Item: Scp-4001

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Scp 4001 can roam around the foundation by day by night he is progreamed to head back to his cell. Scp 4001's cell is a , 10 m x 10 m room with a bed, book shelf and chair and a very thick glass window. 4001's cell must be checked monthly so signs of cracks or damages.

Description: Scp 4001 is a 5"7 male humanoid who's appearance looks like a 13 year old boy with red circle like cheeks and has cat ears, tail and paws. Scp 4001 must be fed 3 times daily he is a vegan and hates meat but he loves eating salads or fruits.

Personality: 4001's personality is cute and childish he will playfully be like a kitten and will purr at random times. He loves all creatures he is shy to new people but when he gets to know them he is cool with them.

Activities: 4001 loves to play almost every game he likes to invite anybody if they had time to play. 4001 sometimes asks to see other Scps he is only allowed to see a few of them. Almost every safe Scp loves 4001 Scp-999 is one of 4001's favorite Scps in the foundation and likes to visit 999's pen and talk to it and can actually understand and can translate 999's gurgles and hear it as normal english. Sometimes 4001 goes in 999's pen and tickle wrestles with it but ends up losing the fights everytime.