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A picture of SCP-4XXX caught by an MTF Omega-12 operative's body cam during initial contact.

Item #: SCP-4XXX

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4XXX

Description: SCP-4XXX is a pale, six (6) foot tall humanoid figure with bat-like properties. SCP-3614 has one wing on each side with a rigid bone structure and a thin membrane, similar to the wings of a bat. SCP-4XXX's facial structure is very rigid and bony, with a flat nose and pointed ears. SCP-3614 also has two rows of sharpened teeth on the top and bottom jaw, with seven (7) teeth in each row. The SCP has black, greasy hair matted onto its forehead that goes all the way down to its eyes, and its eyes are deep black. It has a wingspan of four (4) feet, and has long, sharp claws on each finger.

SCP-3614 feeds on human blood, with a preference of O-negative. SCP-3614 feeds by gliding into its prey knocking it off its feet, then proceeds to slash at the victim, drawing large amounts of blood. The SCP then bites at the neck of the victim and tears it open, killing its victim instantly. It will then proceed to suck the blood from the deceased victim's neck, then lick up all the spilled blood from the slashing. If there are two (2) or more humans in the area, SCP-3614 will first kill all humans in the area before going to each one and feeding off if its blood.

SCP-3614 was first spotted on an old ranch in █████████, Texas. The owner of the ranch, Mr. ██████ reported that he found his son, █████, mutilated outside an old barn with the blood sucked out of him to the local sheriff, an agent placed there by the Foundation. The Sheriff notified the foundation who mobilized Mobile Task Force Omega-12 and deployed them to the ranch. The task force split into four (4) teams of three (3), and patrolled the surrounding forest. After four (4) hours of searching, one of the teams found strange tracks in the dirt and followed it. After another hour, the team encountered SCP-3614 stalking them in a tree. The SCP attempted to disarm an Omega-12 operative by hitting him mid-glide, only to be tranquilized and prepped for transport in a temporary containment box. Mr. ██████ was administered Class-A amnestics, and was lead to believe his son was killed in a tractor accident.

Addendum 3614-A: Initial Containment

1400: Report from █████████, Texas received; MTF Omega-12 scrambled

1500: Omega-12 arrives onsite; splits into three teams (Alpha Team, Beta Team, Delta Team)

1900: Beta Team finds unknown tracks in the dirt; proceeds to follow them

2000: Initial contact with SCP-3614 made by Beta Team; SCP-3614 immobilized by operatives

2100: Omega-12 rendezvouses at ranch; Mr. ██████ administered Class-A amnestics

2130: SCP-3614 prepped for transport via Foundation black hawks

2420: Omega-12 arrives at Area 39 with SCP-3614

2500: SCP-3614 moved to permanent containment

Addendum 3614-B: Containment Breach

0200: Container locking mechanism failure; lock disengaged

0204: SCP-3614 breaches outer containment zone; begins to crawl up the wall and move down the hall

0212: Junior Researcher ████████ encounters SCP-3614, KIA

0215: Sector 3/4 lockdown initiated; MTF Omega-12 scrambled

0234: Delta-8 arrives onsite; SCP-3614's location unknown

0237: Camera footage captures SCP-3614 moving towards Sector 2 then shrieking and crawling away once it steps into bright light

0240: SCP-3614 located in Sector 3 by Omega-12 operatives

0248: SCP-3614 tranquilized; recontained

0251: Omega-12 splits into three teams (Alpha Team, Beta Team, Delta Team)

0256: Full site sweep complete by Delta Team and Beta Team; 9 personnel unaccounted for

0301: Dr. ██████ and Dr. ████ located by Beta Team, Sector 4 entrance (KIA)

0322: Agent █████████ located by Alpha Team, Sector 4 break room (KIA)

0325: Researcher ████████ located by Beta Team, Sector 3 checkpoint (KIA)

0330: Head Researcher █████ and Dr. ████████ located by Delta Team, Sector 3 cafeteria (KIA)

0336: Agent ████████ and Junior Researcher █████ located by Alpha Team, Sector 3 break room (KIA)

0339: Agent ███████ located by Beta Team, Sector 3 (Unconscious)

Addendum 3614-C: Site-Wide Containment Breach

0100: Container lock disengaged by Chaos Insurgents

0106: SCP-3614 breaches outer containment zone

0111: Agent ██████ encounters SCP-3614, KIA

0114: Site wide lockdown initiated; MTF Epsilon-11 "Nine Tailed Fox" scrambled

0121: Epsilon-11 arrives onsite; SCP-3614's location unknown

0210: Epsilon-11 operatives ██████ and ████████ ambushed by SCP-3614 in Sector 4; Operative ████████ KIA

0211: SCP-3614 tranquilized by Epsilon-11 Commander ███████

0219: SCP-3614 transported back to containment; recontained

Post Breach Notes:

After studying the data from the previous two containment breaches, I have found that SCP-3614 tends to stay in the darker sectors, like Sectors 3 and 4. Combining that theory with the camera footage taken from the first containment breach of SCP-3614 walking into Sector 2 then retreating, I can theorize that SCP-3614 is extremely sensitive to light, much like a bat is nocturnal. Further testing is required to prove or disprove this theory, but if it is true, that will open up a lot more containment possibilities to prevent another breach from happening. - Dr. ████


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