Doctor Ehlert
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SCP-3468 in containment.

Item #: SCP-3468

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3468 is kept in a standard scure locker at Site-██. Testing is only permitted on Class-D Personnel with at least one Level 3 Senior Researcher present to supervise.

Description: SCP-3468 is a ‘chattering teeth’ wind-up toy and associates wind-up key used to activate it. SCP-3468 possesses no remarkable physical characteristics apart from small portions where an excess amount of plastic was used in faulty manufacturing. The anomalous properties of SCP-3468 manifest when it is activated. Depending on the amount of rotations of the wind-up key during activation, the user1 will begin to experience various anomalous effects.

When SCP-3468 is activated with three or less rotations of the key, the user experiences a minor toothache, lasting approximately one hour. When it is activated with four to eight rotations, the user will experience advanced dental decay, lasting about two hours before ‘expiration’ of the effect. When it is activated using nine or more rotations, the subject will rapidly begin to lose all of their current dentition (prosthetic teeth included) and in under twenty seconds will have them replaced by newly ‘grown’ plastic teeth, causing massive amounts of pain to the subject. After the transformation has occurred, the subject will experience moments of involuntary ‘chattering’ of the teeth lasting anywhere from ten (10) seconds to three (3) hours. These events occur at apparently random intervals. These effects occur almost completely consistently, with a 98% (49/50) consistency rate (see Experiment Log 3468 A).

SCP-3468 was discovered and obtained from the █████ family in 19██ after ███ █████, a seven year old child, experienced SCP-3468’s most powerful regular effect. The SCP Foundation was notified when the subject was hospitalized. The family has apparently forgotten the details of how they obtained SCP-3468, and thus its exact origins are unknown.