The Bakery Of Magic And Mirth
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Historical image of SCP-4000

Item #: SCP-4000

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4000 is housed in a humanoid containment chamber on Site-06-3 when it is not currently experiencing temporal displacement. Personnel with a Level 3 or higher security clearance may interact with SCP-4000 without written permission. Personnel with Level 2 clearance or lower must have written permission from Dr. Alexander Witts to interact with SCP-4000. In the event SCP-4000 experiences temporal displacement, Mobile Task Force Alpha-5 "Whovians" are to locate and recontain SCP-4000.

Project-Dekronus is an ongoing effort by the Foundation to prevent access to technology or methods of temporal displacement to other Persons of Interest, Groups of Interest, or the civilian public. Currently ██,███ personnel are positioned in ██ countries, posing as members of various Groups of Interest. These personnel are to report to the Foundation monthly on any developments in temporal displacement technology or methods. Personnel are to take any measures necessary to in order to maintain sabotage these developments.

SCP-4000 is considered uncontained.

Description: SCP-4000 is a male human. Subject is of 43 years of age and has not been documented to show aging. SCP-4000 is amiable and cooperative with Foundation personnel.

SCP-4000 will periodically enter a comatose state. This event only occurs when another organism (Now referred to as SCP-4000-1) transports in a temporal location through any means. When this event occurs, SCP-4000 will manifest again in the same temporal location as SCP-4000-11. All items SCP-4000 is in possession of will disintegrate and remanifest as period-appropriate versions of said items. If no period-appropriate version exists, the item will not remanifest.

SCP-4000 will proceed to locate and terminate SCP-4000-1. SCP-4000 will always have innate knowledge of the location of SCP-4000-1 at all times. The time from original displacement to final termination has averaged at 3 days.2 Once the subject is terminated, SCP-4000 will demanifest, returning to its original temporal location.

It is currently impossible to cause harm to SCP-4000. Any attempt to cause harm to SCP-4000 will result in the method of damage failing.3 SCP-4000 does not require any sustenance to survive.