Item #: SCP-####

Object Class: Safe

Threat Level: Green

Special Containment Procedures: As of Incident ####-1, all testing with SCP-#### has been suspended indefinitely. SCP-#### is to be disconnected from any power supply and stored in a Large Mechanical Anomalies vault at Site-1009.

Description: SCP-#### is an anomalous mechanical construct in a cuboid shape. The external appearance of SCP-#### is featureless on all but one side, with the exception of a hollow chamber with a rounded plastic polymer covering which can be slid open. On the far face of the machine from this opening is a computer terminal with a keyboard embedded into the surface of the anomaly. The terminal will only run a command-line prompt, and attempts to determine the operating system has thus far been unsuccessful. The inner mechanisms of SCP-#### have not been studied due to the potential for irreparable damage.

SCP-####’s anomalous properties activate when the machine is connected to a sufficient power source and the chamber door is secured.1 When the activation prompt is input into the terminal, the machine will enter an active state. During this state, loud banging sounds will emanate from the machine, and excess waste heat will raise ambient temperatures up to 10°C warmer than baseline. These effects will continue for approximately 12 minutes, during which time the chamber will be brightly lit and no detail can be made out within.

Following the cessation of the active state, the machine will enter a dormant state, and the chamber door will open. Within the chamber will be a human child between the ages of 5-7 years old. Investigation has found every child to be either reported as a missing person or confirmed as an unreported disappearance between two and three weeks prior to the activation event. Individuals found within the machine display no anomalous properties, but may display signs of abuse or neglect which may predate the reported date of disappearance.

When a missing persons report has been filed, all parents have reported a near-identical phenomenon taking place wherein their child was abducted into the rear of an unmarked white van. In all cases, the vehicle was unable to be physically followed and no identifying information was present to try to locate it within a database. In cases where a missing persons report was not filed, the parents have uniformly confessed to orchestrating a kidnapping using an online service. No two cases have provided the same name or web address for this service, and no trace of any such service has been found at any of the provided addresses.

All abducted children, whether from reported cases or not, have reported very similar stories for their abduction. In each case, the child reported approaching the rear of an unmarked white van after hearing a voice calling their name. Upon reaching the van, the rear doors were reported to open and a pair of arms would reach out, grab them, and pull them inside. Children were uniformly unable to provide any identifying information about the abductors, remembering no details about any individual other than the two arms and unable to confirm that the arms were attached to human bodies. Upon hearing the sound of the doors slamming shut, all memory of any event between this point and activation of SCP-#### has been absent, and unable to be stimulated with chemical mnestics or hypnotic memory treatment.

History: SCP-#### was discovered in Cornwall, NE on 08/07/2012 following an emergency hotline call placed by a young child who reported a ‘man hurt by the machine that brought him back.’ Embedded oversight waylaid emergency services and sent Foundation agents to the location of the call, a residence owned by M██████ W████, known locally as an inventor with a paranormal fascination.2 Agents discovered SCP-#### and 26 children in the basement of Mr. White’s residence, along with the body of Mr. White, who was deemed deceased on arrival. Cause of death was determined to be electrocution, believed to have occurred while attempting to adjust the generator connected to SCP-####. The call was determined to have been placed by one of the children found in the residence.

Interviews with the children led to the conclusion that Mr. White had been using the machine repeatedly, and had been in a state of increasing agitation prior to the incident which ended his life. All children reported not having been aware of anything prior to the date of discovery, and no connections between any of the children could be found.3 An investigation into Mr. White was performed, but no conclusive evidence could link him to any case of abduction, nor was an unmarked white van found on his property.

In cooperation with law enforcement, 18 of the 26 children were returned to their parents. The remaining 8 children were placed with relative guardians or into foster care followed confessions of arranged kidnappings or credible evidence of systematic child abuse. Low grade amnestics were delivered to the children and a cover story planted to explain their recovery. Investigation into the nature and method of the abductions is ongoing.

Addendum: Incident ####-1