Doctor North's Poems #3

There are a lot of places you’ll never see. That is the downside of being an S.C.P.

For no matter where you go or what you will be. It’s nothing but cold metal for them the S.C.Ps.

They sit in a cell for days at a time. Unable to leave. It’s like they committed a crime.

Nothing to do for them the Scips except the passing of time. In Silence, they sit.

No one is friendly. Not to the S.C.Ps All of them horrors. You’ll all soon see.

None of them have any friends. Despite how special they seem.

To be left alone, it’s what we have deemed.

Left unattended the lot of them aren't. Some of them can even roam based on this chart.

But a lot of them can’t and you’ll soon see why. It’s so we can protect you and I.

Yet, it is not just us that we keep safe. The whole of humanity is kept away from this place.

All of these entities must be left in a cell.

For if they weren't, a total disaster it would spell.

Now if you are smart and I think you maybe I truly hope you understand and see.

That each of these Scips surely should be. Lock in a cell for all eternity.

Left in place, kept under watch.

Trapped in cold metal where most of them are at.

Now, ”That’s cruel and unfair!” You may scream at me.

But it’s what we decided. We’re the Ethics Committee.