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Item #: SCP-4896

Object class: Safe Euclid Keter Safe

Special containment procedure: SCP-4896 is secured indefinitely within a class 3 hermetically sealed biohazard containment cell, insulated with Class IV soundproofing, and located at least one kilometre underground. The containment corridor must be a minimum of 100m, and stationed at the end of the corridor must be an observation room and three heavily armed guards from the IFI team (moniker ‘OVERWATCH').

The cell itself must be white and cornerless, in order to avoid any collection of dust or dirt due to the risk of illness posed to 4896. It must contain the following items; one (1) medical bed with suitable soft rollers to prevent pressure sores, one (1) EKG, one (1) heart rate and blood pressure monitor with lifealert on change, one (1) crash trolley with pre-approved crash team, subject to a pathogen screening every 48 hours, two (2) small lamps, two (2) trolleys with IV stands, one containing a concoction of vitamins and saline fluids, as well as medication to stabilise subjects [REDACTED], and another containing a consistent supply of an anti-sickness drug manufactured under subset AX-896, which is given no less than ten minutes before replacement when empty, due to patients rapidly deteriorating condition.

Entry to the containment cell is restricted to a set of pre approved staff including; head researcher Dr. Longman, a crash team consisting of [DATA EXPUNGED], and nurse [REDACTED], to replace any empty IV bags. Staff are to monitor vitals 24/7 from the observation room one hundred metres outside of the containment corridor, with rotations of a team of five every two hours, but must not talk until beyond the containment zone. Research is not to be commenced under any circumstances without the direct permission of Dr. Longman, Research is not to be commenced under any circumstances, alongside multiple health checks and clearances. DO NOT: attempt to wake the subject. DO NOT: halt the supply of AX-896 beyond 600 seconds. DO NOT: touch the subject with bare skin.

Description: SCP-4896 is a 5’11 humanoid resembling a young Caucasian male of European decent, with above average intelligence. On the surface, it appears to be but a regular comatose male with seemingly no anomalous properties other than an occasional state of apnoea, in which breathing cessates for up to a period of three minutes. This period has inexplicably worsened from a period of ten seconds. The apnoea has no adverse effect on the vitals or condition of SCP-4896, and intervention is not recommended or necessary. The subject has undergone thorough medical examination and has been revealed to be [REDACTED], and as such will be treated with [REDACTED FOR PERSONNEL PROTECTION]. A cat scan of the subject has revealed complete cessation of brain activity (note: this includes the cerebellum, regardless of breathing, and reaction to stimuli), except for when apnoea occurs, in which a huge flurry of abnormally high brain activity occurs. This condition has caused the exhibition of his true anomalous behaviour. Upon contact with SCP-4896, subjects suddenly feel a flush of fatigue and lie themselves on the ground besides the bed, entering into a similar catatonic state as SCP-4896. Several attempts to wake the subject result in cardiac cessation and revival attempts have achieved no success. If the subject is allowed to enter the catatonic state, they will remain in said state for a period of an hour to six weeks, upon which point, they will awake slowly as if from a period of sleep.



SCP-4896 was brought to the foundations attention after a call from ██ ████████ Infirmary, on the 6/7/19██ relating to security staff discovering a seemingly comatose man in defunt wing B of the the psychology ward. Staff from active A wing were sent down and monitored his vitals, showing that he had a lower than usual heart rate, respiration rate and blood pressure. Staff that touched SCP-4896 fell into a comatose state as previously described, but after thirty minutes to an hour. All affected staff were reportedly placed into quarantine, as it was feared they were developing symptoms of a biological attack. Quarantine staff attempted to rouse staff, upon which point they, bolted upright and took a gasp, before expiring. At this point, security staff embedded within the infirmary which has connections to the foundation alerted the foundation of what was happening, at which point they seized the bodies of staff and SCP-4896. Approximately ██ staff were found to be deceased after the incident. Interviews of staff who didn't touch SCP-4896, reveal that they couldn't tell exactly why they didn't attempt to wake the man, reporting all staff who arrived on scene, including the deceased, had a compulsion not to as well. The cause of death has not been confirmed, but a massive cerebral haemorrhage, being linked to an a gigantic increase in brain activity, specifically in the hypothalamus, possibly resulting in the sudden death. All subjects were shown to have enlarged brain venticles, consistent with that of SCP-4896. A mild amnestic agent was released on site.

Upon examining SCP-4896's body, markings consistent with a primitive form of tattooing revealed an ancient greek sentence: '[REMOVED DUE TO CONFIRMED COGNITOHAZARD], θεός των θεών'. It is not currently know the effect or reason of these markings, and more experimentation is required.

Note: It's worth noting that what has occured here seems to be what we would classify as SCP-4896's dormant state, though it hasn't been observed since. All contact since has prompted immediate lethargy in subjects. Further testing is required to determine nature of this dormant state.
- Dr. Longman

Interview 1(█) with D-class #1348 under polygraph, dated 27/4/20██, timed 14:00hrs UTC+. All particpants were psychologically examined.
Interviewer: Dr Longman, Dr ███, with presiding behavioural analyst and polygraph operator, Dr. ████.
Longman: Could you recount for us your knowledge of what happened during experiment 1483-6?
(1348 sobs gently as he clutches his eyes, tears streaming through his hands. He appears unresponsive.)
1348: Why are you doing this to me again? I thought you were so nice last time.
Longman: That couldn’t be correct. This is the first time I have interviewed you.
1348: Just kill me.
(Video feed shows 1348's seemingly lifeless, sobbing body is dragged from the room as Longman sighs.)
Longman: D-class unresponsive. End Log.
D-class #1348 showed no positive results for misinformation on the polygraph test.

Further reports were recorded on the system but so far I have been unable to recover them. I'll raise this with higher ups, see if maybe they can recover an early date publication? If anyone has suggestions, send it to my PDA.
- Dr. Longman



AX-896 is a temporary nerve blocker with an active duration of 10 minutes, developed by the foundation, which completely mutes nerve signals not designated as critical, leaving subjects blind, deaf, and unable to feel sensations. This greatly reduces the chance of a theorized ZK class event. Staff on team are served misinformation to believe that it is a specialist drug meant to slow the decay of brain matter involved in schizophrenic patients over a long time period.


It is theorized that SCP-4896 is a type of reality bender, who can manipulate time. His body deteriorates with each use of RESET, and so its proposed that a loss of life due to deterioration of apnoea and vitals to the point of zero breaths per minute and zero beats per minute, will cause an event which could catastrophically rip apart the fabric of time, and cause time skips, time to 'pause', or for time to simply cease to be.

ADDENDUM 03: 1348

1348 maintains a static link with 4896, due to him being the only one who has made contact and survived. As a result, he retains all memories post RESET. A problem also exists in that termination of subject results in RESET. 1348 has been placed in containment and has been assigned critical on designation of 05 council. He is to be kept under standard containment procedure seperate from general population. Amnestic agents have not had any affect.

The following data reports were recovered from the server database. Usual methods of data extraction and recovery were attempted, but failed. PhD data and computer analyst Dr. █████████, suggested recovery using scranton reality anchors within the database, advanced data extraction revealed partially corrupted data that has been inserted into the current report. Due to the sensitive nature of the data, its highly recommended that none of the current personnel assigned to SCP-4896 are to be aware of the following information or its logs, due to a present cognito hazard to those associated with SCP-4896.

SCP-4896 has been confirmed to suffer from paranoid schizophrenia and an unknown condition which has slowed down SCP-4896's vitals considerably.

Since recovering the interviews with D-class personnel #1348, it appears that each time a subject touches 4896 and is affected by his secondary anomalous effect, his period of apnoea worsens and his vitals slow. When 4896's primary anomalous affect is engaged (designated RESET), his vitals worsen and so does his period of apnoea, three fold to what has been observed by putting subjects under. In order to prevent a theorized ZK-class end of the reality event, SCP-4896's life must be preseved by all means neccesary.
- 05-█


The following are two interviews with D-class #1348 under polygraph, dated the same as the first interview.

Interview 1 (2) with D-class #1348 under polygraph, dated 27/4/20██ timed 14:00hrs UTC+. All particpants were psychologically examined.
Interviewers: Dr Longman, Dr ██████, with presiding behavioural analyst and polygraph operator, Dr. ████.
Longman: Could you recount for us, your knowledge of what happened during experiment 1483-6?
(Subject 1348 becomes distressed, and is seen to raise his hands to his eyes, as if he was about to begin crying.)
1348: I know I've been here before. You never listen to me? Why don’t you listen to me? I’ve told you this all before. You wrote it down right there!
Longman: That couldn’t be correct. This is the first time I have interviewed you.
1348: That’s what you said the last time! Is this a psychological test? Are you doing this on purpose?
Longman: Do we have to return you to your containment cell?
(Upon speaking this, 1348, sighs, sobbing quietly.)
1348: I can’t do this again.
(1348 is briefly shown being restrained and injected with an unmarked syringe as he struggles with security personnel.)

D-#1348 showed no positive results for misinformation on the polygraph test.

Interview 1 (1) with D-class #1348 under polygraph, dated 27/4/20██, timed 14:00hrs UTC+. All particpants were psychologically examined.
Interviewers: Dr Longman, Dr ██████, with presiding behavioural analyst and polygraph operator, Dr. ████.
Longman: Could you recount for us, your knowledge of what happened during experiment 1483-6?
1348: Well, urm…
(1348 scratches his head, seemingly confused in an attempt to gather his thoughts)
1348: I remember proceeding into the room. The gu- The SCP was just lying there, peacefully, one helluva' smile on his face. I touched him and just needed to sleep. Fell dead on my feet practically.
Longman: Can you estimate how long you were unconscious for?
1348: Oh… I dunno. Felt like I slept in on a morning, y'know, when you oversleep your alarm?
Longman: Answer the question please.
1348: Oh, yea yea, right… ten hours?
Longman: You were out for thirty minutes.
1348: Couldn't have been… I swore I slept so long. Haven't slept that well in ages.
Longman: Well, we'll be keeping you under observation for twenty-four hours, in order to discern if you've suffered adverse affects. Thank you, you're free to leave.

D-#1348 showed no positive results for misinformation on the polygraph test.

RESEARCH PERSONNEL: Dr. Longman, Dr. █████, and Dr. ████.
EXPERIMENT DATE AND TIME: 27/4/20██, 16:00hrs UTC+.
PREVIOUS LOG: Interview 1, following experiment 1483-6.
LOG DESCRIPTION: (Last edited by Dr. Longman)

The following experiment is a direct attempt to awaken SCP-4896. D class personnel #1348 are instructed to enter SCP-1348's containment cell and approach the subject with nitrate gloves and perform the following operations: a trapezius pinch, a supraobital notch, and a standard chest rub. The last step if non-compliance is observed and SCP remains unconscious, is to recite the following:

"My name is [LEAVE BLANK], King of Kings; Look on my Works, ye Mighty, and despair! Nothing beside remains. Round the decay Of that colossal Wreck, boundless and bare The lone and level sands stretch far away. What is my name?"

Staff are to observe from the 100m observation post via CCTV feed. Direct feed is to be streamed into the database, as to remove any chance of data being lost. 1348 is equipped with an ear piece and is advised to respond with hand signals, rather than speaking, in order to not produce any adverse effects.

(1348 enters the room, holding nitrate gloves in his hand. Audio comm feeds in 1348's ears crackle open. The containtment room's biometric locks seal behind him, and OVERWATCH at the end of the corridor are informed to be prepared.)
Dr. Longman: Okay, 1348. Please put on the gloves given to you previously.
(1348 don's the gloves, appearing to seem relatively at ease with the subject)
Dr. Longman: 1348, you are now to proceed to the subject and place your thumb in his trapezium, and forefinger around the shoulder as previously detailed in your briefing. Press firmly and observe reaction.
(1348 symbols an OK to the camera, before proceeding to the bed. He squeezes the subjects trapezium as instructed, twice, and holds a thumbs down to the camera.)
Dr. Longman: Proceed to the second procedure please. Please place your thumb on his occiptal bone and press firmly, as prieviously described.
(1348 is tentative, but proceeds. As he reaches to perform the procedure, the subject suddenly moves, at which point 1348 jumps back and holds his chest, audibly stamping on the ground.)
Dr. Longman: That was the automated bed roller. Do not make another noise. We have disabled the bed roller. Proceed.
(1348 takes a deep breath, proceeding to the subject again, he performs the procedure, to which the subject does not respond. 1348 proceeds to point another thumbs down at the camera.)
(Mumbling and a shifting of papers is heard from the research teams side, before they seem to agree on something.)
Dr. Longman: 1348, we would like you to skip the next step. Proceed directly to reading the script provided. Read it clearly and as written. Do not differ from the script. Make sure you are within a foot of the subject.
(1348 takes a deep breath, preparing for the reading. He gently clears his chest, fumbling with a small sheet of paper in his hands, before reading aloud.)
1348: My name is ( ), King of Kings; Look on my Works, ye Mighty, and despair! Nothing beside remains. Round the decay Of that colossal Wreck, boundless and bare The lone and level sands stretch far away. What is my name?
(As 1348 begins the reading, SCP-4896's vitals suddenly jump. A monitor of his brain activity show an intense spike, as the crash team is automatically paged in response to the change in vitals. As 1348 approaches the end of the exerpt, SCP-4896's eyes shoot open. His pupils are fully dilated (blown) and the camera and audio feeds begin to 'glitch'. SCP-4896 grips D#1348's arm, and pulls him closer. D#1348 panics, and attempts to free himself of SCP-4896's grip, but is unable to as fatigue slowly sets in, and he drops to his knees. Dr. Longman immediately alerts OVERWATCH, who proceed to move in at a quickened pace. As OVERWATCH enter the 100m containment zone, Dr. Longman remotely disables the biometric lock.)
Longman: 1348, leave the area immediately.
(OVERWATCH fast approach the area, and get to within ten metres of the cell, before shouting instructions for 4896 to release D#1348. D#1348 is powerless. As he has been brought to his knees, 4896 leans over and whispers gently into the earpiece.
SCP-4896: It is not time yet.
(A sudden corruption occurs. Camera and audio feed shut off.)
(Camera feed shows SCP-4896 in his normal state. D#1348 is not present in the room. Time and date reads: 13:58, 27/4/20██.)


05 intervention prompt to scheduled test 147B has cancelled the RESET loop, and as such council has held a vote:

05-1 N/A N/A
05-2 N/A N/A
05-3 N/A N/A
05-4 N/A N/A
05-5 N/A N/A
05-6 N/A N/A
05-7 N/A N/A
05-8 N/A N/A
05-9 N/A N/A
05-10 N/A N/A
05-11 N/A N/A
05-12 N/A N/A
05-13 N/A N/A