Doctor Abdias
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SCP-4428 before its contaiment

Item #: SCP-4428/ Cesium Bird

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4428 is to be contained in a 5m x 5m x 2m coffin, the walls made of 5cm of concrete, a nickel-iron layer, followed by another 5cm concrete wall and a nickel-cobald-magnese chromium cover, located in Area ███. Any breach on its cell must be fixed immediately to avoid Cesium contamination on the building, all personnel must be evacuated right away.
Subjects must only enter the cell equipped with the right hazard protection suit, an Geiger counter, and not surpass the time of 1 hour to avoid heavy radiation contamination.
The cell must always contain the following items:
Internal Geiger counter that warns whenever the subject is emitting more gamma rays than its usual, an automated food and water dispenser, plastic and fake plants covering the cage's borders, so the specimen can be kept in its neutral state. Due to injury and high contamination potential, non-D-Class personnel are not permitted to interact directly with SCP-4428.

If necessary, SCP-4428 may be tranquilized and then safely handled.

All instances of SCP-4428-J must be terminated, and it's remains destroyed to avoid further Cesium contamination.

Description: SCP-4428 appears to be an extremely mutated species of Cockatiel Parakeet (Nymphicus hollandicus), with approximately 1 kilogram, 50 inches long and wingspan of 30 inches, its beak has an exaggerated sharpness, so does its claws.
Its wings are in a severe state, as it barely flies. The subject also outlived the common lifespan of said animal, as, presumably, has 32 years. It exhibits the following anomalous abilities:

• SCP-4428 has an abnormal coloration, pitch black on its main body and a whitish toned head, its severed wings always exhibit a dull grey coloration.
• SCP-4428 has extremely high cesium concentrations on its DNA, proving to be unrealistic that such specimen can live with that
• SCP-4428 contaminates every avian being with radiation, the instance afterwards called SCP-4428-J stays with such abilities for the approximately 10 hours, before retaining the ‘’radiation’’ and retroceding to its normal state.
Non avian creatures that comes in direct contact with SCP-4428 or its droppings begins to exhibit high levels of Cesium on their body, and occasionally dies due to high radiation contamination within 4-5 hours.
SCP-4428 can attract avian creatures, and transfer its bacteria to them. Avian subjects have been observed to contain the bacteria and live without any issue whilst denominated as SCP-4428-J, any other lifeform dies due to radiation contamination related conditions, although those occur in a much rapid state, such as: body burns, fast development of cancer and tumors all around subject’s internal organs, causing massive internal bleeding, and eventually its death.
SCP-4428 does not otherwise exhibit any unusual physical or mental abilities. Typically, it will behave like a standard wild Cockatiel, until anything unfriendly or dangerous is presented to it, SCP-4428 will proceed to attack and will hide right after it.