SCP-4677 "Medusa Trees"

Item #: SCP-4677

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: All items related to SCP-4677 are to be moved to [REDACTED] affective immediately. All items related to SCP-4677 will go through extensive inspections that last between [REDACTED] weeks then distrubeted across [REDACTED] into departments best suited for them. [REDACTED] is a fully staffed [REDACTED] km2  Green House Facility located at [REDACTED] specifically designed for SCP-4677 with [REDACTED] of Botanist, Biologist, Pedologist, Assistants, Security Personnel, D-Class Personnel, etc. For full list of staff and their departments please see document [REDACTED]. It is worthy of note that even with a dedicated facility and several [REDACTED] worth of professional researchers and scientist there is still so much the Foundation does not understand about SCP-4677.

Contact or experimentation of any kind with SCP-4677 is strickly prohibited unless personally authorised by unanimous vote from Site Director [REDACTED] and every O5 Council Member. If one is to take place no less than four heavily armed security guards are to accompany the research expedition with every member of this team fitted with Carbonite Fiber Full Contact Filtration Suits. If anyone is contaminated by SCP-4677 the whole team are to remain in the Bio-dome Habitation Zones [REDACTED] km2 enclosure codenamed "The Garden" and when a Containment Task Force squad arrives the infected must remain alive inside the "Garden" then the rest of the team will be executed with no hesitation. Their bodies will be left to decompose into soil for SCP-4677.

Description: SCP-4677 is what's known as "Medusa Trees" and currently has [REDACTED] known subspecies of plant-like anomalous organisms. For a full list of SCP-4677-001 to SCP-4677-[REDACTED] with all of their distinctive traits documented go to file bundles [REDACTED] through [REDACTED].

Addendum 4677-VT041: Exerpt from Video Log 4677-05-SM007

Date: ██/██/07

Subject: Professor C████ D███(Lead B█████ of Research Team O████)

"… I would also say that another remarkable thing is every single subspecies of SCP-4677 transforms it's host skin into a calcium based structure starting from the feet, which usually extends roots into the soil, all the way up to the head. The host is alive until the calcium consumes the brain and the process is always extremely painful. As a result the host becomes petrified like a statue, still alive but no longer the individual they were."

SCP-4677 has biological traits that seperate it and it's subspecies from all other plant-like anomalous organisms. Hard calcium "bone skin", hair strands that vary in function, a diet of carbon and iron among other things you will see in the extention pack labeled [REDACTED]. They all also use spores to infect their host.

Addendum 4677-FN322: Excerpt from Video Log 4677-03-WT002

Date: ██/██/02

Subject: Dr. A█████ T██████ (Executive Lead Assistant Researcher under Professor D██████ F███████'s Team L███ and Dr. A████ R███'s Team T█████)

"… since the new specimens arrival our understanding of the various reproduction cycles have increased exponentially. Every subspecies of SCP-4677 uses spores to infect their host yet it is the various uses of these spore that make SCP-4677 so fascinating. The recently discovered 'Mortis Lung' uses the host blood as a way to transfer the spores. Another recent discovery 'White Winter' uses hair strands coated with spores as means of transfer, all else that's needed is direct skin contact with the strands and it's instant infection."

Time between initial infection to what is known as "wondering" depends on the subspecies. SCP-4677-[REDACTED] codenamed "Begging Child" can take up to 25 years due to the spores laying dormant inside of a human female until she has an offspring. SCP-4677-[REDACTED] codenamed "Bone Ents" is a near instant transformation from time of infection. It has yet to be timed due to how ruthlessly murderous this Medusa is. There have been no recoveries of data that would have proved useful.

When an infected host of SCP-4677 begins to "wonder" they will walk aimlessly every 16 hours searching for a place to lay roots and 8 hours to rest. During this phase the host will show no signs of aging, malnutrition nor dehydration. It has been observed and documented that the host does not eat or drink throughout. The longest recorded wonderer was five years two months and eleven days at 11:52:13. These documents are in a bundlepack with the label [REDACTED].

The time of initial infection from SCP-4677 spores to "Petrification" varies depending on subspecies. SCP-4677-[REDACTED] codenamed "Ivory Barbs" takes a full 24 hours for the host to transform. SCP-4677-[REDACTED] codenamed "Atlantean Anchor" is a near instant transformation taking a minimum of one minute and twelve seconds to full transformation.

Addendum 4677-TP6678: Full Video Recording Of A SCP-4677-[REDACTED] Infected Host Petrification Process

Date: ██/██/12

Subject: D-8905, Female of 31 years, 175.26 cm, 72.5748 kg (Serial Rapist of 44 known accounts, Serial Killer of 75 known murders, Theft of various forms, Battery of several officers, etc.)

The video opens with a man in a CFFCF Suit standing in front of the camera lens. The man waves as if to tell whomever is with him to make a perimeter around their current area. The surroundings look like a type of Savannah.


[DATA EXPUNGED]: "This is [DATA EXPUNGED] here to contain and observe the transformation of one female D-Class Subject whom was infected by a SCP-4677 codenamed 'Blood Cactus'. When we arrived at initial infection location roughly [REDACTED] km2 within the 'Desert and Savannah Zone' Subject was beginning to show signs of a yet to be defined form of hypnosis. We promptly eliminated all nine of the Subjects remaining team and shortly after that the Subject began to 'wonder'. She stopped here roughly [REDACTED] km2 from the initial infection location. We estimate due to current findings about 'Blood Cactus' her transformation should start shortly."

The man steps away from the center of the screen and points behind him to show a naked woman standing silently.

[DATA EXPUNGED]: "Keep your eye on her. This will be the first ever video recording on the transformation of this specific subspecies. May it yield bountiful results."

The man steps away and the rest of the footage is of the standing woman.

00:55:34 The feet of the Subject begins to sprout "roots" made of calcium and they dig into the soil. From the formation of the roots the skin begins to harden and turn into bone. The Subject screams in agonizing pain yet still seems compelled to stand perfectly motionless.

02:03:26 The process has now reached the Subjects knees. At this point the Subject starts to loose the hypnotic affect and realises what's happening to her. Her screams continue now mixed with curses against [DATA EXPUNGED] who has to remain as Observation and Documentation Procedures 51H1-N7DS-TI85.A - .E dictate.


02:38:16 The Subjects screaming has ceased most likely due to her vocal chords being damaged. The process isn't much further along. The Subjects torso begins to straighten upright and both her arms contourt in unnatural ways then stopped in seemingly broken and jagged positions roughly five minutes later. It has been confirmed that this was out of the Subjects control. Her head is still able to move. Faint mumbled whimpers can be heard.

05:44:56 The process has reached the Subjects lower ribcage. Nothing can be heard from the Subject. Her head begins to bend backwards and her mouth starts to forcibly open. Hundreds of thousands of pink hairs grow from the Subjects mouth. After thirty minutes the hairs stop and collectively resemble a chrysanthemum.

09:34:29 The process of total skin to bone transformation is complete. For roughly twenty more minutes cactus like spines sprout randomly all over the subjects body. Whenever they do blood leaks from the base. Once the spines have stopped chatter and random noises can be heard in the background. The video cuts off shortly afterwards.

We believe that most subspecies of SCP-4677 use various forms of memetic hypnosis to ensnare their prey. The only real exceptions to these are SCP-4677-[REDACTED] and SCP-4677-[REDACTED] codenames "Atlantean Anchor" and "Bone Ents" respectively. These are the only known subspecies of SCP-4677 that are able to freely move parts of their body.

An 'Atlantean Anchor' will usually lay roots at a coral reef bed not to far off from the surface of the ocean. They can only move their body from the hip up and mostly moves towards something to grab it and infect it. 'Bone Ents' are able to move their bodies at [REDACTED] kmph. They are also the only active predators of SCP-4677 hunting in packs no larger than 6, communicate through clicking of bone that has yet to be determined in specific bodily origin and they infect with ruthless effencecy.


These are documents of encounters with SCP-4677-[REDACTED], SCP-4677-[REDACTED] and SCP-4677-[REDACTED] respectively.

Addendum-1 4677-44-IN780: Audio Interview With A Witness Of A SCP-4677-[REDACTED] Codenamed "Weeping Widow" Transformation


Interviewee: [DATA EXPUNGED]

Interviewer: Agent A█████ H███

Location: site[REDACTED]