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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is stored in standard Storage Locker 4 in Site-██.
SCP-XXXX is stored in a soundproofed standard storage locker with an additional pair of headphones and charger suitable for SCP-XXXX. Testing is available to personnel with level 3 security clearance and above, with express permission from the Site Manager.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a digital music player, e-book reader, radio and audio recorder, made by the company ████, and was manufactured in 2008. It has 8GB of storage built in, and a micro-SD card can be added on for additional storage. It has a speaker, auxiliary port and charging port in addition to a micro-SD port, with a silver, metallic body. Three audio recordings were also found recorded on SCP-XXXX during recovery, the name of the files being:

  1. Dragonforce concert!
  2. Crime Scene #139
  3. Please listen to this before use.

SCP-XXXX's anomalous effects only take place when the audio recorder is used, and the audio is played. The audio recordings record a moment in time, as whenever audio is perceived by a sentient being, with the ability to hear, the being is transported back in time to when the audio was recorded. The effect only affects people that hear the audio when it starts. If the audio plays through the speakers, anyone who can hear it will be subject to it's anomalous effects. The effect will also manifest if SCP-XXXX is connected via auxiliary cord to any speakers, headphones, headsets and other audio modifiers. The audio recordings can be transferred to other devices, however the copies do not retain the anomalous effects.

During the time-travel, the sentient being(s)1, hereby referred to collectively as SCP-XXXX-A cannot affect anything, and becoming incorporeal, being able to pass through any material. The time-travel lasts as long as the audio recording, and instances of SCP-XXXX-A during the time-travel can only go as far as 1 km radius from the point of where the audio was recorded. SCP-XXXX-A's body during time-travel does not actually go back in time, the body is still in the present, but in a coma, in a manner similar to REM sleep. They cannot be woken, the effect only ending when the recording is over, or the recording can no longer be heard by SCP-XXXX-A.

Recovery Log: SCP-XXXX has had three previous owners, when it was first purchased online by 17 year old ██████ ████, who was killed in a robbery accident soon after. During the investigation of his death by the ████ Police Deparment of ██████, KS, Police Investigator Mike Gretzky was listening through SCP-XXXX's contents before unwittingly being subject to the object's anomalous effects, he was then taken to a nearby hospital before being released with the object still in his possession. He then went on using the object in inventive ways in order to solve further cases he was assigned to. When he died due to deteriorating health, he left the object to the UIU, knowing of them due to the close proximity of their division in the Midwestern United States. The UIU held the object for a short amount of time before willingly giving it up to the Foundation.

Exploration Log 1: In order to find more information on SCP-XXXX, Researcher Wolfe proposed to sent Agents into the audio recordings that were recorded prior to recovery. The proposal was approved by Site Manager ████. The first recording to be explored was the recording named, "Please listen to this before use."

Exploration Log 2: With similar conditions as Exploration Log 1, Agent Robinson listened to the recording name "Crime Scene #139". The agent then reports being in a murder scene, with police investigators on the scene. Investigator Gretzky was at the scene recording this audio for 5 minutes before leaving and ending the recording.

Exploration Log 3: Agent Robinson after finishing with the last exploration, then went into the final recording named "Dragonforce concert!" The agent reports arriving at a musical concert, with music being played by the band Dragonforce. The person recording the audio was 17 year old ██████ ████, who first owned SCP-XXXX, who was intending to record only the music during the concert. The recording lasted 1 hour, when near the end, when ██████ was confronted by an armed man in the parking lot near the stage of the concert, demanding money. When man heard security officers coming around the corner, he shot ██████ in a panic. The security officers then checked the body of ██████, and ended the recording. It was later found that the armed man was Jacob ████, who was found guilty of the murder of the 17 year old, due to the extensive evidence found by Investigator Gretzky.