Doctor Jake Puffin
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Item #: SCP-3902

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3902 is to be kept under surveillance with two or more class 3 personnel on station, always. Entrance to SCP-3902 is granted to Class-2 and higher personnel only, under the jurisdiction of a Class-3 personnel or higher.

Description: SCP-3902 is a broken-down seawall, constructed of dense concrete and rebar. SCP-3902 cannot be contained on-site at any facility due to its size. The seawall structure is in a state of dismantlement, along with other nearby residences. SCP-3902 is lined by two concrete walls. The western wall of SCP-3902 measures around 74 meters in length, while the eastern wall reaches a length of around 46 meters. SCP-3902 is located off the coast of ██████████ in ████████. A security perimeter line is set up within SCP-3902 for safety reasons, that measures out around 10 meters.

An old hospital and many rundown residences exist in the area. SCP-3902 was discovered by Dr. ████████████ on September 15th, ███, after many disappearances of children came up in the area. The site was investigated by several authorized Class 2 Personnel on September 22nd, ███. Communication devices located at SCP-3902's location have had multiple malfunctions. Including the sounds of crying children coming through the receiving end of any message sent out.

SCP-3902 has many anomalous properties, including the ability to draw in small children. Some children describe a voice, in stating that they would be happy if they followed "her." It is unknown who this "figure" is, however, the foundation has been led to believe "she" is an extension of SCP-3902's power. It has been dubbed as SCP-3902-1. The figure is described as a tall woman with dark eyes and black hair, with a silky, white dress stained with dirt. All children who encounter SCP-3902-1, eventually face their own deaths by jumping onto the broken rocks of SCP-3902.

Several tests with Class-D have been conducted at SCP-3902, however, no Class-D have seen or heard from SCP-3902-1 except for subject #56478. Many recordings of the area have taken place at SCP-3902. Most, if not all recordings contain cries of children and rarely a woman's voice. SCP-3902 has been classified as Euclid for the reason of staff disappearances around the area. No remains have been found except various human nails and scratch marks were strewn about various walls within the territory of SCP-3902.

Addendum-1: It has been recommended that all personnel who enter the area are not armed. See Document #043-B for more details. All recordings of SCP-3902 should be contained within "Recording Room 4-B" always. No more Class-D personnel shall be allowed on site without permission from a Class 4 personnel. Again, see Document #043-B for more information.

Document #043-B: Dr. ████████████
D-Class subject #56478 was recovered from the grounds. He was found just outside of the security gate. Strangely his fingernails and tops of his fingers were shaved down as if he had been clawing away at something solid. Dr. ████████████ reported back in at 0300 hours. Four of Unit 1 had disappeared on site and we're now M.I.A. No pictures were taken as Dr. ████████████ was instructed to do so. At this time, no person(s) should be allowed to enter the grounds of SCP-3902 without a viable reason. No armed personnel should enter the grounds of SCP-3902, this appears to greatly upset SCP-3902-1, as seen through personal voice recording units that are attached to any person(s) entering SCP-3902. Any armed personnel who have entered the area have disappeared.

Addendum-2: It has been requested by multiple class 3 personnel that all subjects, also, including Class 2 and lower personnel that are required to enter SCP-3902 must stay within the setup perimeter line. Failure to do so can result in demotion.