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The original carrier of SCP-4XXX.

Item #: SCP-4XXX

Object Class: Keter

Threat Level: Orange

Special Containment Procedures: All samples of SCP-4XXX must be held in cold storage at Biological Sector 2 of Area-10 as per biohazard protocol. All retrieved syringes containing SCP-4XXX (See Document 4XXX-1) will be placed in a polycarbonate cell for future testing and research. A decontamination and quarantine station will be placed inside the chamber as well. SCP-4XXX's chamber is restricted to Level-3 personnel and research is restricted to Level-4 personnel.

All those who are affected by SCP-4XXX but aren't eradicated will be quarantined and treated by medical personnel. Should SCP-4XXX remain in the carrier, they will be placed in an enhanced solitary confinement cell containing more than five thickened layers, restricting SCP-4XXX's capability to root.

Regarding the security of SCP-4XXX, a security door will be placed at the entrance of SCP-4XXX's chamber. The code to the chamber should be changed every two weeks and given to the following personnel listed above. A camera will be placed in the chamber to record SCP-4XXX's growth and activity, which will be given to Foundation archivists for documentation and review. Level-4 personnel will be given access to documents and records of SCP-4XXX.

Description: SCP-4XXX is a set of infectious, anomalous strands of DNA that infects the human skin and the internal structure into any tree bark that the person is in contact with, transforming them into "nature's captives". SCP-4XXX transmits when a person is in direct or close contact with an infected branch, animal, or person infected with SCP-4XXX. The rate of survival of SCP-4XXX is currently unknown, as its multiplication rate is somewhat unpredictable. There is no current treatment or cure available to lessen outbreaks or stop SCP-4XXX completely.

SCP-4XXX lies dormant in the epithelial tissue until the carrier's skin is cut, where small bumps and bruises may appear. It will weaken the muscles, forming phloem around smooth muscles and limiting the contractility of the carrier. SCP-4XXX will then begin to reconstruct skeletal muscles into xylem, fully restricting the carrier's movement. The carrier's skin will start to transform into the periderm of contacted tree bark and will begin to root itself to any surface the carrier is standing on. The skin of the carrier will then thicken, hardening itself. At this point, SCP-4XXX has completed its process and has fully transformed the carrier into a tree.

A carrier of SCP-4XXX, who was originally found in ██████, Michigan, was rock climbing at Silver Mountain with two other people. The carrier came in contact with an infected branch while climbing and was subjected to SCP-3XXX's effects. Agents from Beta-7 and Theta-9 were sent to investigate and contain the anomaly. During their investigation, the surrounding plant life in the area had been infected with SCP-4XXX. The two climbers were sent to Site-45 for documentation and interviews. The anomaly is now contained at Area-██ for decontamination and further research.

Addendum 4XXX-01: During a Foundation archive index, archivists discovered a document that affiliates with Prometheus Labs and an anonymous corporation. It is predicted that these documents may be affiliated with the creation of SCP-4XXX. This document has been approved by Foundation archivists and Site Director █████.