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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class:Safe Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is currently contained under the guise of an industrial chemical waste center in ██ █████. A chain link fence topped with the barbed wire is to surround the perimeter. Motion-activated security cameras are mounted at 2 meter intervals. The only entrance to the area is through a single security checkpoint manned by a minimum of three guards. Any civilian attempting to enter will be detained and released to local law enforcement.

The direct entrance into SCP-XXXX is covered by a standard containment door with a single viewing port blast resistant door consisting of hardened steel with a width of two feet. The physical door of SCP-XXXX is to stay open closed at all times. Any reported containment breach efforts through the door should immediately lead to containment breach procedures. Foundation personnel are to only access the containment facility wearing NBC suits and self-terminating exothermic charges. In case of containment breach, the facility is to be surrounded by a bio-containment tarp. Remote-controlled drones and D-personnel must be used to lure SCP-XXXX-B-1 back into containment.

Description: SCP-XXXX was brought to the Foundation’s attention after a man wandered out of a condemned industrial building. He claimed to be David ████. from 1952. US Social Security records matched his descriptions. Initial reports from law enforcement revealed that he had sustained extreme mental damage and had frequent panic attacks and seizures. David ████ was taken into Foundation custody and interviewed. He is still at Site ██ due to the nature of the interview. The transcript of the interview can be seen below.

SCP-XXXX is a plain white room with one table and a clock mounted on the wall. No anomalous properties are evident through direct observation or measurement. However, upon entering the room and closing the door, the room is moved into an alternate reality. Any outside communication is severed and all forms of wireless or microchip technology fail.

Outside observation has shown that upon entering SCP-XXXX and closing the door, the subject that has entered will not reappear until they open the door from within. Opening the door from the outside when the subject has not yet left will only reveal an empty room. If another subject enters the SCP-XXXX and closes the door while someone is already within SCP-XXXX, another instance of the room will be created that is also transported to another reality. There seems to be no definitive limit upon the number of rooms and realities SCP-XXXX can produce, with a maximum of ████ different D-personnel being placed individually in SCP-XXXX on ████.

The clock on the wall has been observed to contain anomalous properties. For every 1 hour passed on the clock, one month will pass in real time. Rewinding SCP-XXXX-A backwards will result in causing the subjects within SCP-XXXX to be transported backwards on the timeline. However, due to possible paradoxes and other space-time issues associated with this use of SCP-XXXX, only unanimous approval from O5 will allow use of SCP-XXXX as a form of time travel.

An additional event also occurs within SCP-XXXX which has been designated SCP-XXXX-B. When the clock hits 3 O’Clock, the room’s walls will turn black and a hallucinatory-style effect takes place. D-personnel subjects have reported hearing whispers near their ears despite a lack of source of such noises. The whispers’ topics can range from discussing private matters of the D-personnel in a threatening way to discussing each individual’s nightmares and fears. Several D-personnel have also reported seeing visual representations of their fears manifest within the room. Opening the door during this time will only reveal a wide empty area that is completely black. The only notable feature of this area is a hazy figure standing in the distance. Subsequent opening and closing of the doors will cause the figure to constantly grow closer. Only one picture has been effectively made of this figure from a distance A closeup picture of the figure was taken in Incident 066-6 using an analog B&W camera. The figure is designated as SCP-XXXX-B-1 and is considered dangerous due to the environment it appears with dangerous. This effect over the room only lasts one hour. Attempts to wind the clock either backwards from 3 O’Clock or past the period of time will fail.

SCP-XXXX has been considered as a long-term storage area for SCPs due to the infinite number of realities it can create and the additional benefit of time passing slower for the SCPs while the Foundation can develop and gain new ways in countering the SCPs within SCP-XXXX in case of a containment breach. However, due to the lack of information on how SCPs will interact with SCP-XXXX-B, it is highly unlikely that SCP-XXXX will be used as a long-term storage.

Addendum: SCP-XXXX has been reclassified as Euclid due to Incident 066-6. Additional information can be discovered in the Incident Report below. Further testing and exploration research is strictly prohibited and is punishable by termination. The entrance and containment door of SCP-XXXX is to remain closed at all times. Refer to the edited containment procedures for further instruction.