Doctor Time’s SCP-001 Pre-Proposal


Note from Doctor Time,
Alpha Nuclear Warhead launched. All personnel were properly evacuated to nearest Nuke Shelter. However, the filtration system malfunctioned. SCP-001’s Room was used temporarily.
Running out of rations.
Someone managed to find that coffee machine, might have iron deficiency soon.
Finally, pizza. Found it near the debris. Seems not that radioactive for some reason. Noting this down.
3/18/18 17:36
Not radioactive.
Managed to keep the moral up using the play ideas we had.
Found a door in 001’s room. Locked.
Pick locked it. Exit is found at King Station Platform [REDACTED]. Still had to plan how to not to prevent an info hazard.
Plan made. One person exits in 10:00 wearing a staff uniform. Then, the said person will leave and contact the nearest Foundation Site. Might be near the [ morgue].
All personnel are finally safe. Still staying with 001 though.
The Administrator visited. He wants to spend Christmas with us. I accepted it. Had a nice tea time with him.
Site [REDACTED] has been rebuilt. Found two anomalous objects in 001’s room. Researching this.


Object Class: Safe

Safety Containment Procedures:
SCP 001 is to be secured by two agents disguised as King Station staff. Any one who enters 001’s room is supposed to inform an agent using the designated Walkie-Talkie provided. Any non-Foundation personnel who enter must be quickly escorted off 001’s room and his/her memory must be removed using (proposed) SCP 3406.

SCP 001 is a black haired male Caucasian human being. 001 can talk in any European language. 001 is situated in a room near King Station Platform [REDACTED], although he can be accessed by entering a code using any computer using the Notes, or any notepad like, application. 001’s Room contains various objects given by Doctor Time. These objects include: Any form of literature made by William Shakespeare, the entire Sherlock Holmes series, a copy of War and Peace, a Razor Laptop, a 1912 exclusive gold tea set, and a lot of unnecessary things that —might— will keep 001 entertained. Any form of communication is instantly logged by Time’s computer. SCP 001 can also foresight any major event in the future. Such events are to be personally logged by Doctor Time.

Hey why is Time writing this?
We’ll continue with the document.

001 can also write, or talk, in this document.

Can you let me continue writing this mate? I’m trying to make it formal or else 05-2 will get angry at me again.

Okay, okay

Addendum #682iii-04
SCP-682 breached during a test with SCP-999. All personnel except the casualties evacuated and Alpha Nuclear Warhead was launched. All personnel were located at the nearest nuke shelter. Although there was a slight problem. The filtration system malfunctioned and 001’s room was used.

Hah! See Pierre, you’ve could possibly die.

Room was cramped, no I mean really cramped. Can’t eat my crumpets and drink my tea.


This led to the discovery of another exit and containment protocol had to be upgraded.

So what was the other anomalous object you found besides that Memory Remover Revolver you found?

It’s the former document I wrote about another anomalous object I’ve found. The thing is though I forgot to say that three personnel died from it since they criticized it.

Oh, well I hope it doesn’t get criticized, as in the new SCP you might write.