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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid


Sulfuric acid extracted from SCP-XXXX while developing

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be contained inside of a reinforced titanium sphere with a thickness of 15 centimeters and radius of 4 meters, which is suspended in the air by attachment to the ceiling of the 20 meter by 20 meter by 20 meter room surrounding the sphere. The inside of the sphere must be very resistant to a pH of as low as negative 12 negative 15.1. Audio recording devices must be routinely checked to identify any odd behavior. Outside of the sphere in the room surrounding it, barbed wire must cover all of the interior.

In the case of containment breach, electrical impulses will be sent at the organism via electric rifles or barbed wire. Note that the wattage of electricity used only needs to be above 10 watts of electricity. The creature will become weak and fall asleep. In the average fifteen minutes of time between the electrical shock and the creature's reawakening, it can be put back into the containment chamber. Unfortunately, more electricity will not have any different effect on SCP-XXXX's span of weakness. It will only make it more aggressive when revivified.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a decapod creature with a roughly cone-like body structure. The creature's body is a slightly pale pink with no hair/fur to cover it. There are four main outer structures:
1. The torso
2. The legs
3. The arms
4. The head

The torso is extremely wrinkled and folds in on itself near the legs of the organism. One anomalous area of interest on the torso is the navel, which takes up nearly 25% of the frontal surface area of the creature. SCP-XXXX can reach into the orifice and pull out an amorphous collection of acids, most notably sulfuric acid fluorosulfuric acid. This ability appears to pose the greatest threat to the foundation. The navel, however, is not the only orifice on the torso. On the bottom of the creature are many more orifices without known functions other than defecation and urination.

The ten legs of SCP-XXXX have high concentrations of muscle tissue, though it is not obvious due to the skin tissue folding in on itself. Each leg has two joints that assist the maneuverability of SCP-XXXX. It can run at up to 65 kilometers per hour in optimal conditions. SCP-XXXX accelerates the fastest on soil and has the most difficulty on spherical objects. The differences in maneuverability in some areas compared to others is also impacted by the anatomical structure of the feet. The skin hangs over the feet for approximately 2.5 centimeters. The feet are red and resemble rhinoceros horns placed upside down. They are composed of minerals of many types. As a result, the feet do not wear down easily.

The creature's two arms, unlike the rest of the body, do not have excessive amounts of skin tissue. As revealed in arm tissue test A, the skin surrounding the arms is made primarily of a strong, unidentified protein that can endure acidic conditions, alkaline conditions, high temperature, low temperature, and other natural extremes such as toxin exposure. This protein is found nowhere else on the outer body in quantifiable amounts. There is one elbow joint on each arm and the hands have four fingers (including one reminiscent of a thumb) and on the tip of each finger is a capsule composed of numerous layers of the unidentified protein. It has been theorized that the protein allows SCP-XXXX to come into contact with the acid that comes out of the navel. Numerous tests have been conducted on the protein.

The head bears great resemblance to SCP-3199, the only visual difference being skin color. This resemblance between the two creatures is due to the way SCP-XXXX was originally conceived. The organism was genetically engineered by research teams at the foundation. They took an egg from an instance of SCP-3199 and injected,"designer sperm," into the egg in hopes of creating a thaumiel class creature. Some traits have yet to find their sources, such as the unidentified protein and orifices on the bottom of the torso, but the acidic navel, electric vulnerability, the mineral makeup of the feet, high speeds, and more features of less importance were intentionally added in by foundation staff. Unfortunately, the creature became too aggressive and defiant for a thaumiel class, therefore being reassigned into euclid after a loyalty test1
was conducted

SCP-XXXX appears sapient and displays a hatred towards all staff members of the foundation on a personal level. As discovered while interviewing SCP-XXXX, it knows that the foundation designed it as it is, at least in some ways. SCP-XXXX also knows factoids that have never been shown to the creature, such as the plot lines of several movies new and old. This ability led to a containment breach on May 31, 2025. Research is ongoing to determine how SCP-XXXX learns information, or at least find enough patterns to predict what the creature will ascertain in terms of knowledge.

Addendum XXXX-01: Interviews

Addendum XXXX-04: Experiment Logs

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