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Item #: SCP-4935

Object class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4935 is to be kept within a standard humanoid containment cell, with 2 armed guards stationed at the entrance at all times, SCP-4935 should be fed one D-Class personnel every week. Inside the cell there should always be

  • A well furnished, one person bed, with enough space under it to fit a whole person
  • A toilet
  • A shower, with opaque curtains
  • A sink, fit with mirror

No less than 3 armed personnel should be present in the cell when it is being cleaned.

Description: SCP-4935 is a humanoid entity, roughly 2.14 meters in height, it has large, circular yellow eyes without eyelids, tearducts, or irises, its mouth consists of a small slit, though when readying to feed or attack it will unhinge its jaw, widening it to approximately 12.7 centimeters, all of its teeth appear to be incisors, the head lacks any other discernible features. SCP-4935 is extremely emaciated, and its skin is fleshy pink, its arms are approximately 0.91 meters long, and end in 6 fingers, each 0.30 meters long, it does not have any hands, though its ability to grab and hold onto things is not hindered by this.

Despite its thin frame, SCP-4935 is very fast, nimble, and strong, being able to move at staggering speeds across or up surfaces without making any sound. SCP-4935 is predatory, and will exclusively target humans when hunting for food, upon finding a suitable prey item, usually someone who is of average or overweight build, hereafter referred to as SCP-4935-1, SCP-4935 will begin to stalk SCP-4935-1 over a week long period, during this time, SCP-4935 will appear in photographs taken by SCP-4935-1, always in the background and barely noticeable (See Addendum 4935-E), SCP-4935 will always be standing behind SCP-4935-1 whenever they are by themselves and not engaging in anything that would allow themselves or others to completely see SCP-4935.

SCP-4935 shows some intelligence, as it has shown to prefer certain prey items over others, and will sometimes completely ignore a potential prey item because they are not of a desirable body mass to SCP-4935 (See Addendum 4935-A), SCP-4935 despises being seen completely by anybody, and will go into a rage state if it can't find a place to conceal itself.

SCP-4935 was found in the town of [REDACTED], New Hampshire, on ██/██/██ after a series of disappearances were followed by the discovery of the missing people dead several days later in dense forest to the North of the town, the bodies were found close to one another, in an area covering around 7.68 meters in diameter forming a rough circle. The bodies were in a severely damaged condition, some having whole limbs torn off, with a few having had their [DATA EXPUNGED]. All wildlife within the forest avoided the area the bodies were located in.

The Foundation sent field personnel into the area, designated as site ██, they evacuated all people living close to, or within the woods surrounding site ██, if asked why they were being evacuated, the field agents were instructed to say that a dangerous animal from the local Zoo had escaped into the woods. The field personnel began to investigate site ██ and search for any anomalous entities or objects, during the investigation one of the agents, an agent [REDACTED], reported as feeling if he were being watched, the other members told him to ignore it, he did. Several days following this, agent [REDACTED] took a break to go to the bathroom, where he was confronted by SCP-4935 (See Addendum 4935-C), SCP-4935 was eventually subdued and captured by the field team.

Addendum 4935-A: Feeding

Test A - ██/██/██

Subject: D-6104, a male of average height and build, 24 years old.
Procedure: D-6104 was placed into SCP-4935's containment cell, and told that he was relocated here for testing, security camera footage shows SCP-4935 climbing out from under the bed and moving directly behind D-6104 when he wasn't looking, all within a matter of seconds.
Results: SCP-4935 stalked D-6104 around the room for 7 days, crawling under the cell's bed or hunching over D-6104 while he slept, D-6104 reported having trouble sleeping, and that he felt as if he were being watched. D-6104 claimed that when he was showering or looking into the sink's mirror, he could see a tall figure standing on the other side of the curtain, or within the reflection. During the middle of the 7th day of testing, SCP-4935 grabbed D-6104 from behind by the shoulders and threw him into the cell wall, there was an audible crack, as the impact shattered several ribs. SCP-4935 approached D-6104 while he was recovering, it then proceeded to slam its arms onto D-6104 until he stopped moving, at which point SCP-4935 unhinged its jaws and proceeded to devour as much flesh as it could from the corpse.

Test B - ██/██/██

Subject: D-2503, a female of small height and build, 18 years old.
Procedure: D-2503 was placed within SCP-4935's cell and told she was being relocated for testing, SCP-4935 took little interest in D-2503, only poking its head out once to take a look at D-2503.

Test C - ██/██/██

Addendum 4935-C Interview with Agent William Talbot