SCP-3954 shortly after retrieval

Item #: SCP-3954

Object class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3954 is to be contained in a 15cm x 15cm x 15cm acryllic glass cage in an empty room. The object is to be placed upside down in its container and its screen must be covered by black tape. No fewer than 2 persons wearing ear muffs and refraining from opening the cage should enter the room.

Description: SCP-3954 is grey-colored, Sony Ericsson D750i cellphone that was retrieved by the Foundation in [DATA EXPUNGED]. The object’s screen is completely black and has no remarkable features. There is no way to turn off SCP-3954, despite it having the usual properties of a cellphone. SCP-3954 can mimic the voice of a person’s dearest, through unknown means, and it uses this ability to manipulate that very same person into removing it from its cage, removing the black tape and looking at its screen, which has proven very effective if the individual’s loved one is deceased and/or if the subject is mentally unstable, although the object seems docile if more than one subject enters its room. When the individual does so, an app is revealed, named [REDACTED]. When the app is opened, the person, at this stage named SCP-3954-2, goes through a twisted version of the game ‘Farmville’, in which the player must [REDACTED], which seems to heavily affect sensitive human subjects. After playing for five minutes, the game will suddenly close and delete itself, and a second app will appear, which is the camera. From this point onwards, SCP-3954-2 seems to be completely thralled by the object. As soon as the individual opens the camera app, they will be looking at themselves as if taking a selfie. However, an unknown entity will be seen behind them. SCP-3954-2 will leave the room two minutes later and resume normal activities as if nothing happened. However, as seen in seen in Experiment 3954-A and Experiment 3954-B, merely looking at SCP-3954-2, from now on, will cause the entity to also █████ the observer, at this stage named SCP-3954-3, appearing in mirrors, cameras and other reflective materials and equipments. SCP-3954-2 and SCP-3954-3 will die after 5 hours, with the manner of death being yet unknown (see Addendum 3954-A). Any instances of SCP-3954-2 are to be terminated immediately after they leave SCP-3954's room. A study conducted by Dr. ████ and Dr. ████ suggests that the object may be related to SCP-513.