Sliver of the Tree of Life

Item #: SCP-4878

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4878 is to be stored within a 10cm x 10cm x 10cm Class 4 Anomalous Object Container, (AOC-C4). The item is to be guarded by no less than three (3) armed personnel in order to prevent unauthorized access to the item. Armed personnel on-site are required to rotate posts hourly, ensuring proximity between any single individual and SCP-4878 is consistently varied throughout the shift, (see Addendum #1). SCP-4878 is not to be removed from its AOC-C4 for experimentation without the appropriate written permission of personnel with level 4 security clearance or higher. In the event of an on-site containment breach, SCP-4878 is to be transported immediately to Facility [REDACTED]. Failure to comply with these precautions will result in disciplinary action.

Description: SCP-4878 is a sliver of natural wood of unknown species or age. The item is approximately 7cm in length and possesses a cavity with a diameter of one centimeter. The sliver exhibits a certain lure effect, (see Addendum #1), and, upon initiating direct physical contact with a human subject, is known to halt the natural aging process. When removed from direct contact the subject then resumes to age at a normal rate. No other effects have been observed to occur.

Addendum #1: Pertaining to the lure effect of SCP-4878, the anomalous object is supernaturally perceived and desired by the closest human individual. The property is subtle at first, but increases in intensity over the course of [DATA EXPUNGED] hours, when it then proceeds to climax and continue. The average subject has been observed to notice the lure effect at [DATA EXPUNGED] minutes, hence the rotation of posts for armed personnel guarding SCP-4878, (see Special Containment Procedures).

Addendum #2: SCP-4878 was acquired from Professor Joseph [REDACTED], age [REDACTED], at his residence in [REDACTED], [REDACTED], on the [REDACTED] of May, 2019. Professor [REDACTED] is thought to have been in possession of SCP-4878 for approximately two (2) decades and four (4) months. Reports state that over those twenty (20) years Professor [REDACTED] showed no signs of aging or natural development normal for a human subject his age. Members of Mobile Task Force [REDACTED] sent to investigate initially assumed that Professor [REDACTED] was an anomalous entity, but upon interrogation and search of the individual, SCP-4878 was discovered and confiscated from his person. Professor [REDACTED] was then amnesticized and the anomalous object contained at Site [REDACTED].

Addendum #3: SCP-4878, although having been observed to be beneficial in nature, is not to be utilized by any personnel. The limited knowledge concerning SCP-4878 and the lack of experimentation done on the item indicates that further research is required before the exploitation of the anomalous object, as it may conceal potentially negative properties.