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SCP-3439 (possible image censoring)

*Good evening, My name is Doctor Engram, And today im providing an audio log for SCP-3439 in compliance with Foundation Order S1-37. Beginning now.*

Item #: SCP-3439

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the anomalous nature of SCP-3439, It is to be held at Site-37 and any information on SCP-3439 is to be updated autonomously. Information on the entity must be backed up in a server with a Scranton Reality Anchor present to prevent divergence from the original texts. On site staff must pass a psychological evaluation and be cleared of mental defects and disorders, And SCP-3439 is to be placed on suicide watch with paramedics on emergency standby in case of a suicide attempt. SCP-3439 is to attend mandatory weekly therapy sessions, And is to be judged on mental health via on site mental health expert and SCP-3439's handler Dr. Huang.

Description: SCP-3439 is a caucasian male 38 years of age, Standing at 1.8m tall and weighing 80kgs. SCP-3439 exhibits anomalous properties when in the presence of another anomalous sapient entity. Anomalous sapient entities extends past the layman's idea of an SCP but instead refers to any sapient entity differing from neurotypical Homo sapiens. Depression and Anxiety disorders being the most common mental disorder triggering SCP-3439's anomalous effects. SCP-3439's effects unknowingly and uncontrollably censors itself in the mind of anomalous entities, And causes anomalous sapient entities to feel an extreme compulsion to leave the immediate area. SCP-3439 manifests a secondary effect when information is stored on it, Whether it is digitally stored or written down all information on it becomes gradually more vague until the point of incomprehension, By extension any pictures become gradually more blurred until the image is unrecognizable.

  • Addendum 3439-1: As of 3/27/2023 SCP-3439 was diagnosed with Depression, The implications of this is currently unknown, But due to the effects of SCP-3439 a close eye must be kept on it and a revision to the containment procedures must be made.
  • Addendum 3439-2: SCP-3439 was a senior IT technician for [Redacted], And is allowed and encouraged to do maintenance work on the Foundations servers, for the mental benefit of SCP-3439, and possessing an effective level 1 clearance while being accompanied by an on site technician with level 3 clearance or higher. SCP-3439 is to be given an allowance half that of an average IT technicians pay and any use of its allowance is to be cleared by his handler Dr. Huang before hand.

*I hope you found this audio log useful, If you did please participate in the site poll, If these are deemed useful foundation wide implementation will be acted on. Thank you for listening, And godspeed.*


Item #: SCP-3954

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3954 is to be held in a standardized bullet proof glass container and stored in a high security Euclid item vault at Site 42. Two armed guards are to be posted outside, and any non-authorized personnel attempting to access SCP-3954 are to be immediately classified as E-Class personnel and detained with as much force as necessary. In the event of non-authorized wielding of SCP-3954 a Euclid-Class containment breach alarm is to be sounded and the persons wielding it is to be terminated on sight.

Description: SCP-3954 is the jawbone of an Equus africanus, more commonly known as the African Wild Ass. It has leather wrapping on the mental region and the bone itself has been shown to be unable to break despite the attempts of any wielders and Foundation staff. A constant covering of dried blood on the head of the item is present and irremovable. The effects of the item manifest when held by a sapient humanoid, giving an immediate sense of well being, confidence and protection while making the wielder immune to most piercing and slashing damage (see test logs 1-X). After 5 seconds of being held, the user of SCP-3954 shows a universal increase of physical capacity with some subjects being shown to be able to break through a standard Foundation blast door in just 4.3 seconds. As time passes the persons wielding SCP-3954, hereafter known as SCP-3954-1, will hear a voice they universally describe as "godly" telling them to soak the head of the item in blood. After hearing the voice, all instances of SCP-3954-1 seek out the nearest living human and attempt to cover SCP-3954 in blood. As this action is preformed a ritualistic demeanor is adopted by the subject and prayers are issued to Yahweh in Hebrew, when questioned instances SCP-3954-1 show no regret for preforming said action even on close friends. Universally responding "It was for the lord, I am but a humble sheep following his shepherd."

SCP-3954 Ritual Procedures:

(Note: All cuts and incisions are made with SCP-3954)
The procedure starts with the incapacitation of the victim by unknown means, this is instant and unavoidable.

SCP-3954-1 immediately makes its way to the chosen victim, upon finding the now incapacitated persons SCP-3954-1 then lays down the victim and starts to cut its throat via a sawing motion, slowly pressing down until the trachea and esophagus are severed.

Upon the first cut being completed the subject then waits for the death of the victim, usually resulting in the victim drowning in their own blood. This process is unnaturally elongated by the use of SCP-3954 with an average time to unconsciousness being 15-20 seconds and death taking up to 7 minutes.

After death ensues the

[04 Note: The ritual should not be stopped under any circumstance other then the termination of SCP-3954-1, any other means will cause the ritual to restart]

_ SCP-3954 TEST LOGS (Not sure on including)_

Test log 3954-1:

[Time-stamp: 21:34 7/30/2017]

Personnel involved: D-9745 & D-8903 with Dr. Nathan presiding

D-9745 and D-8903 were instructed to enter the testing room. Upon entering the room the door was locked behind them and D-9745 was instructed to pick up SCP-3954.

Upon picking up SCP-3954 D-9745 remarked that he had quote "Good feelings" about the testing and was not afraid of continuing. Promptly, D-8903 was instructed to pick up the Beretta 92FS located on a nearby table and attempt to kill D-9745.

D-8903 shot one round at D-9745 and paused, after remarking the bullet had no effect on D-9745 the D-Class was instructed to fire the rest of the clip. At this point in time D-9745 showed discomfort twords D-8903 and asked permission to leave, permission was denied.

As D-8903 fired the seventh round from the gun D-9745 exclaimed quote: "Just stop already" before lunging forward 3m from a standstill and hitting D-8903 with the point of the head on SCP-3954, killing him instantly by collapsing and shattering his skull at the left parietal lobe.

After killing D-8903, D-9745 dropped the item and backed away showing an immediate disgust at his actions. At this point three armed guards entered the room and engaged D-9745 killing him instantly.

[End of events]

Dr. Nathan's notes: Due to the potential needless loss of D-Class personnel resulting from the unpredictability of SCP-3954-1, Further testing should be automated unless otherwise necessary.

[End of log]

Test log 3954-2:

[Time-stamp: 13:00 8/5/2017]

Personnel involved: D-7130 with Dr. Nathan presiding

D-7130 was instructed to enter the testing chamber, approach the table five meters into the chamber and pick up SCP-3954.

Eight seconds passed as Dr. Nathan activated three turrets at the far end of the room 250m away. The turrets consist of an automated Mk-19 automatic grenade launcher, an M134 mini-gun and a single ZT3 Ingwe tandem-charge rocket. After the turrets activated, D-7130 was instructed to avoid the turret fire and stay alive without actively damaging any equipment.

The first of the turrets opened fire, the Mk-19 shooting in a back and forth pattern from wall to wall with its grenades detonating in the air 2m from D-7130 and closing in. D-7130 successfully avoids the detonations for 7.3 seconds until the turret switches to actively attempting to hit D-7130 and scores a direct hit in 2.4 seconds knocking D-7130 to the ground and visibly stunning him. At this point the turret was switched off and the M134 turret was activated.

[D-7130 was given 10 seconds to recover]

D-7130 got off the ground and was ordered to hug the wall near the entrance and run at the activated turret after the count down. The D-Class started running at 16m/s building up to a max speed of 20m/s before coming into contact with the turrets projectiles, at this point D-7130 falters and drops in speed drastically. No physical harm is noticeable but the M134 slows D-7130 to a halt and starts to drive him back despite D-7130's attempts to make continuous progress.

After the subject failed to progress for 10 seconds, the turret was turned off and the final turret fired with the ZT3 rocket scoring a direct hit on the subjects left hand side. The D-Class's left arm is removed at the shoulder and the chest cavity is viable at this point. Despite mortal damage being inflicted the D-Class still moved, though obviously shaken and weakened, and turned to the door, attacking it in an attempt to escape. The chamber was flooded with an incapacitating agent rendering the D-Class unable to move in 3 seconds and was left incapacitated on the floor for 5 minutes until three armed guards entered the chamber wearing gas masks to retrieve D-7130. D-7130 died of his wounds 7 minutes and 31 seconds after sustaining them.
[End of events]

Dr. Nathan's notes: Instances of SCP-3954-1 show an incredible ability to survive even mortal trauma and blood loss to an extreme extent. Currently standard issue calibers do not seem to harm instances of SCP-3954-1 but still impart impact force fully. Thankfully instances of SCP-3954-1 are not completely immune to damage as previously believed simply much greater force then normal must be used. Gas seems to be a viable means of incapacitating and possibly killing any violent instances that occur.

[End of log]

Minor test logs SCP-3439-3 through -X:

Test log SCP-3439-3:

[Time-stamp 14:00 8/6/2017]

Personnel involved: D-6509 with Dr. Nathan presiding

D-6509 was given SCP-3439 and was imidetly shot in the head. D-6509 perished.

Conclusion: SCP-3439 needs time to create an instance of SCP-3439-1.