The Silent Room

Item #: SCP-3219

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Someone of Level-4 clearance or higher must be on-site at all times.


Due to the nature of SCP-3219, it cannot be directly contained. However, due to the predictability of its' manifestations, people can be prevented from entering SCP-3219's perimeter. When SCP-3219 manifests, all rooms directly adjacent to it are to be cordoned off and used for research. Any D-Class personnel entering SCP-3219 for more than 24 hours must be psychologically evaluated immediately after exiting.

Description: When SCP-3219 manifests, all furniture in a room will disappear for the entire length of time that it manifests in said room. The walls become padded white, and a single bed will appear in a corner, named SCP-3219-1. No windows have appeared in any instance to date. Its' anomalous properties were first discovered in 19██ in ██████, ██████, when a man committed suicide by a gunshot to the head. No one found the body until approximately 1 week after, when other tenants reported a disgusting smell emanating from his apartment. No one had reported the gunshot being heard, and upon further investigation, an agent in the local police department reported the incident to the Foundation. Shortly after the apartment was cleaned, the owner of the building reported to the police that furniture had suddenly appeared in the room, and that the walls had been painted. The Foundation took over investigations following this report, and after another manifestation was reported in 19██, the room was designated SCP-3219.

Anomalous effects occur when a manifestation of SCP-3219 occurs in a room, usually in a small, but populated, apartment building. Upon entering SCP-3219, no sound can be heard inside or outside the room, and no sound can be transmitted from the room, through recording or otherwise. After approximately 2 days of various exposure (Does not have to be prolonged, proved by Mrs. ██████ after her suicide attempt on 08/██/██) to it, anyone in the room will begin to hear voices, described as calm, quiet ranting by various D Class personnel. This will proceed until either a full week has passed or the person exposed is not exposed to the room for at least 24 hours. After a full week has passed, the voices become progressively louder over a 24 hour period until they become unbearable and the person inside attempts to kill themselves. All instances of SCP-3219 have appeared to be at least somewhat sentient, reacting negatively to any kind of damage done to the room or SCP-3219-1. If the walls are damaged in any way, the walls will begin to turn a dark red color, and if the damage continues, a bright flash of light will appear, and anything in the room (Excluding SCP-3219-1, and other anomalous objects) will disappear. The manifesting instance of SCP-3219 will then become seemingly passive again, and will continue its' normal cycle until it manifests in a different place. SCP-3219-1 appears to be controlled by SCP-3219, but there is not enough information to prove or disprove this.

When manifesting, SCP-3219, designated SCP-3219A tends to 'choose' smaller rooms in apartments that are used frequently, and will usually manifest for at least 2 weeks. It also tends to stay within the boundaries of the small town of ██████, ██████. Upon discovery, Dr. ████████ began testing by sending in █ D-Class personnel. After they didn't report back, Another D-Class was sent to check with them, and it was discovered that sound could not be transmitted from the room. After, it was ruled that any D-class used for testing with SCP-3219 must be trained in sign language, and must carry cameras for routine check-ins. Any D-Class attempting to enter SCP-3219 without proper preparation will be terminated. In one instance of testing, SCP-498 was placed into an instance of SCP-3219 and allowed to ring for 24 hours. No sound was heard at any point, however there were other results (See Experiment Log 3219-1A). SCP-███ was then used for testing, but still yielded no new results.

Experiment Log 3219-1A

Subject D-3314 enters SCP-3219A, carrying SCP-498.

SCP-3219A seemingly reacts negatively, with the walls turning a red-white color. The color fades back to white after a few seconds.

A table is brought in and SCP-498 is set on it. It displays the time 6:08 AM.

As the alarm begins ringing, a decibel meter and a timer start recording.

Exactly 0 Decibels throughout the entirety of the 24:00:02.44 time the alarm was ringing.

-4:00:00 = No sound, no vibrations detected from the alarm, as if it isn't ringing.

-8:00:00 = No change.

-12:00:00 = Walls begin changing color, slight red tint.

-16:00:00 = Walls now appear as a bright red color.

-20:00:00 = Walls now appear dark red, near the dangerous color. Still no change in measured decibels.

-24:00:02.44 = Bright flash occurs, SCP-498 lies on the bed, displaying the time 6:12 AM. D-3314 and the table previously brought in the room are nowhere to be found.

Dr. ████ Notes: Interesting reaction from SCP-3219A when subjected to 498. I think we should run a test with SCP-███ and see what happens. I also recommend more testing with 498, 3219A's reaction to it intrigued me.