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Item #: SCP-XXXX Level 4/01030613
Object Class: Keter Classified

Special Containment Procedures: The document containing SCP-4000 is to be stored in an off-site deep storage vault localised to reality by three Tachyon-class Foundation Reality Anchors1, in the event that the Foundation is compromised in a Genesis Event.

Should a Genesis Event begin to occur, all Level 5 staff and the O5 council are to immediately issue orders for execution of Procedure Morphosis. Failure of Procedure Morphosis constitutes a fatal breach and will result in a XK-Class End of The World scenario. As the risk of failed containment (resulting in total civilisational collapse) far outweighs the potential improvement in effective combat of the anomaly, containment procedures are currently limited to Procedure Morphosis.

As of 06/07/2018, Project Hindsight and Procedure Morphosis has successfully introduced ███ CCK-Class Controlled Restructuring Scenarios to contain SCP-4000.

Description: SCP-4000 refers to a sentient anomalous multiuniversal entity. SCP-4000 exists extra-universally, and as of ███ BC2, has been currently attempting to infiltrate baseline reality. Its intent is unknown, although the entity appears to only target non-anomalous3 humans.

SCP-4000 manifests itself in human figures it deems 'influential to the world' - figures which are in authority or have been seen as a major influence on a global scale are most commonly targeted. These figures are designated SCP-4000-1. A log of all currently known SCP-4000-1 instances can be found in the RAISA folder SCPARC/ADD/4000-1. A shortened list of notable figures can be found in Addendum 4000.1.

Of note is that SCP-4000 only seems to affect one individual at a time. SCP-4000 is able to influence several individuals at once. See Addendum 4000.1 for more information.

Signs of SCP-4000 influence in 4000-1 instances usually start after around 4 years of infiltration. Effects usually include a more radical approach to ideology and, as well as a notable lack of goodwill in their action. In 99% of all cases, the SCP-4000-1 instance will take a major action detrimental towards humanity4. This action marks the beginning of a Genesis Event. Throughout a Genesis Event, the entity will further exert its influence over the SCP-4000-1 instance, making its actions more irrational and violent.

The timing of the expiration depends on the length of the Genesis Event, although expiration usually occurs a short period before the end of the Event. Methods of expiration are wholly mundane as recorded, and have no discernible pattern. However, the SCP-4000-1 will usually be universally despised in civilisation post-Event.

Addendum 4000.1 - Notable Figures Affected by SCP-4000