Item #: SCP-7137

Object Class: Euclid Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-7137 is to be kept in a sealed room measuring 3m on all sides. All walls of said room are to be comprised of white plexiglass save the cieling, which will be comprised of bulletproof glass. Room is to be kept at a maximum temperature of 1C and a minimum of 15C. No personel is to be given access to the room without thorough mental examination and the signed approval of at least two(2) level 04 personel and SCP-7137-1. In the case of an outside containment breach or other security issue the room is to be flooded with a mixture of H2O and Caffiene.
SCP-7137,hereafter referred to as Subject, is a 15cm purple orb surrounded by several rings that constanlty spin in opposing directions and measure 20-45cm at any given time. The rings and orb are prone to releasing bouts of an electrical shock not unlike lightning. The electrical outbursts have a negative affect on any living things it comes in contact with. Aside from the electrical shock all of the tendrils of lightning have a negative effect of the mental abilities of test subjects as well, subjects describe hearing voices in their head speaking a language most different from any on earth, despite the language barrier the subjects claimed to have understood the voices. Subjects describe the voices promising great power and giving them instructions on how to [DATA EXPUNGED], when asked to explain the instructions the subjects would suddenly collapse,entering a coma-like state, several subjects have not yet awoken. All subject that did wake from their coma-like state(hereafter reffered to as SCP-7137-1 through SCP-7137-7) did so within approx. 3 months of their initial collapse, when questioned again about the instructions the subjects developed acute aphasia and were quarentined for further study.

Research teams resumed there study five(5) days after the incedent, several more subjects lashed out and,despite the straightjackets,managed to injure several more workers by ramming into them with hightened abilities of speed and strength,all beformentioned subjects were terminated at the time of their lashing out.SCP-7317-1 through SCP-7137-3 were all that remained smart enough not to attack or lash out at the researchers.
Several months later due to SCP-090 ,SCP-███ broke out of containement, in all the chaos the doors for all SCP-7137 subjects were released, all subjects immediately left their cells, and, since their cells were nearby to SCP-7137's containment room, began making their way at a hightened speed in that direction. SCP-7137-2 perished when a steel beam fell from the cieling, crushing it completely. SCP-7137-1 and SCP-7137-3 made it to the containment room. The contaniment procedure for SCP-7137 was not completed due to the breakout so the door remained ajar and SCP-7137-1 and SCP-7137-3 snuck inside. A nearby agent witnessed this and followed,not wanting to allow the subjects to reach SCP-7137 due to fear of what could happen, he opened fire on the subjects. SCP-7137-3 was killed and SCP-7137-1 was shot twice in the stomach before subdoing the agent.
A scientist watched through the viewing room that he was hiding in and witnessed SCP-7137-1 walk into SCP-7137,seemingly immune to the electrical currents he entered the orb's radius. Once SCP-7137-1 had entered the orb's radius the shape of the orb altered and split into two(2) pecies, one of which continued to take on a humanoid shape and then merged with SCP-7137-1. SCP-7137-1 immediately regenerated its stomach and left the room. The subject was later sighted aiding in the capture of SCP-███. After the capture of SCP-███,subject returned to his cell.

Addendum: [Subject has from then on been compliant in all studies and has been found to have many abilities, including hightened strength, hightened speed,hightened regenerative abilities, and vastly increased conductivity and redirection of any and all electrical current, or as some of the lab assistants liked to call "lightning hands!".]

Addendum: [subject has been through a brain scan and is shown to have all the mental problems aquired earlier, subject has told the researchers that it had known this, when asked why it did not lash out as earlier subjects it commented that the violent urges were easier to control since merging with halve of SCP-7137, Subject have requested to tag along with the research team to learn more about the other SCP's which he claims should be "Fascinating"]

Addendum: [request subject be promoted to Thaumiel class to use abilities to aid in the capture and/or subdoing of hostile targets or other SCP's]

Addendum: [request granted]