Item #: SCP-4306

Object Class: Euclid
Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4306 is to be contained in a cell with the dimensions of 30 feet wide, 40 feet long and 15 feet tall. The walls must be reinforced with at least 3 feet of steel. The walls must be observed and/or repaired on a uni-weekly basis. Personnel’s are required to wear a suit that nullifies SCP-4306 and SCP-4306-1’s anomalous abilities before entering the cell.

Description: SCP-4306 was moved to Site-34 in 20██. The entity was found latched onto a wall of an abandoned warehouse in the state of ██████ by a 22 year old woman named [DATA EXPUNGED]. Numerous SCP-4306-1 were found wandering aimlessly in the proximity of SCP-4306. Several corpses of SCP-4306 were located outside of the warehouse. The causes of the numerous deaths of SCP-4306-1 were because of [DATA EXPUNGED].

The creature is about 2 meters tall and has a quilled tail about half its height. It has dark purple, scaled skin and has many sharp protrusions coming from its head and back. The organism's face has bulging, luminescent green eyes, similar to an insect's. It has large incisors on its bottom and top jaws, and it contains a quadrate bone in its skull that allows it to retract its jaw. The organism is a biped with long arms and legs. The 4 claws on its each hand (along with an opposable thumb) allow it to puncture flesh and grip objects.

The entity has an extremely efficient metabolism rate and digestive track. It can process food at a rate of 1 lb. per second. This also accelerates defecation, causing the creature to lash out due to the smell. It can also run at about 50 mph., 75 if it is in panic. At full speed the creature is able to sprint for about 3 hours when scavenging for food.

However, one of its most prominent features is its highly developed larynx. The creature is able to produce an extremely wide variety of noises by vibrating and contracting its larynx. For this reason, the creature is able to synthesize its calls to influence the emotional thoughts and actions of any living organism. These shrieks can travel within a 1 mile radius around the entity and still take effect. This is the reason the acoustic coating is needed to soundproof the walls.

These powers only activate when it thinks it is in danger of starvation. The creature prematurely acts on its own survival, forcing it to defend itself and/or lash out against nearby organisms. It is unknown why it acts and thinks in this way and there is no way to communicate with the creature yet.

If the creature does not get enough food, it will start to panic, and use its abilities for its "survival". While the SCP was recently established in the facility, it did not consume enough food to control its emotions, causing it to take control of Dr.██ █ and force her to open the cell on the day of ██ /██/ ██. The entity went on a rampage throughout the facility, killing over 30 people before being tranquilized.