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SCP-3XXX in containment.

Item #: SCP-3XXX

Object Class: Safe

Threat Level: Blue

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3XXX is to be stored in a secured safe at Reliquary Site-29. In order to decipher SCP-3XXX correctly, an atbash cipher will be placed inside the chamber. All conversations with SCP-3XXX-01 are to be recorded. Should new data of SCP-3XXX be discovered, personnel are to review discovered material and list details of the discovery. Afterward, data should be archived and details will be sent to the Site Director.

Any copy of SCP-3XXX should be tracked and recovered by MTF Alpha-4 ("Pony Express"). All copies are to be archived in Archival Sector 2 of Reliquary Site-29.

Description: SCP-3XXX is an encrypted letter written by anonymous during the early 2010s. There is no specified address on the envelope as it only has the symbol of Uranus (♅) embedded on the front. Inside of the envelope contains SCP-3XXX along with a list of people to be kidnapped by the Sarkic cults. SCP-3XXX can only be decrypted with the atbash cipher since it was written like so. When decrypted, SCP-3XXX is translated to this,

To my dearest daughter,

It's been a while since I have last spoken to you. I heard what happened to your mother and I absolutely regret my decision. I should've known better than to hand her over to those Sarkic cultists. Although they don't have a presence with the public, they must be exposed for what they've done to everyone. In this letter, I have inserted a kidnapping list with a number of people targeted by the Neo-Sarkics. I've seen what they have done to innocent lives and everyone who's listed there is in danger.

If you get this letter, find the woman named Maria Jones. Tell her, "There is peace between the moon and the sun," and she will help you. If she's skeptical about you, tell her that you're my daughter.

- F.

After reading SCP-3XXX, a series of images will flash before the reader and SCP-3XXX-01 will only appear to the reader. SCP-3XXX-01 is known as "F.", the sender of SCP-3XXX and appears as the late Archibald Primrose. Although having great knowledge, SCP-3XXX-01 tends to question the interviewer or remain silent. After having a complete conversation with SCP-3XXX-01, SCP-3XXX-01 will disappear and SCP-3XXX will encrypt itself again.

SCP-3XXX was discovered on 05/13/████ in Manhattan, New York after a murder had occurred in a residential building and hallucinations appeared to the residents of that building. The case was deemed classified and Foundation agents were sent to recover and contain SCP-3XXX.

Document 3XXX-A: Transcript of Interview Log 3XXX-04

Document 3XXX-B: Sarkite Kidnapping List

Addendum 3XXX-1: There has been new information regarding Document 3XXX-B that was found nearby the same residential building that SCP-3XXX was found. The information found was a newspaper article regarding multiple kidnappings that were confirmed by the Department of Homeland Security.