Disturbed Aeons: The Full-Light

Threat Level: Green

Item#: XXXY
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:


SCP-XXXX in its inactive state.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be kept in a Class-2 standard anomalous containment locker, connected to a power supply with 2 backup generators when not being utilized.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a flashlight whose construction has been traced to England circa World War 1. SCP-XXXX's anomalous properties present themselves when it is separated from an electric current. When this occurs, SCP-XXXX emits a cone-shaped area of anomalous effect that originates from the glass dome located on the front of the flashlight. Anything that this cone contacts becomes visually perceptible to any entity observing the affected space. Additionally, text that is contacted by the effect can be understood regardless of grammatical errors, language barriers, or redacted information [See Testing Log].

Testing Log:


Subject: SCP-280

Team Lead: Site Director Matthew Hickens

Team Members: Dr. ██████, Dr. ███, Dr. █████, and Dr. ███

Results: Upon SCP-XXXX's activation, SCP-280 exposed its eyes and proceeded to squint at the item, then at the staff member holding it. SCP-280 then stared at the staff member and emitted a noise that was described by researchers as "Snarling, purring, screaming, laughing, and crying all in the same sound".

Post Test: Researchers advised the staff member to activate a personal handheld flashlight before exiting the containment chamber. SCP-280 then produced a cloud of an unidentified, pollen-like substance at the same moment the personal flashlight was activated. The beam of light emitted by the personal flashlight then crossed the beam emitted by SCP-XXXX. The point at which the streams intersected then ignited, resulting in an explosion that killed the staff member and allowed for SCP-280 to breach containment.

Researchers Note: From now on, testing of SCP-XXXX will be conducted by D-Class and supervised by a team of 3 researchers.


Subject: Not a Sphere

Team Lead: O5-█, and O5-██

Team Members: Site Director Aaron Chandler, and Site Director Katherine Kelly.

Results: [REDACTED]

Post Test: [REDACTED]

Directors Note: Wow… That was a mistake.


Subject: SCP-447 Documentation

Team Lead: O5-█, and O5-█

Team Members: Site Director Marston Dunstock, Dr. █████, Dr. ███████, and Dr. ████

Results: All redacted information included in SCP-447's document became visually perceptible to researchers and the company in attendance.

Post Test: Following an order by O5-█ and O5-█, all personnel below O5 clearance involved in the test were given Class-C amnestics, debriefed, given Class-B amnestics, quarantined for 42 days, administered Class-A amnestics, and were then reintroduced to the work environment.

Administrative Note: This test was authorized by O5-█, O5-█, O5-█, O5-█, and O5-█.


Subject: [REDACTED]

Team Lead: Aaron Maksur, Administrator and The Ethics Committee.

Team Members: O5-1, O5-2, O5-3, O5-4, O5-5, O5-6, O5-7, O5-8, O5-9, O5-10, O5-11, O5-12, and O5-13.

Results: [REDACTED]

Post Test: [REDACTED]



Subject: One (1) SCP-248 instance, and SCP-682.

Team Lead: O5-█, Site Director Alexander Sawyer, and Dr. Bright

Team Members: Dr. █████, Dr. █████, Dr. ███, D-389213, and D-381843

Results: When Exposed to SCP-XXXX's enhanced anomalous effects, SCP-682 squinted, sneered, and said, "What exactly are you hoping to glean from doing this?" After █ minutes, SCP-682 began to "unfold", roaring as it did so. The resulting containment chamber appeared to be the bedroom of [REDACTED] in a castle. The architecture of the room led researchers to believe that the castle was located in █████, █████████, during ██████ ███ █████. [REDACTED] then gave birth to SCP-682, who proceeded to tear her apart before leaping into the arms of [REDACTED].

Post Test: After ██ ████ ██████, the instance of SCP-248 which was applied to SCP-XXXX fell off, and SCP-682 began to reform. At this, Dr. Bright pushes D-389213 into the testing chamber, yelling, "CALM DOWN YOU OVERGROWN SLIMY NEWT!!". Dr. Bright was reprimanded following the test. Multiple SCP-XXXX-1 instances then materialize and attempt to expose themselves to SCP-XXXX's anomalous effect. SCP-682 finalized reformation and proceeds to eat the entities before regurgitating them and remarking, "What are these things?!? They taste like [REDACTED]!" The testing chamber was then flooded with SCP-████ by-product and SCP-XXXX was temporarily deactivated to cease the materialization of SCP-XXXX-1 instances and was returned to propper containment.

Dr. Bright's Note: My only regret is not coating D-389213 in peanut butter before pushing him into the testing chamber.

I think it would be an understatement to say that we underestimated SCP-XXXX's capabilities. Application of SCP-248 to SCP-XXXX appears to facilitate an effect that shows the origin of an object. Since this test has only been attempted once, I cannot say for certain what exactly is going on here, but moving forward, we should find a way to start duplicating SCP-248. I don't want to support The Factory, but the combination of SCP-XXXX and SCP-248 seems to be very effective for the purposes of research and we should consider buying more SCP-248 instances from The Factory.

████ ███████, O5-9.

Addendum: After approximately 48 hours in its activated state, pale humanoid creatures will manifest in the vicinity of SCP-XXXX. These entities, SCP-XXXX-1, are hostile and are drawn to the anomalous effect emitted by SCP-XXXX. These creatures will make their way towards the anomalous particles emitted by SCP-XXXX, destroying anything in their path and upon making contact with the cone, the entities will cease movement and begin to mutate into larger and more aggressive entities. The mutated entities can be terminated with fire or by the deactivation of SCP-XXXX's anomalous effects.