Doctor Of None

Item #: SCP-3190

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3190 cannot be contained. However, absolutely any electronic devices (mobile phone, laptop, computer, smart television, etc.) found to be containing and/or infected by SCP-3190 is to be confiscated and destroyed immediately. SCP 3190 is then to be contained in a permanently sealed box made of [REDACTED] and contained at Research Site-45. All affected devices are then to be placed alongside each other with a designation such as SCP-3190-(Number).

All forms of online websites, application stores, and domains are to be ACTIVELY checked and monitored in order to prevent the spread and infection of SCP-3190, and all foundation devices are to contain the foundation issued “NoScript” application installed. If any instance of SCP-3190 is found by the Web Monitor Bots (SCP-WMB) or any foundation personnel, they are to report it IMMEDIATELY to a Class 4 or above personnel, which are then to confirm the true validity and nature of SCP-3190, and then reported directly to an O5 Personnel. SCP-3190 will then (if only on the web, and not already on a device) be deleted.

If SCP-3190 is found or speculated to be found on any device, then the nearest SCP site will be informed, and then an armored car containing 6 or more personnel equipped with advanced data destroying equipment (sledgehammers) will infiltrate the building, and will then proceed to destroy the infected device, and then have its connectivity parts removed. The owner of the device infected by SCP-3190 will then be detained for questioning.

Description: SCP-3190 is written and created by Russian developer ████ ██████████, who is known to have died in 2009. SCP-3190 is a 312kb (in its first stage) computer program which is compatible with all devices, operating systems and languages. It will upload itself onto any user’s device via an online script, which is performed on the dark web, on websites containing Child Pornography. It will then record video, audio, and data evidence of user performing illegal and/or questionable acts on the Dark Web. SCP-3190 is then invisible to the user and device; any anti-malware programs or detection devices known to man are useless for the detection and removal of SCP-3190 once it has been uploaded to the user’s device. (Stage 1)

After uploading itself, SCP-3190 will begin to “read” and analyze the user. It will open the camera and learn their patterns and looks and daily routine for [REDACTED] days, but will remain completely silent and unshown. However, after [REDACTED] days, SCP-3190 will proceed to act like the user on messaging applications, public forums, and websites. It will write 2-3 message or posts onto each of the user’s online social media, all of which would be plausible to be written by the user itself. (Stage 2)

However, on the [REDACTED] day after initial infection, a “pop-up” window will appear on the screen of the device sent directly and only to the user through a “pop-up” screen. The message is sent, along with the device’s stock camera app open. See Addendum 1 (contents of the popup below. In addition, SCP-3190 will also have created numerous copies of itself and sent itself to the family members of the initial subject. However, these copies are just “mirages” of SCP-3190, and will only collect sensitive information, wrong and/or illegal doings of these members, and will include all this information of the user and their family members (The full effect of SCP-3190 will not be seen on devices affected in this fashion) in a post. It will then promptly proceed to send to all members and contacts of the user’s directory and all social media services. See Addendum 2, contents of this message, below.

However, this message will only be sent if the user fails to complete the requests of the message sent directly and only to the user through a “pop-up” screen on the device. The message is sent, along with the device’s stock camera app open. See Addendum 2 (contents of the message) below. (Stage 3)

Any attempts by the user to remove or cheat the popup of Addendum 2 will result in the message of Addendum 1 being sent immediately. However, even after completing the set of instructions given to the user, SCP-3190 will still post and send the message.

Addendum 3190.1: Popup window, containing the set of instructions.

We know who you are, {NAME OF SUBJECT}, {GENDER}, {EXACT COORDINATES}, age {AGE}. We know what you’ve done.

Attached below is video evidence (and all other forms of evidence) of the user viewing Child Pornography, as well as a timestamp, location, and IP all included in the video.

We send this message to all you love and know. If you do not want this, you do steps below:
1) Click OK
2) Get paper
3) Get Ballpoint pen
4) Write Прости on paper
5) Put paper in mouth
6) Look at camera
7) Put pen into middle of left eye
8) Take pen out
9) Put pen into middle of right eye
10) Take pen out
11) Take blood from eye and put in mouth

If you finish this, then we not send message. You live life normal. Program get delete from computer.

Addendum 3190.2: Social Media Message/Post

My name is {NAME OF SUBJECT}, a {GENDER} living in {STATE/PROVINCE}, {EXACT COORDINATES}. I am {AGE} years old, and I am {MARITAL STATUS}. I am a vile human being. I have done things which many people do not know. I have viewed Child Pornography. I just can’t live with myself anymore. I must confess. I am so sorry to my parents and all I hold dear. I am so sorry. Please, forgive me. I am sick. I have a problem. Please help me. I just want everyone to know I’m sorry.

Inserted alongside this post is video evidence (and all other forms of evidence) of the user viewing Child Pornography, as well as a timestamp, location, and IP.

Addendum 3190.3: Interview with ████ ██████████, the creator of SCP-3190


DATE: 2016/09/13
INTERVIEWER: Dr. Aaron Coleman
SUBJECT: ██████████, creator of SCP-3190.
NOTES: Audio excerpt of an interview with ████ ██████████, the creator of SCP-3190. The Subject refuses to speak in English. Dr. Coleman is able to speak Russian. While Coleman spoke in English, ██████████ replied in Russian.



COLEMAN: You never did end up telling us why you made that virus.

██████████: Вы любите своих детей? (Do you love your children?)

COLEMAN: My Children? I… Yes, of course. Why?

██████████: Что бы вы сделали, чтобы защитить своего ребенка? (What would you do to protect your child?)

COLEMAN: I… Anything, I guess…? Why are you asking me this?

██████████: Представьте, что вы целуете своего ребенка спокойной ночи, а затем просыпаетесь, чтобы больше не видеть их. Не зная, что эта спокойная ночь будет последней. (Imagine kissing your kid goodnight, then waking up to never see them again. Not knowing that this one goodnight would be the last.)


И вы тратите свои дни на следующий месяц или около того, молясь, чтобы ваша дочь вернулась. Но потом выясняется, что она все время гниет в каком-то болоте. __(And you waste your days for the next month or so, praying for your daughter to come back. But then it turns out that she's been in rotting in some swamp the whole time.)
[12 seconds of silence]

██████████: Ну, они взяли Лидию, мою единственную дочь. Они трахают ее, трахают ее на видео и оставляют ее умирать. Я потерял дочь, но они зарабатывали деньги на темной паутине. Она … ей было всего 9 лет. (Well, they took Lydia, my only daughter. They fucking took her, fucked her on video, and left her to die. I lost my daughter, but they made money on the web. She is… She was only 9 years old.)

COLEMAN: Did you ever end up finding who did this to her?

██████████: Конечно. Раньше они были в состоянии видеть. (Of course. They used to be able to see.)

COLEMAN: You’ve committed enough crimes to have you executed.

██████████: Да. Но я не в тюрьме, не так ли? Теперь я здесь. Я сделал эту программу, чтобы убедиться, что то, что случилось с Лидией, больше никогда не повторится. (Yes. But I'm not in prison, am I? I'm here now. I made this program to make sure that what happened to Lydia can never happen again.)

COLEMAN: Moving on. Now, did you make this virus alone?

██████████: Да. (Yes.)

COLEMAN: Did you make the virus to get revenge on the people who kidnapped Lydia?

██████████: Нет. Я просто хотел трахнуть их глаза, как они трахали моего ребенка. На самом деле, одна из них - племянница одного из ваших сотрудников на этом объекте. (No. I just wanted to fuck their eyes like they fucked my kid. Actually, one of them is the niece of one of your employees at this facility.)

COLEMAN: Is that so? Who?

██████████: [In English] Marcus. Your niece. You know, for being a level 5, your phone was easy to get into.

[Phone Vibrating is heard.]

COLEMAN: What the fuck? What did you do? Get rid of this, now!

[Sudden screeching of a chair, subject getting up.]

[Yelling is heard, and then the click of a ballpoint pen.]

[A soft impact is heard, followed by another; and then the sound of Dr. Coleman. Screaming.]

COLEMAN: My eyes! My motherfucking eyes! Fuck! Get him!

[██████████ is heard, yelling out incomprehensible words in Russian.]