Dingus Dongus

Item #: SCP-4844
Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-4844 is contained in a 13cm by 13cm by 13cm container made of concrete tungsten steel alloy which is sealed by a standard combination lock magnetic lock also made of tungsten steel alloy. The inside of the container is coated with flame retardant fabric. Only staff members with level 3 or higher clearance may gain access to SCP-4844. Dr. Bright is under no circumstances ever allowed to gain access to SCP-4844. SCP-4844 is not to be operated or tested without the permission of staff with level 3 clearance or higher. Under no circumstances is SCP-4844 to be removed from storage while a volcano is active or if there is an immediate threat of a volcano becoming active.

SCP-4844's container is currently held in Storage Unit-██ within Site-██. SCP-4844's container is to be held in a separate Storage Unit from any other SCP instances. SCP-4844's Storage Unit must be equipped with an automated fire extinguishing system that functions separately from the rest of the facilities system. It must be able to be activated manually by site personnel or automatically by thermal recognition cameras. If there is an active volcano or threat of one, entrance to SCP-4844's Storage Unit is restricted to all staff members until 10 minutes after the initial volcanic eruption. After an eruption, the magnetic lock on SCP-4844's container is to be disengaged while the automatic fire extinguishing system is active. Fire Squad-██ is to enter SCP-4844's Storage Unit afterward to ensure that no surface within the Storage Unit is still ignited.

Testing Chambers for SCP-4844 must have no windows and are to be monitored remotely. The safety checkpoint between the test chamber and the main corridor is not to be opened while SCP-4844-1 is still present in the chamber. When tested, all subjects are to be equipped with full body flame-resistant clothing with a minimum Arc Rating of 40 and goggles which have received a minimum shade rating of 5, unless directed otherwise by staff with level 4 clearance or higher. Subjects must also be equipped with an oxygen tank made of tungsten steel alloy. Test chambers must be equipped with the same fire extinguishing system as SCP-4844's Storage Unit with the manual activation being located to the right of the door, inside the control room, and within the safety checkpoint. It must also have an automatic start which is activated by thermal cameras. If any instance of SCP-4844-1 is to spread outside the test chamber and past the safety checkpoint, the fire extinguishing system of Site-██ is to be activated and the corridor to be blocked off as soon as possible. Fire Squads ██,██,██, & ██ are then to do a full sweep of the facility to ensure no ignited surfaces remain.

SCP-4844 is a red Bic lighter of standard 7.98cm size with the graphic of an erupting volcano on each side. SCP-4844 is lit like a normal lighter, but will also become lit upon the eruption of any medium-large volcano. SCP-4844 will only become lit during the eruption and will only stay lit for a time of 2 seconds after the initial eruption. The lighter itself is incapable of being damaged by any tested means. The fuel composition of SCP-4844 is currently unknown. When lit, all non-living surfaces within an uninterrupted view of the lighter will be engulfed in flames, designated SCP-4844-1. Any mirror or windows at any level of opaqueness under 100% will not negate the effects of SCP-4844. 1-way glass does not negate the effects either.

SCP-4844-1 is unable to be extinguished for a minimum time of 3 minutes and 14 seconds, but will not dissipate without outside action. SCP-4844-1 will consume the oxygen around it for fuel but does not require fuel to continue to burn. SCP-4844-1 burns at a constant temperature of 628°c for the initial 3 minutes 14 seconds, increasing in increments of 3°c for every 1 minute the fire continues to burn after the beginning time period. Maximum recorded temperature is 1158°c. The maximum possible temperature of SCP-4844-1 is currently unknown. When SCP-4844-1 comes into contact with inherently flammable materials, they will immediately combust and turn to ash. The resulting ashes will continue to stay ignited even after initial combustion. Living-beings will not be immediately ignited, but if they come in contact with SCP-4844-1 they will begin to burn until fully charred. Remains will continue to stay ignited after death. If not inherently flammable, the surface will not combust but will ignite. SCP-4844-1 will continue to spread over the surface of non-flammable material and flammable material at a speed higher than normal rates. Any liquid, with the exceptions of flammable ones, will not be affected by SCP-4844-1 in any way except for boiling.

SCP-4844's anomalous effects were discovered after it was confiscated by law enforcement from the charred body of the culprit of a wildfire in ███████ █████ ██████████. The Foundation was contacted after an officer lit the lighter, causing the entire room around him to engulf in flames, resulting in a large building fire, ██ law enforcement casualties, and ██ civilian casualties. SCP-4844 was confiscated by Foundation Agent-██ and returned to Site-██.

Test Log:

Test-4844-A - Date: 1/24/██

Subject: D-35194, Male, 27 years old, 2.1 meters tall, 71.2 Kilograms

Procedure: Subject was placed in a standard testing room with SCP-4844. Subject was given by different objects such as 1kg of wood, 1kg of paper, 1kg of charcoal, and a single instance of Pan Troglodyte (Chimpanzee). D-35194 was instructed to light SCP-4844.

Results: The entire room ignited, including the control room through the window. Emergency alarms were triggered and an attempt was made to extinguish the fire. These attempts had no effect for the initial 3 minutes and 14 seconds, which caused the fire to spread from the test room and control room outside into the corridor. The corridor was then shut off and Fire Team-██ was called to extinguish the fire. After the initial 3 minutes and 14 seconds, the site fire extinguisher system was able to put out the flame very easily. All items and the subjects were either turned to ash or charred. The test resulted in the death of █ D-Class Personnel and ██ Site Personnel.

Notes: Extensive revisions needed to be made to the testing procedures. The flames, now designated as SCP-4844-1 are shown to spread at a rapid pace along surfaces that normally would not be inducive to the spread of fire. All attempts to extinguish the SCP-4844-1 were unsuccessful until approximately 3 minutes after the initial outbreak. Testing inconclusive, further testing needed

Test-4844-D - Date: 7/13/██

Subject: D-63971, Male, 25 years old, 1.9 meters tall, 67.5 Kilograms

Procedure: Subject was equipped with a full body flame-resistant suit, an oxygen tank for breathing, one infrared thermometer, and one 1 meter by .25 meter standard mirror. Subject is to light SCP-4844 while the mirror is in direct sightline of SCP-4844. Subject is to stay out of the view of the mirror when lighting SCP-4844. Subject is also to use the infrared thermometer to record the inital temperature of SCP-4844-1.

Results: When lit in front of the mirror, the mirror ignited in the same manner as all other tested surfaces. The recorded the temperature of SCP-4844-1 was 628°c across all areas, compared to the recorded temperature of 1158°c during Incident-4844-A.

Analysis: Mirrors, like glass panes, do not negate the effects of SCP-4844 and will still ignite like all other tested surfaces. Initial temperature is recorded as 628°c, not the originally recorded value of 1158°c. Further testing required.

Incident Log:

Incident-4844-A - Date: 12/26/██
Incident-4844-A was initiated when Dr. Bright, unaware of all the anomalous effects of SCP-4844, used the lighter in an attempt to light a "cigarette" for Researcher ██████. After lighting SCP-4844, the room both Dr. Bright and Researcher ██████ were in was engulfed in SCP-4844-1. Dr. Bright was able to escape the room and close the door, successfully containing SCP-4844-1. Site-██'s fire extinguishing system was triggered, which put out SCP-4844-1. After 5 minutes, Fire Team-██ responded to the fire and entered the room to find SCP-4844-1 extinguished. They also found Researcher ██████'s charred remains. As a result of this incident, Dr. Bright is no longer allowed to have any access to SCP-4844.

Incident-4844-B - Date: 5/2/██
While in Storage Unit-██, SCP-4844 spontaneously lit without notice and was left unattended for a period of approximately 3 hours. The temperature reached a point of 1158°c causing SCP-4844's container to break, which resulted in SCP-4844-1 to spread throughout Storage Unit-██.After SCP-4844-1 breached its container, it was not noticed until Researcher-████ went to retrieve File-██. Researcher-████ immediately proceeded closed the door to Storage Unit-██ and to activate the Fire Extinguisher System for Site-██. Fire Team-██ was routed to contain the incident. The incident resulted in the loss of █ SCP instances and File-██, ██, ██, and ███.

After Incident-4844-B, SCP-4844's containment procedure is to be revised to prevent another Incident of this level. SCP-4844 is to be relocated to Storage Unit-██ and is to be held there until further notice. No other SCP instances are to be held in Storage Unit-██ or around SCP-4844 until further notice. All lost SCP instances are to be accounted for and all lost files are to be duplicated from electronic copies if possible.

Further research shows major volcanic activity at the ███████ volcano in █████ █████ at approximately the same time the of the initial lighting of SCP-4844 in Incident-4844-B. Possible correlation of volcanic activity to the lighting of SCP-4844 is being researched. This correlation stated as plausible due to the graphic of a volcano on the sides of the lighter. Most research and testing required.