Document 2058 1

Researcher: Dr. ███████
Supervising Researcher: Dr. ████
Subject: C-7708
Procedure: All personnel within 50 metres of SCP-2058 will exit the proximity. Vault door of SCP-2058’s cell will open and subject will proceed to approach SCP-2058 slowly and with caution. Subject will enter SCP-2058’s cell and approach SCP-2058 as much as they can until SCP-2058 takes control while personnel is being screened for mental health. Subject will be removed for mental health screening, immediate physical, and assigned psychiatric care. In the event the subject is under signs of extreme mental distress, they are to be administered a Class-D amnestic.
Results: Subject entered SCP-2058’s cell successfully. Subject made a 2.5 meter trek before immediately collapsing as a result of resistance to SCP-2058.
Analysis: Nothing new has been discovered. Subject C-7708 is currently is psychiatric care and administered a Class-D amnestic. Tests will continue and eventually lead to subjects opening SCP-2058.