Doctor Enoch

The assignment was supposed to be simple. But when is anything actually simple? For me, not very often. And after the events I’ve gone through lately, nothing is ever going to be simple ever again. Welcome to my life, the life where I have to be afraid of monsters. If I don’t, I die.

My name is Maxwell Nagano, an Asian American police officer in the [REDACTED] Police Department. I’m on my way to becoming a detective. At least… that’s what I tell myself. The Chief of Police is a prick and my promotion may as well be delayed permanently. As it turns out, employers don’t like it when you hit on their daughter(s).
But hey, what can you do? I'm on a very 'special' assignment. Old Lady Fenster. She's a crazy old woman that insists on calling the police for every single inconvenience. Neighbor's trees too far over her side of the fence? Better call the cops. Can't open her fucking door? Yeah, needs police intervention. That happened. I know it did because I'M the one they sent to deal with it.
I'm in that woman's house at least four times a week and I still can't tell how old she is. Somewhere between… Larry King and Methuselah I'd guess. How a walking corpse like her manages to live alone without family intervention is beyond me. I guess nobody loves her. I sure as hell don't.
Getting up this morning was just as bad as it always is. I laid there for-fuckin-ever trying to find the energy to get up. Might've been the hangover. Might've been the depression. Who knows? I did manage to finally get up and stumble to the door. I tripped on the way there and managed to cut my hand on a rusty nail on the doorway. Healthy living conditions, right? Eat your heart out, Rachel Ray.
After getting my uniform on and falling down the stairs a little I dragged myself to my police cruiser and started driving my way to Fenster's to check on her. Most of the day I'm at the station but at the start of every shift I have to go to that old witches house. Poke her with a stick; make sure she's alive. I saw the house in the distance. Old, crinkly, and it smells like shit! Just like the crone that lives there.
I got out of my vehicle and sauntered to the front door only to find it open. And not just open, it was obviously broken into. Deciding not to enter right away I tried calling out for her.
"Yo, Mrs. Fenster? You dead?"
"No, no dear I feel wonderful please come in for tea," I heard the sociopath call.
Never having heard her say the word dear before and knowing she despises tea (much like anything else on the planet), I knew that whatever is going on in there cannot be good for my permanent record. I opened the broken door silently and stepped inside, hand firmly placed on my gun holster.
I heard the tea kettle begin to steam and I peeked my head around the corner into the kitchen. Grimy as always, but empty. I turned back around and saw her standing in front of me holding a plate of what looked like cookies baked in Hell frosted by someone paralyzed. The noticeable difference between her now and earlier this week was the lack of facial features. Eyes, nose, mouth, all gone. Smooth as drywall.
"Oh Hell, no!" I cried instinctively.
"Cookies, dear?"

The claw tore through my abdomen before I could fight back. I yelled, but little did I know the toxin would hurt much more than the wound itself. The creature that was the crotchety old bitch went for another slice with the claws that her wrinkled old hands had morphed into. I was able to dodge that once, but only just. I pulled out my pistol and the freak hissed at me. The sound was inhuman, but what was more unsettling was how it came from a mouth that didn't exist. Not even it's throat moved noticeably. It leaped vertically and hung from the ceiling, using it's sharp, scimitar-esque appendages where it's hands and feet once were.
I took a shot but it dodged easily, like I had thrown a softball.
"No respect for your elders, Maxie?" it growled in a deep raspy voice that definitely was not Mrs. Fenster's. Not in the mood for a witty comeback, I took my next shot. This missed also and the beast immediately leaped towards me brandishing it's meat-hook claws. I dodged it, but the exertion of doing that was NOT good for my wound. I yelped and looked down at my blue shirt turned red. I could smell the blood and the acrid smell of the monster's poison.
The second I allowed myself to examine my would endangered me more than I thought. She was upon me again, but before I knew it the barrel of my gun was to it's face and I took the shot. Point blank. But it didn't work. It was like I had shot canvas pulled taut. There was a hole and a hollow space but that was it. No blood or brains. The freak stared at me.
It started to laugh. First in the soft giggle of Mrs. Fenster, then in a deep rumble of whatever the fuck this thing was. While it was distracted I took the opportunity to shoot it through the heart. It exploded violently into black goo, all over me and all over Mrs. Fenster's foyer. I thought it time I take my leave.

The drive to the hospital was uneventful other than the vast amounts of blood pouring from the schism in my chest. It felt like Moses was parting the Red Sea inside me. And the burning smell and pain got worse and worse. Oh fuck… I'm dying. While I was contemplating my situation I managed to hit an old man with my car.
"Oh fuck!" I screamed as I hit the brakes as hard as I could. I must not have hit the guy head on because he was at my car door so fast I hit him with it trying to scramble out.
"Are you trying to kill me?!" he growled as he got to his feet, holding his head. He was short, skinny, and Caucasian. He barely had any hair and what was there was white and sticking out in random directions. He looked like hadn't showered or washed his clothes in months. Smelled like it too. He looked worse than I did, beaten to hell and starved. He looked like he belonged in an ASPCA commercial. Hell, I would've donated.
"Give me your car," he demanded.
"Did I concuss you or are you normally this stupid?"
"I require your transportation!"
"I'm a dying police officer! I don't have time for hoboes I don't know!"
"I am Enoch and I'm a scientist from another dimension here to save your world!" he tried to look impressive which didn't work because he was bleeding profusely from most or all orifices. "Now, provide me with your vehicle, officer!"
I swiftly proceeded to knock him out.