Destiny Clear

Scp name: Super Bracelet.

SCP number: [To be determined]

Object Class: Safe

Special Contaiment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be contained in the low security section of Site-◾◾. The object is not to be removed from its containment area outside of approved testing. No non D-Class personnel are to equip SCP-XXXX on any part of thier body, and non-lethal force is authorised if any attempts are made.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a simple brown bracelet, nonanomolous in appearance.

SCP-XXXX anomalous affects become apparent when a subject places it on any part of thier body. The object does not differentiate between gender or race, however, it will fail to effect any non-humans or anyone under the age of 3 years old.

SCP-XXXX anomalous affects cause it to molecularly bond with any subject that equips it (hereafter reffered to as 'Wearer') on whatever part of the wearers body it was equipped to. SCP-XXXX can stretch or shrink to match any body part of any subject it bonds with, showing no signs of wear or tear. The object seems to be invincible, as all attempts to destroy it, including acid submerssion, burning, attempted crushing, and [REDACTED].

Once bonded with an appropriate subject, SCP-XXXX other anomalous effect becomes apparent.

The Wearer will begin to feel a strange sensation throughout thier body, described as 'electrifying' or 'buzzing'.

After 2-4 hours, subject will experience a sudden feat of inhuman ability.

When a D-Class Personnel bonded with SCP-XXXX and anomalous effects are allowed to progress, the D-Class experienced sudden levitation. However, after 3 hours, the D-Class dropped from the air and showed signs of discomfort.

When questioned, Subject responded he 'just couldn't hold it anymore. '

After an hour of rest under surveillance, Subject apparently 'recharged' and was able to levitate once again.

Subject was recovered from a raid on a Marshall, Carter and Dark auction. It was the sole item recovered and it's anomalous effects became apparent when it bonded with [DATA EXPUNGED]

This resulted in [DATA EXPUNGED]