Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is contained in a standard non-hazardous object storage room at Site-81. PoI-9986's is to be monitored for contact with GoI-0839 (Chicago Spirit).

Description: SCP-XXXX is an unmarked leather-bound wallet. SCP-XXXX contains an extra-dimensional space containing an infinite quantity of United States fifty dollar bills.

SCP-XXXX was found in the possession of non-anomalous human PoI-9986. PoI-9986 is a 19 year old male currently living homeless in the city of Chicago, Illinois.

Discovery log:
Agent Maria Vandein was on an assignment investigating an occurrence of SCP-4438 at the convenience store "Williams" when she encountered SCP-XXXX. The following was obtained from the store's video feed.

1:05:07: Agent Vandein is seen questioning. the store clerk.

1:05:07: The sound of PoI-9986 entering the store is heard. PoI-9986 appears distressed, and is perspiring heavily.

1:05:51: PoI-9986 gathers bread and milk before standing in line behind Agent Vandein.

1:05:56: Agent Vandein gestures for PoI-9986 to overtake her in line.

1:06:01: PoI-9986 attempts to use a plastic card to purchase the items. It is declined several times.

1:06:06: PoI-9986 audibly sighs and pulls SCP-XXXX from his wallet.

1:06:08: PoI-9986 obtains a $50 bill from SCP-XXXX, and uses it to finishes his purchase. SCP-XXXX then leaves PoI-9986's grasp and falls onto the floor.

1:06:10: Agent Vandein obtains SCP-XXXX from the ground and offers it to PoI-9986. Whilst lifting SCP-XXXX a quantity of fifty dollar bills exits SCP-XXXX. The quantity of fifty dollar bills is noticeably larger than the interior of SCP-XXXX should be capable of holding.

1:06:12: PoI-9986 appears increasingly distressed, and obtains SCP-XXXX before sprinting from the store. SCP-XXXX continues to produce U.S currency.

1:11:37: Agent Vandein peruses and detains PoI-9986.

Agent Vandein returned SCP-XXXX, and PoI-9986 to Site-81. After being questioned PoI-9986 was deemed non-anomalous and released after being amnestisized. SCP-XXXX and Document XXXX-A were retrieved and kept in storage.