SCP-3688 (Second Draft)
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Item #: SCP-3688

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3688 is to be monitored by constant, armed marine patrol. One Scranton Reality Anchor (SRA) is to be positioned in the approximate center of SCP-3688.

Any persons who step onto SCP-3688 are to be detained, administered Class-C amnestics, and contained at Site-3688. Termination of these individuals is to be decided on by the Site Director of Site-3688. Persons affected by SCP-3688 are to be contained in a standard humanoid containment unit, and modified accordingly to the individual’s anomalous properties. Subjects must be put on permanent suicide watch.

Mobile Task Force Mu-4 (“Debuggers”) are to track the scheduled movements of aquatic vehicles that may travel 25 nautical miles of SCP-3688. Any aquatic vehicles scheduled to travel 25 nautical miles within SCP-3688 are to either be cancelled or redirected by Mobile Task Force Delta-5 (“Front Runners”). Images of SCP-3688 are to be treated as lethal infohazards, and are to be deleted upon discovery. Any individuals who see photos of SCP-3688 who have a Psychic Resistance Scale score of 85 or lower must be treated with Class-A amnestics.

Site-3688 is to house all personnel and equipment assigned to SCP-3668. No personnel are to be assigned to SCP-3668 for more than 4 months at a time. Once personnel have been assigned to SCP-3688 for 4 months, they will be administered Class-A amnestics, and reassigned. Personnel assigned to SCP-3688 are to have scored a score of 90 or higher on the Psychic Resistance Scale. All security personnel on Site-3688 are to receive monthly psychological evaluation.

Any materials taken from SCP-3688 are to be stored on Site-3688. Written documents from SCP-3688 are to be stored in a private library on Site-3688 to be referred to by all personnel on Site-3688.

Testing on SCP-3688 has been discontinued indefinitely is awaiting approval from O5 Council.

Description: SCP-3688 is an island in the Atlantic Ocean, roughly 1km² in area. A building, mainly composed of brick and cement, is on said island. The building itself is 3 stories tall and vaguely resembles a sanitorium, both internally and externally. The building is in a considerable state of disrepair, though has proven to be impervious to damage. The shores of SCP-3688 show little signs of erosion, indicating the subject transported in the ocean from another landmass.

Individuals who see SCP-3688, either directly or indirectly, will actively attempt to step onto SCP-3688 and become hostile towards any individual trying to stop them. Subjects will attack others via biting them on the hands, arms or legs. Testing has shown that individuals with a Psychic Resistance Scale score of 90 or higher are able to resist these effects.

Stepping onto SCP-3688 will cause two anomalous effects to individuals:

  • Individuals will experience rapid psychological changes. Subjects will experience extreme anxiety, paranoia, general hostility towards other individuals, occasional psychotic episodes and an increased chance of suicide.
  • Individuals will immediately exhibit various anomalous properties or transformations. The properties/transformations differ from each individual. There seems to be no noticeable link between the individual and the anomalous properties they exhibit. (See Experiment Log-3688)

SCP-3688 was at one point occupied, as suggested in Addendum-3688-1. However, no living organism has been found within SCP-3688. Individuals referenced in documents found on SCP-3688 have not been found to exist.

Experiment Log-3688: The following is a documentation of the anomalous properties of individuals who stepped on SCP-3688.

Individual: D-1764
Anomalous Properties: Subject began exhibiting an average body temperature of 205.3 Celsius.
Current Containment Status: Contained at Site-3688. Subject’s containment unit has been constructed from fireproof materials.

Individual: D-3082
Anomalous Properties: Subject ceased reflecting any visible light, effectively becoming invisible.
Current Containment Status: Contained at Site-3688. Subject’s containment unit has been equipped with infrared cameras.

Individual: D-9550
Anomalous Properties: Subject became incorporeal and gained the ability to levitate.
Current Containment Status: Uncontained. Currently being hunted by Mobile Task Force Mu-13 (“Ghostbusters”).

Individual: D████ E████
Foreward: This test occured on accident. Subject was a United States Navy electrician who was on the USS Nimitz when he came into contact with SCP-3688.
Anomalous Properties: Subject’s skin transformed into brass. Subject showed no signs of limited movement.
Current Containment Status: Contained at Site-3688. No changes to subjects containment unit.

Individual: Doctor ██████
Foreward: This test occured on accident. Doctor ██████ was not reassigned to a new project after working on SCP-3688 for 7 months.
Anomalous Properties: Subject became a Class V Reality Bending entity.
Current Containment Status: Terminated.

Addendum-3688-1: The following is a journal found within SCP-3688, previously owned by R████ V██.

March 3
Alright, the Doc gave me a new notebook when I came to the asylum. Honestly, it’s a lot better than the last one. Not too keen on being here though. If anything, this should be like my other hospitalizations. Get in, stay for about a week or two, then leave. Gonna go see if anyone from my last stay is still here.

J█████ and N█████ are still here! They said they haven’t left since the last time I saw them, which was, what, 9 months ago? They said they missed me a lot, and also yelled at me for not sending them any mail. J█████ said she should be getting out in a week, which is nice to hear. She’s looking and sounding a lot better than before.

March 4
Uuuuuuugh I just got woke up by the staff bringing in another patient. I took a peek out my door and he was really not having it. I think he actually bit one of the guards and got tazed for that. I don’t know I’m tired I didn’t see it that well. Now I can’t go back to sleep.

March 5
Ok, so, J█████ wasn’t at breakfast this morning. N█████ didn’t know anything about it. It’s not like her to do something like this. Once I finish writing this I’m talking to the Doc about this.

The Doc said she had a panic attack in the middle of the night and had to be isolated for a bit. Might have to stay another week. I asked to visit and the Doc said that’d just make the issue worst. Before I could even get a word out I was escorted out of her office. Hope J█████ is alright.

March 6
N█████ also wasn’t at breakfast. Going back to the Doc to ask her about this.

He also had to be isolated. Doc said he had a “dangerous loss of composure” and started to beat the shit out of guards. He was totally fine yesterday, so what the hell is she talking about? I’ll give her a little slack, she looks like she hasn’t slept in a few days. Same thing happened, I was thrown out of her office before I could do anything stupid.

March 7
Woke up early again this night. I heard someone yelling outside my door. I went to take a peek when a guard was pointing a gun at one of the patients. A few more orderlies came and tackled the guy before dragging him into a storage closet. I just hid in my cell until I stopped hearing screaming.

March 8
So, the new patient from a few days ago finally got out of isolation, since I saw him at lunch. He was all alone, so I thought I might say hi to him. He was restrained after all. Turns out he’s a pretty cool guy, not at all like he was when he came here. Apparently his name is P███████. The guard supervising him looked like he was in rough shape. He was shaking for some reason. I dunno, maybe he knows something I don’t.

March 9
I tried to go and visit the Doc to talk about J█████ and N█████. The second I stepped in she yelled at me to get out. I ran back to the cafeteria and found P███████ on top of a guard punching him. It wasn’t long before the rest of the patients and guards joined in. I got the hell out of there when P███████ bit a guard’s neck. What the hell has gotten into everyone?

March 10
I was hiding under my bed when I eventually just couldn’t keep my eyes open anymore. There was so much yelling and screaming last night. I got up and found the whole place is trashed. Nobody is here, which is probably good. The doors are wide open, and the whole asylum is in the middle of the ocean now. No land within miles. I have no clue what the fuck happened, I just need to think of what to do.

I just found J█████ and N█████. They hung themselves in their cells. Or someone else hung them. Neither outcome helps me. Nobody else is here. Nobody alive anyway.

If they were alive, they’d want me to get back home. My mom and dad want me to get back home. I am getting the hell back home.

March 11
I stole a few of the tools from the supply closet, and took a few walls from the facility. Trying to get a working boat.

March 12
Bad news: The boat didn’t work out.
Good news: The water under me froze. I stepped onto it, and the water kept freezing. Everything is freezing under me. When did I become Jesus?

Forget it. This is one of the less strange things to happen to me. I’m running home.

To anyone who finds this notebook, figure out what the hell happened. How did any of this happen? How did reality break like this?

And make sure my friends get a proper burial.


Note From Site Director of Site-3688: We are currently attempting to assemble a Mobile Task Force for the sole purpose of tracking down and containing former patients and staff of Black Water Asylum. Current attempts at finding any entities have been unsuccessful.