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Item #: SCP-2435

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: All Members of the "Dogciety" are to be kept In a 30mx30mx30m enclosure, on which the floor must be filled with dirt and grass aproximately 1m of the enclosure, whilist being furnitured with a round table, chairs, some paintings, windows and a phone with the contact of ██████, several tennis balls must be given at order, They must be fed 2K of meat per member a day and 8 liters of water whenever necessary.

Description: SCP-XXXX Is a series of dogs that have gained the knowledge of humans by [DATA REDACTED] they tend to dress, still being very active, they understand english whilst having a specific language which is refered as "Dog Tongue" (research is being made to translate said language).

Addendum:Although being Intelligent SCP-XXXX still enjoys cuddles, belly rubs and playing with tennis balls, Personnel are advised to enter SCP-XXXX's chamber and are encouraged to pet and play with the SCP's as a psychological relief, these are but mere members the leader's location is unknown.