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Phtography of SCP-xxxx in Site-73, details reducted.

Item #:SCP-xxxx

Object Class:Safe

Special Containment Procedures:SCP-xxxx is kept in a standard item lock box in the storage room ██ of Site-73. Access to the object and its related documents requires level 2 clearance or higher. Protective gears, including medical gloves, must be worn when handling SCP-xxxx to avoid direct skin contact. Under non-testing circumstances, the item is to be handled preferably by personnels with military background and history of active duty.

Any interaction with SCP-xxxx requires the approval of the project head researcher Dr. A. Mannings and should proceed under the supervision of a psychiatrist or a medical team. Psychiatric and physical evaluation is mandatory after direct contact with SCP-xxxx.

Description:SCP-xxxx is a pair of personal identification tags, approximately 2 inches in length and 1.125 inches in width. The two tags, identical in size, material, and content, are connected by a 24 inches long ball chain. The body of each tag, as well the chain, are made of stainless steel, a corrosive-resistant material commonly used in the manufacture of ID tags by the US military. The information recorded on the tags (shown below) follows the format adopted by the US Army.

Name: ████ █ █
Department of Defense Number: ██-██-███
Blood Type: O
Religious Preference: None

Direct skin contact with SCP-xxxx typically results in non-visual hallucinations of close combat environment, which lasts until the end of the contact. Hallucinations usually include the sound of gun fires, shoutings, explosions, and in rare cases, the smell of gunpowder. Subjects reports to experience “a mixture of intense fear, grief, and anger” during the hallucinations. Vital sign tracking has shown an increase in heart rate, blood pressure, and adrenaline level in the subjects, which correspond to the activation of the sympathetic nervous system (flight-or-fight response) under stressful circumstances.

Approximately 1-2 minutes after wearing SCP-xxxx on the neck, whether voluntarily or involuntarily, physical traumas begin to manifest on the subject’s body. The nature, severity, location, and sequence of the injuries are identical among all the experiments. The injuries correspond to those commonly sustained in close combat in modern warfare (gunshot wounds, burns, blunt force traumas, etc.), and will continue to appear until the death of the subject or the removal of SCP-xxxx. The entire process takes about 20-30 minutes, depending on the physique of the subject. After the interaction has been stopped by removing SCP-xxxx, the subject (if alive) is able to recover from the injuries under proper medical care. Psychological evaluations indicate symptoms of post-traumatic-stress disorder (PTSD) in some subjects who interacted with SCP-xxxx.

Personnels with an experience to modern warfare combat or currently serving active duty, are immune to all SCP-xxxx’s effects. However, D-class personnels who have previously engaged in crossfires among gangsters are still subject to the influence elicited by SCP-xxxx. Non-human organisms are also not affected to current knowledge.

Story: SCP-xxxx came to awareness of the Foundation in Sep. 20█ through the report of Agent ██ who was embedded in the Police Department of ██ City. After investigating the rumor about a “cursed dog tag” which originated from a local flea market, Agent ██ successfully located SCP-xxxx and transported it to the nearest containment facility. Tests were performed accordingly to determine the exact nature of this anomalous object.

Due to its lethality, Dr. Mannings requested the classification of SCP-xxxx to be raised to Euclid. This proposal was denied by the committee since the object is easily contained despite its detrimental effects on the test subjects. Special procedures, however, were approved for the safety of staff members who carry out regular maintenance duties.

The “immune” mechanism of SCP-xxxx was discovered accidentally by a security officer during a minor containment breach (incident file #278-██). When attempting to secure SCP-xxxx in its lockbox, Officer ██, who formally served in the Navy, directly handled the object, but no effect was induced on him. Upon the report of this incident, Dr. Mannings conducted further tests to conclude that persons with military backgrounds are immune to the effects of SCP-xxxx.

Communication with the US military in attempt to verify the information on SCP-xxxx revealed that it originally belonged to Captain ████, who was confirmed KIA on █/█/2003 during his deployment in Afghanistan along with 6 members of his team. The Department of Defense refused to release further details regarding the operation, including the personal files of Captain ████, due to security concerns.