large gashes on its feet, hands, face, and now exposed back, this is thought to be due to D.3964.9 asking questions to the kind of "Will I be hurt" and getting what he would perceive as a negative answer. After the fifth hour mark the camera observing D.3964.9 ,and SCP-3964 malfunctioned. MTF-Epsilon-11 was then sent out to investigate. After entering SCP-3964's containment cell many members of Epsilon-11 claim to have seen D.3964.9 standing upright grinning before uttering the phrase, "Now… It is time for you to pay, for all that you've hurt in the past." MTF.████ claims to have seen SCP-3964 laid out on the floor next to D.3964.9 and not in his hands. The MTF also claimed to see D.3964.9 (data redacted) and terminated the subject.

1. If MTF.████'s claims are correct it can be hypothesised that SCP-3964 doesn't use a cognitohazard on it's victims but instead will attempt to make some sort of deal with them or another form of persuasion. Further testing required.

Interview Log SCP-3964-1:

Interviewed: SCP-3964-1

Interviewer: Doctor.█████

Foreword: Discussion as to SCP-3964-1's obsession with SCP-3964 with Doctor.███ recording
from another room

<Begin Log>

Doctor██████: Good-morning Officer.█████. How are you today.

SCP-3964-1: Good, (panting) very… … good.

Doctor.██████: Perfect, now… could you tell me about your, interest to SCP-3964

SCP-3964-1 seems uneasy
SCP-3964-1: SCP? I uh. (heavy panting).
Doctor.██████ gestures to the camera
Doctor.███ speaking into Doctor.██████'s headset: Continue
Doctor.██████: SCP-3964, is a small book, titled the book of answers, it-
SCP-3964-1 jumped to Doctor.██████ and grabbed his collar
SCP-3964-1: WHERE IS IT?
Doctor.██████ was removed from SCP-3964's containment cell after SCP-3964-1 began to
violently shake Doctor.██████
<End Log>**

Closing statement: Further caution must be taken when dealing with SCP-3964-1 in future
testing scenarios.