Item #: SCP-3875

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedure: SCP-3875 is to be contained within a standard storage room within Site-██, with modifications made to the surrounding areas to isolate a 100m range on all sides to prevent the effects of SCP-3875 to any personnel falling under Procedure Rho-19 (see below). All rooms made within the 100m range of SCP-3875 are to be appropriately marked in regards to the effects of SCP-3875. Under no circumstance should personnel who qualify under Procedure Rho-19 enter the range of SCP-3875, unless approved for testing by AT LEAST 1(one) Level 2 Researcher.

Procedure Rho-19

•Currently attending tutoring, lectures, or classes with the intent of learning a new subject

•Previously, currently, or planning to become a teacher or professor

•Have a notable desire to educate anyone, via the school system or any other methods.

Description: SCP-3875 is a ████ brand classroom whiteboard, always in possession of at least two Expo brand dry-erase markers, Designated SCP-3875-2A, SCP-3875-2B, and so on. The collective designation of these iterations, is designated as SCP-3875-2. SCP-3875-2 Instances typically are the standard black color. But many other colors have been observed. Whenever instances of SCP-3875-2 are separated from the holding bar attached to SCP-3875, after an average of 10 minutes, once out of the 100m radius of the effect of SCP-3875, or when a Docre-Class event begins, the iteration will dematerialize from whatever position it was currently in, and a new iteration of SCP-3875-2, typically a new color entirely, will reappear back on the holding bar.

SCP-3875 is approximately 182 cm in height, and 122 cm in length. Chemical analysis shows that SCP-3875 is constructed an alloy, mostly aluminum in composition. SCP-3875 is capable of reconstructing, or repairing itself after any amount of damage is sustained.

SCP-3875’s secondary anomalous effect occurs when a human subject, that retains qualities specified in Procedure Rho-19, is within 100 meters of SCP-3875, and a direct path to SCP-3875 must be available. When meeting these conditions, the subject will have a strong desire to move closer to SCP-3875. Despite not knowing where it is located, or the nature of SCP-3875. The subject will always take the fastest route possible to SCP-3875.

SCP-3875’s primary anomalous effect takes place when it is within line-of-sight of the subject, when this happens, If the subjects designation on procedure Rho-17 is indicated by a positive answer on guideline 1, they will begin a Discite-Class scenario. However, if their Rho-17 designation is positive on guideline 1 or 2, or both, they will begin a Docre-Class scenario.

Discite Scenario; Level 1 clearance or higher required
A Discite classed scenario takes place when a human, currently attending elementary, middle, or any other school that teaches similar material, is within line of sight of SCP-3875. When this happens, the subject will have an urge to sit roughly 10 feet from SCP-3875, and closely observe it.

After an average of 15 minutes, the subject will report seeing a vague humanoid shape pick up a marker and begin writing on SCP-3875. The entity is hereby classified as SCP-3875-3. After an average of 1 minute, the subject will report the SCP-3875-3 to begin verbal communication, speaking in whatever language the subject is most fluent in. SCP-3875-3 will introduce themselves as “Teacher” and shortly after begin attempting to teach the subject in a variety of subjects, typically one the subject struggles with.

SCP-3875-3’s voice is reported to be a calming, masculine voice. As lessons continue, SCP-3875-3’s writings on SCP-3875 will become increasingly more frantic and abnormal as lesson continues, peaking at the final 5 minutes of the lesson. List of notable writings below

Docre Scenario; Level 2 clearance or higher required
A Docre-Class Scenario occurs when a human fitting classifications 2(two) and/or 3(three) of the Rho-19 Standards becomes afflicted by SCP-3875's secondary property. During this senario, the subject will cease vocal activity and respiratory functions will stop, while the subject will begin to move towards the object. Once within close proximity of the object, the subject, now declared SCP-3875-4, will pick up 1(one) SCP-3875-2 iteration and begin writing on the surface of SCP-3875.

SCP-3875-4's writing will first appear unintelligible scrawlings. After 15(fifteen) minutes have passed, SCP-3875-4's writing will begin to resemble SCP-3875-3's writing, though the language and intent will appear more aggressive, often writing threats of murderous or harmful intent.

As the scenario continues, an unknown substance, gelatinous in viscosity and a pH of less than 1(one) will begin to show, emerging from SCP-3875-4's eyes, ears, and eccrine pores. The substance's pH will begin to cause deterioration within SCP-3875-4's body almost immediately. Most Docre-Class Scenario testing has resulted in the SCP-3875-4 iteration dissolved before the session ends, usually at the 20(twenty)-30(thirty) minute mark.

SCP-3875 was recovered on 5/25/██, in the basement of Richard ████, along with several years worth of canned food and teaching supplies. The corpse of Annabelle ████ was found decomposing next to SCP-3875. Richard ████ made no attempt to hide or flee once authorities arrived. He was later convicted of 1st degree manslaughter.

Due to the requests of Senior Researcher D███, the following has been approved for view of all foundation personnel.