Lord Mullacabra

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Neutralized Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be contained within a resealable 3x3x3 transparent polycarbonate container located within Site-88. The container should then be placed within a stainless steel vacuum chamber with a single viewing window, and a single code locked steel door. Direct monitoring of subject is to be maintained at all times by no less than two Level-2 personnel and one armed security officer. Two D-class engineers are to be granted access to the vacuum chamber each day for the purpose of inspection and repair to ensure weaknesses in the vacuum seals are remedied as they occur. All access to the subject and their containment unit for the purpose of testing is to be approved beforehand by Level-4 personnel or higher ranking staff. At no point are social and physical contact with subject permitted as per Recovery Log SCP-XXXX-A.

SCP-XXXX is to be directly monitored and physically handled (as is deemed necessary) within Site-88 by two of any available Level-4 or higher ranking personnel, and an infant behavioral specialist, so as to avoid a tantrum class event (T1). Barring an imminent traumatic class event (T2), the subject is not to be contained/restrained/coerced under any circumstance. For references as to the possible causes and solutions in regards to T1 and T2 class events respectively, see Addendum-Bravo and Addendum-Charlie.

SCP-XXXX is, in addition to direct monitoring and physical handling by Level-4 or higher ranking personnel, to be given the ability to roam freely to and from the site within specified days and times with immediate notification given to the pertinent Level-5 personnel at the time of site exit and reentry. Prior to exit of Site-88 the subject is to be assigned a male and female of Level-4 or higher rank who shall pose as the subject's mother and father, along with any appropriate means of transportation deemed necessary; a polycarbonate vacuum container, vacuum sealing device, two-way GPS device, and a satellite based mobile phone to be used in case of a T1 event that cannot be remedied in a timely manner will also be assigned. Time spent outside of Site-88 is not to exceed three hours, and can only be done twice per week in the context it is deemed necessary to avoid a T1 event.

In the case of a T1 class event reaching imminent T2, SCP-XXXX is to be vacuum sealed and delivered to its originally designated containment at Site-88. Ensure that the subject's containment cell and observation post are maintained to the specification of Addendum-Alpha.

Subject Description: SCP-XXXX is a humanoid being resembling a form indistinguishable from that of a common human male infant. The only differentiation able to be made thus far between a baseline human infant and the subject is that of an anomalously heavy and seemingly indestructible body, an enlarged cranium, and lack of fecal excretion.

The subject's measurements are as follows: A height of 28.4 inches, overall weight of 42 pounds, and a head circumference of 23 inches.

Physical appearance of subject is unremarkable and offers no insight into the subject itself other than the appearance of possible age, which has been determined as of now to be resembling a 9 month old infant.

Subject has thin dirty blonde hair bordering on light brown, vibrant blue eyes, Caucasian/pale white skin, and what would appear to be a slightly more muscular build than your common 9 month old infant.

Despite having no need for air, or sustenance, subject shows common traits associated with desire. Often the subject can be calmed by food, drink, and/or physical comfort. The subject also shows signs of acute separation anxiety when deprived of visual/physical contact with overseeing staff.

When kept in a state of contentment the subject shows signs in line with those of your common 9 month old infant. While content the subject remains in such a state so long as containment procedures and all guidelines are met, and will not exert sounds outside of the decibel (dB) range of 80 dB.

When agitated to the point of a T1 class event the subject is capable of exerting cries in excess of 130 dB and it is advised that all overseeing staff make any effort possible to calm the subject. Hearing loss prevention equipment is made available in the observation post just outside of the subject's containment area. Despite the wearing of hearing loss prevention equipment, prolonged exposure to the cries of the subject are capable of causing uncontrollable, violent and homicidal urges in anyone within the subject's containment area. Should the subject not be calmed before overseeing staff show such symptoms, all procedures listed in Addendum-Delta are to be enacted. For a detailed example of such an event, refer to Notable Event Log-1.

When agitated to the point of a T2 class event the subject is capable of exerting cries in excess of 180 dB. It has been previously advised that such an event is to be avoided via use of the vacuum chamber, but in lieu of proper containment procedures being followed a "wait and see" approach is to be adopted by all surviving staff. During such an event as T2, any number of unpredictable cataclysms may occur. For a detailed example of the only recorded T2 event, refer to Notable Event Log-3.

Due to the seemingly indestructible nature and unpredictability of SCP-XXXX, no intrusive tests may be performed to determine how the subject is able to cause cataclysmic events. It is hypothesized and widely agreed upon that the screams of the subject contain specific noise(s) emitted at immeasurable frequencies capable of influencing matter at a molecular level. For possible evidence in support of the hypothesis, refer to Notable Event Log-2.

Other than the previous listed traits, the subject shows no mental functions higher than those of a 9 month old infant, barring the ability to influence bystanders into various affective states that can result in a plethora of different actions being taken aside from violence.





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Note to self for next draft: you really need to up the anomalous factor as per your thoughts on the general behaviors of the subject. As of now it reads bland and just isn't hitting the mark. Refer to your notebook. The subject is too pampered due to the fact it just isn't hitting that mark as stated previously. You fool, rewrite it. Involve more staff of varied levels for ease of testing. Be patient, it'll all come together when things settle down.