Doctor Emboss

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be contained within a 7 x 5 meter cell located 200 meters under site-12. In the event of dangerous and/or multiple containment breaches, the breaches should not interfere with SCP-XXXX containment. The elevator landing to SCP-XXXX observation room is located in ██████████████████████████████████████ with the password to open the door being ██████. Only O4 members and above are allowed in to the observation room. SCP-XXXX cell has only one entrance, a hatch that is big enough to fit a full-sized human. A camera is located in the corner and is fitted with a speaker and a microphone, in case SCP-XXXX tries to communicate through its prey. Both the hatch and the camera are surrounded by a █████ force field that allows things into the cell but incinerates anything trying to get out. The monitors are specially designed to turn off and on at one second intervals to keep personnel from falling under SCP-XXXX’s hypnotic effects. The cell is made of an unknown material (See Addendum XXXX-9) that is strong enough to keep SCP-XXXX from breaking out or teleporting out of containment. SCP-XXXX is to be fed 2 to 3 D-class personnel per week. If not fed, SCP-XXXX will try to find a means to feed (given enough time, escape is a likely outcome). Nothing and/or no one besides D-class personnel are to enter its cell under any circumstances. If an item and/or personnel accidentally goes inside, it will be classified as dead or destroyed. If SCP-XXXX escapes its cell, usable containment scenarios have yet to be developed. It will hunt and feed at will. In some computer scenarios, SCP-XXXX took less than 18 days to consume every human soul in the world and used them all to █████████████████████████████████████.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a black, slimy creature that has molded itself into a variety of shapes or forms. It has stated during interviews that it can look like anything it chooses. It's default state is a humanoid form approximately 2 meters tall with up to 8 tentacles, the tentacles are approximately 2.5 meters long. With a snake like head, its eyes are red and black swirled. A dark blue-like X marks its face. Its mouth can be seen salivating slime. The tentacles are used to impale it’s prey, propel itself, and hold itself off the ground. SCP-XXXX has made a variety of simple weapons with its slime. Weapons SCP-XXXX has used on its prey so far have included swords, bow, spears, and long daggers. SCP-XXXX is exceptionally fast and agile. SCP-XXXX is itself incapable of talking, but does make gurgling sounds some observers have described as “creepy”, while others state that it sometimes sounds like laughter. During interviews, SCP-XXXX seems to understand any languages spoken to it, even languages from other worlds, except for █████████.

SCP-XXXX has shown the ability to change its density, it is unknown the limit of how dense it's body can become, but it has been witnessed becoming intangible. Witnesses observed objects passing through it with no discernible resistance. SCP-XXXX is able to add or reduce its mass to any size until it is injured. SCP-XXXX is invulnerable to physical attacks. According to SCP-XXXX’s file (see addendum XXXX-9), supernatural attacks seem to effect SCP-XXXX. When it is harmed, SCP-XXXX will have a limited amount of slime production for 10 hours, if not being assaulted. The amount of slime it has is about the volume of slime it has in its default state. Precise measurements of the volume or mass have been unsuccessful.

Psychological evalutions of SCP-XXX have established a highly intelligent creature but with deeply psychotic tendencies. SCP-XXXX memorizes strategies and fighting techniques and learns how to optimally combat them. Once SCP-XXXX feels it has beaten an opponent, it will play with them for a bit, before SCP-XXXX consumes their soul. When fighting someone who is using only physical attacks, SCP-XXXX will give the person a false sense of hope, toying with them before impalement to show all effort was for nothing. It also likes to torture it’s prey by giving it painful, but not fatal wounds, or by mentally damaging them by showing them things SCP-XXXX has seen during a █████████████, It does not seem to feed off of their suffering when it consumes a victim. It seems to derive some sort of pleasure from torturing sentient beings.

SCP-XXXX has the ability to hover over 2 meters from any surface and can travel up to 80 KPH. SCP-XXXX usually hovers when in the form of a sphere.

When SCP-XXXX gets bored, it separates some slime from its body, the separated slime becomes SCP-XXXX-A, SCP-XXXX can make as many instances of SCP-XXXX-A, as long as SCP-XXXX is not under attack. SCP-XXXX-A can look like SCP-XXXX but without the eyes and X mark on its face, and are controlled by SCP-XXXX, SCP-XXXX-A-2 are usually used to find souls but under the circumstances it’s in, they are mainly used to fight with SCP-XXXX to keep SCP-XXXX entertained.

SCP-XXXX has the ability to hypnotize anyone who looks at its eyes for more than 3 seconds. SCP-XXXX eyes start swirling when it begins to attempt hypnosis. SCP-XXXX can then control whoever is hypnotized through some kind of psychic link. The person can be released from this state through physical trauma to the head.

SCP-XXXX is capable of teleportation but can only teleport to places it has been and seen. SCP-XXXX is unable to teleport to other dimensions. Since SCP-XXXX is from another dimension, and has never been able to explore this dimension, it can’t teleport out of its containment cell.

SCP-XXXX is able to make a telepathic link with anyone it comes in physical contact with. When SCP-XXXX does this, it can communicate with the person it is in contact with, extract information, or implant information into the person it is in contact with. People and creatures with enhanced telepathic abilities have demonstrated a strong resistance to this effect however.

When SCP-XXXX impales its prey, the victim’s soul will appear on the end of whatever SCP-XXXX used for impalement. After the soul becomes separated from the body, it retracts its tentacle, tongue, and/or weapon, taking the soul with it, then SCP-XXXX will consume the ethereal form via a mouthlike orifice. SCP-XXXX is able to take the soul of any entity, even those not in a solid state of matter. According to SCP-XXXX’s file (see addendum XXXX-9), the entity is able to consume other beings in liquid, gas, or spectral forms. SCP-XXXX uses victim’s souls as an energy source for his powers and to stay awake. A victim's body desiccates and turns to dust once the soul have been consumed. If the soul is not consumed by SCP-XXXX, the soul will dissipate 15 seconds after being removed by SCP-XXXX’s implement, and the victim’s body will remain.

SCP-XXXX will spare and/or cooperate with someone if they offer it souls or if the person works for the entity. However, if they don’t constantly give it souls, SCP-XXXX will kill them. SCP-XXXX seems unable to take it’s own soul. If he runs out of souls, he will fall asleep for up to 3 weeks, slowly regaining more stamina. Feeding protocols not followed run the risk of SCP-XXXX becoming desperate, and testing containment boundaries. Due to the threat level of SCP-XXXX, the feeding schedule is to be followed with no variance.

SCP-XXXX has the ability to possess people who are not aware of his presence. When in a possessing state, SCP-XXXX will be designated as SCP-XXXX-B . When someone is being controlled by SCP-XXXX, the victim will then have SCP-XXXX eye’s and start drooling slime out of their mouth. SCP-XXXX is able to talk through the person it’s possessing. SCP-XXXX-B still has all of the ability’s of SCP-XXXX and is able to bring out its tentacles whenever it wants. When SCP-XXXX-B summons slime, it appears to come out of the skin.

SCP-XXXX has shown the capacity to resurrect the dead. It’s able to bring people back from the dead without any diseases, deformities, and mental illnesses. SCP-XXXX can resurrect the people whose souls he took by opening his mouth and ██████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████. SCP-XXXX has an option to control the person he resurrects; the person can come out of its control if the person is exposed to someone or something that they held dear in life. SCP-XXXX is unable to resurrects people whose souls have been completely drained. This ability is very taxing of SCP-XXXX’s energy. During an interview, SCP-XXXX admitted that it needed to consume 10 Souls to accomplish the power.

At random times, SCP-XXXX will just fall to the ground and go into a coma like state. even when we follow feeding protocols. This can last up to 5 days NOTE: this behavior was not mentioned in its initial file.

Addendum XXXX-9:

SCP-XXXX is the fifth oldest of 10 siblings, the whereabouts and abilities of the other siblings are currently unknown. On <span ██/█/████ one of SCP-XXXX’s brothers, designated SCP-XXXX-9, broke into site-12. SCP-XXXX-9 was on a direct route to the onsite interrogation room and in the process of trying to apprehend him, knocked out 21 guards. When SCP-XXXX-9 reached the interrogation room he waited for an O5 member to interview him.


O5: What are you doing here and how did you get past all those guards?

SCP-XXXX-9: I came to give you a gift, but you don’t exactly have the best welcome mat.

O5: A gift? what kind of gift?

SCP-XXXX-9: I know that you like containing things that you don't understand so I thought that you would like me bringing in something.

O5: You can't just break into our facility and drop off something for us to contain. We don't know anything about it and how to contain it.

SCP-XXXX-9: <eerie laughter> You don't have to worry. I will give you the containment cell, give you the information about this monster, and put him in the cell myself.

O5: That does sound good but what do you want from us in exchange for this thing?

SCP-XXXX-9: …Not much, just keep that thing in containment and if any other cloaked figures come and ask if I’ve been here, act like you never saw me. And I’m going to need you to close off this section of the site for about 3 days (A 3D holographic projection of the site papers resonating from what appears to be SCP-XXXX-9’s eye with the area of where to enter the chamber is highlighted)

O5: Ok? Another question, are there more instances of this thing?
SCP-XXXX-9: Well, yes, but we all don’t look alike. You see, I'm his Brother an-.

O5: It's Brother!?

SCP-XXXX-9: Yes! my older brother and you see I'm not like It!, I’m not like him…(sighs)

O5: well… um, are there (coughs) any more siblings?

SCP-XXXX-9: Yes there are 10 siblings including me and ….him.

O5: 10?

SCP-XXXX-9: Yes, but I don’t look anything like that thing I’m actually a ████████.

O5: How can you be the same species and look so different?

SCP-XXXX-9: ….Would you look at the time? I'm going to be late for work.

O5: Wait, you have a job?

SCP-XXXX-9: I have two jobs, and I’m going to be late for ███████████.

O5: Wait your job is ███████████!

SCP-XXXX-9: Until next time… (SCP-XXXX-9 teleports from site)

End of interview

After SCP-XXXX-9 left, a flash drive appeared on the table in the interrogation room with information on SCP-XXXX. Shortly after the area around where SCP-XXXX-9 told the O5 member to close off the area, it was closed off. Three days later the area was opened back up and the O5 member was told where and how to get inside the entrance of the observation chamber. So far no clocked figures have showed up to the foundation.

Addendum XXXX-A:

3 D-class personnel were dropped in SCP-XXXX cell at feeding time. SCP-XXXX possesses one of the D-class before he knows what’s going on, then proceeds to kill the other D-class. SCP-XXXX-B then looks at the camera then begins to talk to Dr. ██████ who was monitoring SCP-XXXX at the time.


SCP-XXXX-B: It is time to listen fools who think they can hold all that is given to them HAHAHAHA!

Dr. ██████: Wait, can you say that again?

SCP-XXXX-B: Soon my brother will join me in this prison, both as the warden and the prisoner.

Dr. ██████: are you referring to SCP-XXXX-9. The one who trapped you here?

SCP-XXXX-B: No, not the one who ██████ and is █████, cursed to remain the way he is until he accepts death. The one who is stuck in the past trying to become what he can not become and does not accept change.

Dr. ██████: So are you implying that another one of your brothers is going to come to the foundation? Do you know when?

SCP-XXXX-B:<maniacal laughter> No. ( SCP-XXXX-B summons one of its tentacles and impales itself and taking the D-class’s soul.)

End of interview

Immediately after SCP-XXXX-B consumed the D-class’s soul, SCP-XXXX-B body exploded into dust. When the dust settled SCP-XXXX was standing in the center of the room laughing. So far the foundation has not found the brother SCP-XXXX talked about.