Hollow Owl
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Item #: SCP-3399

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3399 is within a 3m x 3m x 4m room and is held by a 1.7m carbon fiber tripod. On each extremity of the room, a spotlight is attached to the ceiling. The spotlights' range of illumination must be 90 degrees, being able to illuminate all the room and all must be centered at SCP-3399. Every spotlight has an internal battery capable of maintining it turned on for approximately 9 hours after a pontential power failure. In case of a complete failure on one of these equipments, it must be reported immediatly and replaced by a new spotlight.

Only D-Class personnel is allowed to touch the object, under authorization of a present researcher After several incidents involving damage of equipment and [DATA EXPUNGED] of workers nearby, physical contact with SCP-3399 is now strictly prohibited.

It also forbidden any identical object to enter any test sites, to avoid confusion with the original object.

Description: SCP-3399 is a diamond-like stone carved to resemble an owl. It is partially translucent, as its head presents regular brown and red colors apparently tinted inside the stone. Any damage dealt to it, even from a slight human touch, makes the object emit a strong shockwave, shattering and disabling nearby objects and equipment, but also causes [DATA EXPUNGED] on humans and animals. Tests have concluded that the shockwave intensity depends on how much damage it has received, being expontionally proportional.

When exposed to a light source, it is inofensive dormant, only its head is mobile, as it moves to center its sight at any human nearby. Its is not known how it is capable of moving individual parts without damaging itself. Subjects exposed to eye-to-eye contact with the owl presented high levels of stress and, with further exposure, adrenaline, behaving violently against the specimen, threatening to break it and requiring intervention of security forces.

Under an enviroment with less than 5 Lumens, the SCP gets incredibly fast and agressive. Tests shown that it can travel 2 meters in less than a tick. When D-3399-3, while inside the owl's containment room, was exposed to a milisecond of absence of light, he had his eyes taken from his socket and took 2 seconds to realize it. The owl had no vestige of blood and the eyes remainings weren't found anywhere in the testing site. Camera recordings could not capture more than a blur on D-3399-2's face before the removal of his eyes. Update 20/12/20██: Under further observation, researchers concluded that the SCP has space-warping abilities when not exposed to proper illumination, disregarding its theorized speed, albeit such abilities have not shown any range of effect rather than the SCP itself.

Addendum: At presence of D-3399-5, 6 and 7, the SCP prefered to stare at 7. When 7 was led to leave the room, it prefered 6. They were respectively the oldest subjects within the owl's line of sight, which suggests it has preference over older victims.

Comforming the theory that the object is sentient, these questions have yet to be observed: Light is either a preference or a weakness.