Item #: SCP-3384 896025fe147478528d0a777332ef7ba9.jpg

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3384 is to be kept within a room no bigger than 6m x 6m x 6m. There should be no other rooms within 6 metres outside the room, minus the hallway which leads to the room. The aforementioned hallway should be at least 6 metres long. The room should be dimly lit, and any personnel who enter the room at any time should wear dark (preferably black) clothing. Any light sources brighter than the overhead room lights should be disposed of before entering the room.

Description: SCP-3384 is a shadowy humanoid figure with glowing, red eyes. It is approximately 6 feet (182.88cm) tall. It has no ears, mouth, or nose - its' eyes are the only facial feature it has. SCP-3384 is blind, but it can sense light using its' eyes. It can also hear incredibly well. It is currently being kept at Site-[REDACTED]

If SCP-783 detects the presence of a human within 6 metres of it, it will attack said human, ripping them apart. However, SCP-3384 doesn't seem to need to be fed; it is assumed to kill for fun. SCP-3384 enjoys taunting its' prey before killing them, driving them to a point of insanity. It will create illusions that only its' target prey can see, which usually involves a labyrinth. There has not yet been an exit found within this labyrinth, and it seems that time is slowed once a subject is tricked into seeing it. (An estimated two minutes in real time would seem like approximately 8 hours for a subject tricked into seeing the labyrinth.) Sometimes, the subject will become [REDACTED] when SCP-3384 starts to [REDACTED]

Audio log from testing on █████ 19th, 19██

Interviewed: Class-D ████

Interviewer: Doctor ███ █████

<Begin Log, 14:46 >

Doctor ███ █████: D-████, please enter SCP-3384's containment.

D-████: Okay, I'm in- what the fuck is that thing?

Doctor ███ █████: Please remain calm. Now, turn on your flashlight.

D-████: It's on. Oh my god, it's staring right at me.

Doctor ███ █████: Turn the brightness to the highest setting, please.

D-████: Oh my god, it's moving. It's coming- [D-████ begins screaming incoherently]

Doctor ███ █████: [Pauses] D-████, can you hear me?

Doctor ███ █████: [A few moments pass] D-████?

D-████: Where are you!? I have to come find you, then we can find a way the fuck out of here.

Doctor ███ █████: Please describe what you see.

D-████: I don't know, man. It's a huge maze here, but it's made from a mansion. I haven't found anything. I've been looking for a way out for god knows how long, but it never ends. There's just room, after room, after room. You've gotta help me find a way out!

*Doctor ███ █████:** Can you describe the rooms you've seen?

D-████: Uh, old-fashioned, I guess. floral wallpaper, like a house your grandma would own. Wooden floorboards, and doors everywhere. All kinds of doors. Man, you can't trust the fuckin' doors. It tricks you, y'know. Makes you think you're safe. I learned that after a while.

Doctor ███ █████: D-████, how long have you been in the mansion?

D-████: Hell if I know. 10 hours, at least. Did you know it's blind? You've gotta stay still if you see it coming. Don't make a sound, or it'll get you. My fucking- [D-████ abruptly goes silent]

Doctor ███ █████: D-████, are you there?

D-████: Sorry, it came back. I had to wait like 10 minutes before it left. Anyway, it ripped off my god damn hand. Thank god I'm not a leftie. It hurt like shit, but now it's just numb.

Doctor ███ █████: Where are you right now?

D-████: Some kind of bedroom. It's massive, though. Feels like it stretches for miles, all of these rooms do. I feel like I'm going crazy, man. It won't leave me alone.

[A chair is heard moving and the sound of Doctor ███ █████'s footsteps fade away]

D-████: Hey man, where are you? I can't find you. Just say something, you haven't spoken in hours.

[About two hours later, Doctor ███ █████ is heard returning to the observation room]

Doctor ███ █████: D-████, are you still there?

D-████: Holy shit, dude. Where have you been? I thought you were fucking killed.

Doctor ███ █████: I was gone for approximately two hours. You should be fine.

D-████: Two hours? Were you in a coma or some shit? You haven't spoken in nearly three weeks!

Doctor ███ █████: Have you had any further interaction with SCP-3384 since I've left?

D-████: I mean, I've seen it, but I've gotten good at avoiding it. It's a miracle I'm still alive. Actually, I haven't seen it in nearly- [D-████ begins screaming]

Doctor ███ █████: D-████, are you alright?

[D-████ continues screaming for several minutes until all sound coming from the room is abruptly silenced]

<End Log, 16:58>

[D-████'s body was found forcefully dismembered sitting in the very centre of SCP-3384's containment. All body parts were present except D-████'s left hand.]