Mr. Curiosities Big Book of Curiosity


Item #: SCP-3346

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3346 is contained at Site-██’s Safe Class Wing in the Level 4 restricted access section in standard sealed atmospheric maintenance crate. SCP-3346 has been shown to be slightly more resistant than expected based on non-anomalous books of a similar composition, however it is not indestructible. It is sealed in it’s container such that it can preserved, and any weathering can be prevented. The container is to be checked biweekly to check for imperfections in its seal. Any anomalies are to be reported to Dr. ███████
The container requires a Level 4 access code similar to the entrance to the Level 4 restricted access section of Site-██’s Safe Class Wing. As such it can be accessed for personal use by any Level 4 or higher researcher. Any Level 3 researchers wishing to perform a reading must do so in the presence of the Level 4 researcher who granted them access. Following Incident 3346-α (See Incident Report 3346-α) SCP-3346’s container has been upgraded to require three Level 4 code inputs simultaneously. All readings of SCP-3346 must be done with two Level 4 researchers present as well as the subject and one four-man security team. The security is to be initially instructed to attempt non-lethal takedown in the event of an attempted containment breach but to quickly switch to lethal in the event of non-lethal not being immediately successful.
All experiments involving SCP-3346 require approval by no less than three Level 4 research staff. Any Level 4 researcher removing SCP-3346 from containment must be logged in the terminal next to its container.

Description: SCP-3346 appears to be a normal, leather-bound hardcover book with a thickness of 5.2cm, cover to cover. Inscribed on the front in red lettering is what is presumed to be the title, “MR. CURIOSITY’S BIG BOOK OF LEARNING.” On the back of the book is a short blurb: “Have you ever wanted to learn how to do something? Ever wanted to cook that one hard dish? Or maybe how to fix that one part of your car’s engine that keeps breaking? Can no-one you know adequately explain the intricacies of Einstein’s Theory of General relativity? Well then look no further than this very book you’re holding. You will learn everything you’ve ever wanted to know about anything. There’s a whole world worth of things to learn and that whole world is in this book.”
SCP-3346 appears to be slightly more resistant to wear and tear than a book of comparable make and appearance. Pages require some straining to tear and spillages usually fade into near invisibility. However, SCP-3466 is not indestructible and as such should be handled with the appropriate amount of care.
SCP-3346’s anomalous properties manifest when the book is opened by any living human being (known as the subject.) SCP-3346 will provide information on a certain topic that the subject has interest in. As the subject continues to turn the pages of SCP-3346 and read more about the topic SCP-3346 will continue to provide more details, usually divulging more detailed and complex ideas and information. After finishing reading the Subject will always find themselves at the back cover despite the number of pages being inconsistent.
Furthermore, SCP-3466 displays a subtle memetic effect in that those in direct line of sight of SCP-3466 will feel compelled to open it. The effect fades immediately upon line of sight being broken and the effect can be negated by simply placing SCP-3346 in an opaque box. Should a subject be exposed to this effect but be prevented from either opening SCP-3466 or breaking line of sight the compulsion will develop into more severe conditions such as obsession and even [DATA EXPUNGED]. Subjects who reach this stage can be effectively treated with Class C amnestics in 83% of all cases. Should this fail the subject should be terminated.
The limiting factor in how much information is produced and how complex and detailed said information is, appears to be the innate curiosity of the subject. In all tests performed thus far the subject has stated general satisfaction in the level of detail received.

Addendum 3346-1: Initial Testing Log
All of the following tests took place in one of Site-██’s standard testing chambers with a small camera clipped on to the top of the front cover of SCP-3346, used to capture images and video of the pages. Several tests have been omitted due to lack of useful information being deduced from them.

Test 3346-1, ██/██/19██
Subject: D-22234, no known mental abnormalities.
Procedure: Subject placed in test chamber with SCP-3346 and instructed to not interact with it on fear of termination.
Overview: Subject compliant for 56 minutes before requesting reading material on grounds of boredom. Request granted, and 14 non-anomalous books were supplied. Subject’s resting heartrate recorded to be 14 BPM higher than at test inception. Subject begins reading one of the supplied but can be seen in the video feed to be looking towards SCP-3346 with a frequency of once every 45 seconds. In the following 15 minutes subjects heart rate slowly climbed over 100 BPM despite sitting still. Subject appeared to be sweating moderately. Subject stared at SCP-3346 for approximately 30 seconds before lunging at it to open it. Security team on standby enter the test chamber and subdue the subject with a taser. SCP-3346 noted as displaying a page titled “So you want to learn how to birdwatch?” followed by some basic tips on birdwatching.
Conclusions: As suspected SCP-3466 has an inherent memetic effect causing compulsion to open it. However, it is worth noting that the subject resisted the compulsion for over an hour, with most of that spent sitting alone in the room with nothing to distract her. So fortunately for us this compulsion seems fairly low level, this will simplify things for us. I suggest we keep the subject alive for now for some further testing before termination. -Dr. ███████

Test 3346-2, ██/██/19██
Subject: D-22234
Procedure: While subject recovered in the site infirmary SCP-3466 was hidden inside the mattress in D-22234’s cell. D-22234 was returned to her cell after her injuries had healed appropriately.
Overview: For the 3 weeks following D-22234’s return to her cell, 24-hour surveillance was enacted by Dr. ███████ and 12 Level 3 researchers on a rotating shift. Subject’s behavior remained within normal parameters for the duration of the experiment but did occasionally the long time for which she had been confined to her quarters. At no point did the subject act abnormally. After 166 hours of constant surveillance test concluded and SCP-3346 returned to containment.
Conclusions: It appears that line of sight may be required for the memetic effect to be present. What a pleasant surprise. I can’t remember the last time a test made a skip less frightening. This should make containment easier again. -Dr. ███████

Test 3346-3_1, ██/██/19██
Subject: D-16574, master’s degree in particle physics and IQ in top 0.1 percentile.
Procedure: Subject placed in test chamber with SCP-3346 and instructed to open and read every page until there are none left.
Overview: Subject compliant. SCP-3466 opened to reveal a page titled, “So you want to Understand Gravity?” that began with a very basic approximation to our current understanding of gravity and a rendition of the Newton-Apple story. Later pages contained worked examples with answers and proofs. Subject granted access to a pen and paper and was able to confirm the validity of every example and proof checked. Subject reached the very end of our current understanding of gravity on page 141. However, there were more pages that could be turned to. The next page began with a section titled, “Quantum Gravity and You.” Subject read pages 142 and 143 before becoming excited and requesting assistance from another well qualified physicist to help him confirm or deny some proofs in SCP-3466. Recognizing the current topic to be yet undiscovered physics Dr. ███████ requested the presence of Junior Researcher Halmond, a gifted physicist. After three days of near continuous work Junior Researcher Halmond and the subject were able to replicate the most basic proof in the Quantum Gravity section in SCP-3346. All [DATA EXPUNGED] pages in SCP-3346 were photographed and left in the care of Junior Researcher Halmond. Subject returned to his cell. Test concluded.
Note: Every time Junior Researcher Halmond picked up or otherwise manipulated SCP-3346 the contents changed to a page giving instructions for a simple souffle. SCP-3346 could only be returned to it’s Gravity State when manipulated again by the subject.
Conclusions: Well [DATA EXPUNGED]. That’s incredible. Halmond reckons that everything there is right, but it’ll take him the rest of his life to decipher it. Regardless it appears that each person holding SCP-3466 will receive a different topic. Based on photographs looking at Halmond’s 43 souffle recipes it appears that there’s not a guarantee of groundbreaking information, even so I’d say this warrants extensive research. -Dr. ███████

Test 3346-4, ██/██/19██
Subject: D-22234
Procedure: Subject placed in test chamber with SCP-3346 and instructed to open and read every page until there are none left.
Overview: Subject initially refused to open SCP-3466. Subject is assured that it is safe, and she will not be penalized this time. Subject complies and opens SCP-3466 revealing the same introduction to birdwatching as observed in Test 3346-1. Subject reads 17 pages, the last few detailing “a surefire way to get HD, professional-level photographs of rare birds” using quite sophisticated photography equipment. Subjected reported that the text had been interesting and very easy to understand. Sections involving unfamiliar technology and terms were very well explained and subject reported feeling like she had understood nearly all of what had been posited. Subject expressed the view that with a few more reading she could figure out the few more challenging sections and reported feeling generally content and happy. When questioned subject revealed a long time, moderate interest in starting birdwatching. Subject returned to her cell and monitored for two weeks for any lasting anomalous effects. None observed, test concluded.
Conclusions: It seems that SCP-3466 will produce the same pages for each person every time. It also appears that the topic is chosen at random but will be off some interest to the subject. Furthermore, there all always the exact number of pages required. In this case after 17 pages the subject was at the back cover. It could be very profitable to allow access to all research staff just to see what we can get. This skip appears mostly harmless and could probably be made available to researchers now. However, just to be safe I intend to perform perhaps a few dozen more tests with different D-class subjects to confirm safety. -Dr. ███████

Test 3346-19, ██/██/19██
Subject: D-32787, incarcerated for multiple sexual assaults.
Procedure: Read to completion.
Conclusions: Sweet Christ. ████ that guy. Assign him to some nasty Keter class[1] that can kill him slowly and painfully. In future don’t give me any ███████ sex offenders.

Test 3356-21, ██/██/19██
Subject: D-55555, Mentally handicapped with IQ of 56
Procedure: Read to completion
Overview: SCP-3346 generated only two pages titled, “So you want to know how cars work?” What followed was a hugely oversimplified explanation of a car engine at a level akin to what might be found in a standard primary school. Despite this subject expressed enjoyment and contentment with the level of detail.
Conclusions: It appears that SCP-3346 will only produce information sufficient enough to satisfy the subjects curiosity. With that knowledge I think it may be time to move onto our scientists and researchers. Testing this on people less intelligent is a waste of time and for all intents and purposes this is a safe skip. – Dr. ███████
Note: Following Test 3346-21 any researcher with permission from a single Level 4 member of staff can access SCP-3346. All tests must be logged or those involved will be penalized.

Test 3466-44, ██/██/19██
Subject: Dr. C████, assigned to SCP-682 amongst others.
Contents: SCP-3346 produced ███ pages with the title, “So you want to know how to contain 682?” Listed were ██ possible methods to contain SCP-682. One of these, a method to prepare a more potent acid than that already in use, has already been put to use. The others are being kept as contingency plans should SCP-682 manage to permanently adapt to current containment measures.

Test 3346-72, ██/██/20██
Subject: Dr. ██████
Note: See Incident Report 3346-α

Addendum 3346-2: Updating containment protocol
Following Incident 3346-α the containment procedures for SCP-3346 have been updated to prevent the removal of SCP-3346 without the Foundation’s knowledge. Do not let this dissuade you from performing tests on SCP-3346. I believe that there is still much to learn from it.
05 - █

Addendum 3346-3: Incident Report 3346-α
On [DATA EXPUNGED] Level 4 researcher ██████ entered the Level 4 restricted section of Site-██’s and removed SCP-3466 from its containment, before returning to his office. Retroactive viewing of security cameras has been used to piece together what happened:
08:51:21 - Dr. ██████ is seen retrieving SCP-3466 from containment.
08:59:03 – Dr. ██████ is seen entering his office carrying SCP-3346.
23:01:55 – Dr. ██████ is seen leaving his office, looking disheveled and carrying SCP-3346. It worth noting that in the interceding 14 hours it is not certain what Dr. ██████ did. Although it is assumed that the entire time was spent reading SCP-3346.
23:07:00 – Dr. ██████ is seen entering the Level 4 restricted section again with SCP-3346. He is sweating quite profusely, believed to be due to his rapid locomotion through the site. Upon arriving at SCP-3346’s containment Dr. ██████ is seen accessing the terminal intended for logging use of SCP-3466 and deleting his entry from the morning. He then leaves with SCP-3466.
23:10:04 – 23:31:58 – Dr. ██████ can be seen returning to his office with SCP-3466 and then leaving again with his bag. SCP-3466 is stowed inside. Arriving at the Gate C security checkpoint he was stopped by security for a routine bag check. The guard was friendly and apologetic for the inconvenience. Dr. ██████ appears distant but offers generally amicable responses. The security guard retrieves SCP-3466 but doesn’t recognize it. He opens it to see information about how to build a gaming pc. He mentions that he’s always wanted to build one before returning SCP-3466 to the bag and sending Dr. ██████ through.

Three days later during the standard bi-weekly check of SCP-3346’s containment it was discovered that SCP-3346 was missing. Upon reviewing the above security tapes and having a brief interview with the security guard on door duty it was able to be ascertained that Dr. ██████ had left in possession of SCP-3466. It was also noted at this point by several members of staff who knew Dr. ██████ that he had not been in work since the day he’d taken SCP-3466.
A 6 man strike team was assembled from members of Mobile Task Force (MTF) Omega 6 “Morgue-Fillers” due to them being stationed at Site-██ at the time of incident. They were equipped with standard lethal and non-lethal weaponry. They were to investigate the Dr’s house. The following is an audio-visual transcript compiled using footage and audio from the team’s bodycams and headsets respectively:

Transcript 3346-α-1
The team, consisting of 6-1 through 6-6, are dropped approximately one mile from the house to maintain an element of stealth. The house belonging to Dr. ██████ is a standard two-story dwelling located in rural ████ is located over the crest of the hill that the MTF were deployed on.
The team takes approximately 21 minutes to move stealthily towards the house. It is noted that the car belonging to Dr. ██████ is in the driveway. The front of the house has a porch elevated approximately three feet off the ground. The six team members all climb the steps up to the porch and take breaching positions around the door. Command suggests immediate breaching but to refrain from using lethal weaponry unless absolutely necessary, citing Dr. ██████’s continuing usefulness to foundation if he can be recovered.
6-1 approaches the door. He kicks the door near the handle. The door cracks near to handle but not sufficiently to allow for entry. While drawing his leg back to kick again the door and the area immediately around it are destroyed by a blast of unknown origin from within the house. 6-1’s vitals drop to zero immediately and 6-2 and 6-3 are knocked to the ground. Command gives order to push in and secure the house, believing the explosion to have been a simple booby trap. Command authorizes use of lethals.
Remaining team members can be seen rapidly entering the house and checking the rooms on the ground floor. The layout of the house is different to those in the plans used to brief the team and it appears larger on the inside. 6-5 opens the door to what appears to be a large dining room before bodycam and vitals cease abruptly. 6-3 is observed to collapse and begin coughing up blood by 6-2.
The order to retreat is given. 6-6 begins to leave rapidly. He passes the remains of 6-5 who appears to have been cut into small pieces. 6-3 is helped out of the house by 6-2. However, 6-4 ignores the order and charges upstairs, his camera and audio recorders fizzle out upon reaching the first floor. 6-2, 6-3 and 6-6 regroup below the porch outside and look around for 6-4. Crashes can be heard inside the house. 6-6 suddenly screams as he begins to sink into the ground, leaving only his body above the waist visible. 6-2 moves to help pull him up while 6-3 continues coughing up blood.
A short volley of rifle fire can be heard on all functioning equipment at this point, but it is quite faint and seemingly missed by the team members outside. Approximately 4.9 seconds after the volley all functioning audio equipment is destroyed by a large explosion. Visuals from 6-2’s bodycam confirm an explosion has destroyed the majority of the left-hand side of the building, including the entirety of the first floor on that side. Simultaneously the ground solidifies, freeing 6-6 who had already expired due to exsanguination. All of 6-6 that was below ground has been ground to a pulpy consistency.
A 15-man relief team arrives to provide support. 6-2 and 6-3 are recovered and treated for their injuries. 6-3 is found to be suffering from severe internal hemorrhaging despite suffering nothing to have caused it but is stabilized and eventually makes a full recovery. A sweep of the building by the relief team reveals no more anomalous properties. SCP-3346 is recovered closed along with another artefact that has since become labelled as SCP-████.
Small fragments of flesh and bone are confirmed to belong to Dr. ██████. No remains of 6-4 are ever recovered and as such 6-4 is still officially listed as MIA[2]. Due to SCP-3346 being closed upon recovery it is impossible to know what topic it produced for Dr. ██████. However, based on what notes of his could be recovered it is hypothesized that the topic may have been [DATA EXPUNGED] or something similar. It is further suspected that SCP-████ was a created by Dr. ██████ with the help of SCP-3346.

Addendum 3346-4: Artifact Recovery
On ██/██/19██ police and fire services were called to a small town in ██████, Ontario following an explosion that nearly destroyed a house. Agent ████, who is embedded in the fire services, was one of the first responders on the scene. Initially though to be due to a gas leak due to presence of piping debris. However closer inspection found the badly damaged remains of what appeared to be a rudimentary nuclear fission reactor with a dangerous amount of uranium scattered in the debris. A large supply of enriched uranium was found buried in lead boxes in the basement. It is thought that the reactor was built incorrectly in such a way that caused heat and pressure to build in the CO2 heat extraction system. The pipes exploded, scattering the uranium fuel and preventing a nuclear explosion.
SCP-3346 was discovered when Agent ████ felt compelled to read a book found sitting on an intact desk. It appeared to contain information on creating the device that had exploded. However, upon attempting to pick it up the pages faded out leaving a blank journal before reforming, now giving information on how produce honey from a bee colony at home. Agent ████ stowed SCP-3346 before requesting foundation assistance. Class D amnestics were used on first responders and neighbours. SCP-3466 and Agent ████ returned to Site-██.

[1] D-32787 was later killed when used to contain SCP-106 on ██/██/20██ following a containment breach.
[2] ████ █████, referred to as 6-4 in this document, received the Foundation Star award for going above and beyond the call of duty to protect the lives of the innocent.