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The crazy miner

Item #: Scp 5010

Object class: Keter

Containment procedures:Scp 5010 is always to be contained in a 4x4 meter room. If Scp 5010 gets out there is to be a 10x10 meter room with a toxic gas so as the scp falls asleep in. most times a breach in the 4x4 happens is at or around midnight so if any researchers are on the midnight shift and here’s a long scraping sound coming from the containment room the researchers is to turn on the gas after the gas starts he needs to wait 10 minutes. After the 10 minutes, he should turn off the gas and send two class D’s in to find any damage to the outer and inner of the containment cell The class D’s must be equipped with hazmat suits that can withstand any environment and a flashlight that can last up to 48 hours. Note gases in the room must change every two days, so it makes SCP 5010 vulnerable to the gas

Description: Scp 5010 is a white male miner who can withstand any gases and admits the same gas it is in. SCP 5010 has a miner’s pickaxe that if he is separated from for too long the pickaxe will fly back to him and break through any rock. It cannot, however, break any hard surfaces that are 10 meters in depth. the pickaxe has its own object class and numbers which are, object class: safe designating number: scp 5010-a. SCP 5010 is obsessed with SCP 420-j if he sees at least one and eats it scp 5010 will show no emotion or react to anything. But if he has about 4 sticks of it, he will go into a berserk form and harm anyone that he sees. In the event of him getting 4 sticks of 420-j lock all doors and move to the nearest evacuation shelter that is provided for this type of breach and wait for him to calm down. {after finding the mineshaft in test 1 SCP 5010 must be hoes down from all the dust on him and [data expunged amount] of the stuff he digs up must be taken from the cell.

Test 001

time: [data expunged]
Subject D-049385 T and subject D-15828 F

Subject D-049385 T

description Subject D-049385 T is a black male with a great muscular body and has shown that he can hold his breath for a [data expunged] of time without passing out. He was picked just for this reason in case of gas being needed.

subject D-15828 F

description:is a white female that has shown courage in the containment cell of SCP 173 and specialized with injuries especially with victims with mustard gas and other gases like so.

Equipped:They both have hazmat suits and a flashlight that will last 48 hours, and they have a camera and a mic with a headset for talking to doctor redacted they also have a backpack with a sleeping bag and food including a secret patch with about 6 420-j in each

Start of test 001

Time: 12:05

Doctor redact “Ok subjects ready”
subject D-15828 F “doc again the names ███


Subject D-049385 T “yeah doc names ███

James ”

Subject D-049385 T “hey ███ nice to meet you I was rendering would you like to go on a date after this maybe this ends up in a good relationship”

subject D-15828 F “uh never mind let’s just get this over with”

doctor redacted “ok you are clear to move into the 10x10 room

subject D-15828 F “ok ladies first”

Subject D-049385 T “hey wait up”

subject D-15828 F “ok doc we are in the room man it's big what you are keeping in here”

Subject D-049385 T “yeah what up with that”

Doctor redacted “move to the room in the middle and check for breaches in the cell

*The camera pans the room and there seems to be no scratches or breaches in the cell*

Doctor redacted “ok now move to the 4x4 cell door”

Subject D-049385 T “doc we are at the door and I like to say thank you for the small room you got me and subject D-15828 F”

subject D-15828 F “Uhh it’s not for us it's for the scp, you dolt”

doctor redacted “ok the doorway is clear you can go in”

Subject D-049385 T “hey doc where is the scp all I see is a mineshaft looking a hole in the floor is that and supposed to be there”

Doctor redacted “no it's not, we’re supposed to examine walls then we’ll go down the shaft”

subject D-15828 F doc there's diamonds over here shall I take a sample of them back

doctor redacted “yes take (data expunged) amount

  • subject D-15828 F puts the diamonds in field kit*

Subject D-049385 T “um there is someone down there I can hear him or um it mining

Doctor redacted “move on down the shaft”

Subject D-049385 T “but doc there might be the scp down there”

Doctor redacted “remember the deal we have”

subject D-15828 F “come on you big baby”

*they move down the stairs about [data expunged flights] *

Scp 5010 “hey you, what you are doing in my mine get out of here you kids”

subject D-15828 F “it’s ok SCP 5010 we are just here to give you some of…”
SCP 5010 “ I smell some goodies”

subject D-15828 F “hey that’s my backpack!”

SCP 5010 “I can’t survive without them”

doctor redacted: RUN GET OUT OF THERE QUICK”

*they turn and start running as SCP 5010 finishes the last of the SCP 420-j*

*they make it to the door of the 4x4*

Subject D-049385 T “come on come on get that door open”

*SCP 5010 runs at Subject D-049385 T and hits him in the leg with SCP 5010-p*

*subject D-15828 F gets the door upon and gets out of the containment cell and the gas comes on*

subject D-15828 F “what that smell”

doctor redacted “that is the smell of a toxic gas working”

subject D-15828 F “whatever you say doc just get the next door open”

doctor redact “with pleaser ████”

*the Camera pans the room as a 5010-a hits subject D-15828 F in the head*

*subject D-15828 F is on the ground but still breathing Camera can't see anything, but you can tell by the sounds something is coming closer*

*The Camera sees the top of the mineshaft then nothing it's over the Camera died*
[end test]
after test audio log: what the heck I did not expect this. now this will be updating the containment procedures, so I need all personal to listen carefully…. the class d’s must be male. unless for testing and the mineshaft must be checked for any new routes or routes of escape.
log saved and will be used for later research

Test oo2

Time [data expunged]
Subject D-1004

Description:Subject D-1004 is an Asia male that hates the foundation and is a fast runner last year he tried to escape the site during the containment breach with SCP redacted he is to be terminated after the test.

Equipment:Subject D-1004 has a hazmat suit and a flashlight that will last 48 hours, and he also has a camera and a mic with a headset for talking to doctor redacted they also have a backpack with a sleeping bag and food.

Subject D-1004 “ok doc I finished watching the feedback what you want me to do”

Doctor redacted “now I want you to go in there and find the bodies.”

Subject D-1004 “ok I’ll get the body’s and then I’m home free”

  • Subject D-1004 enters the 10x10 room and the door closes*

Doctor redacted “Please search for any dents in the cell”

Subject D-1004 “doc there are no dents or anything so I’m going to go to the inner door now.

Doctor redacted “yes go on”

Subject D-1004 “doc I found emeralds in this cell wow there such wealth in this cell, but I’ll keep looking”

Doctor redacted “go down into the mineshaft”

  • Subject D-1004 starts going down and after getting to [data expunged] *

Subject D-1004 “wow doc do you see this”

Doctor redacted “no please shine the light at the object you see”

Doctor redacted “what the that's not right…. Pls describe the object or what it is because I think cam is malfunctioning”

Subject D-1004 ok well… its subject D-15828 F and she are tied up one leg to a rock other the same and the hands to the ceiling… I’ll get her down”

  • Subject D-1004 gets subject D-15828 F down and starts to carry her out to the door as screams go off from the bottom of the mineshaft*


Subject D-1004 “don’t activate the gas she doesn’t have a hazmat suit all she has is her jumpsuit”

Doctor redacted “ok but get to the door fast”
Subject D-1004 “I’m at the door open hurry he is getting closer”

*the door opens as 5010 comes around the 4x4 cell door*

Scp 5010 "give back come on giver she" mine *gas comes on*

*Subject D-1004 puts subject D-15828 F on the floor and is escorted out and back to his cell*

[end test]

after test audio log:um so the test subject D-15828 F is fine and we will be testing on her for any problems and test subject D- 1004 must be then terminated him after one more day of testing. Oh, one last thing the clearance level of this scp will be level 4 so if any researchers wanted to enter into cell or test on scp 5010 he must be granted by 2 levels 4 personal and description of the scp must be updated correctly.
log ends and saved for later research