Document 2058 3

Researcher: Dr. ███████
Supervising Researcher: Dr. ████
Subject: D-7724 and D-7725
Procedure: All personnel within 100 metres of SCP-2058 will exit the proximity. Vault door of SCP-2058’s cell will open and subjects will proceed to approach SCP-2058 slowly and with caution. Subjects will open SCP-2058 and enter SCP-2058. Subjects are not expected to return.
Results: To everyone’s surprise, the subjects returned however they were severely wounded with lethal lacerations across both their bodies. It was vital to the experiment that they would live. After immediate recovery, subjects were questioned about their findings inside SCP-2058. The subjects describe the inside of SCP-2058 as a another plane of existence. Subjects were having extreme difficulty describing SCP-2058’s interior for they were still under the active effects of SCP-2058 The only exception is the subjects report hearing a voice call out to them say, “Many who come here seeking forbidden knowledge remain forever.” Both subjects showed an urge to find something and they said after the effects were gone they were searching for forbidden knowledge, it was all they could think about. Its environment is filled with hidden and forbidden knowledge they say, and dangerous to the unwary. This infinite plane of reality is dominated by an endless, roiling sea of toxic green liquid, where giant oily tentacles slither and writhe about the waves, whipping at anyone who gets too close. What little solid ground there is consists of several archipelagos and cathedral-like buildings composed of heavily weathered stone, connected by constantly-shifting bridges built of greasy black metal. Several bridges and hallways even move on their own, stretching and bending like tentacles to render other areas accessible or hinder intruders. The most prominent feature of this plane, however, is the overwhelming abundance of books that make up what looks like a library. Giant stacks of reading material break the surface of the poisonous sea, numerous shelves that line the halls and walls are literally crammed to bursting with ancient scrolls and smouldering journals, heaps of books and papers litter the floors, and even entire buildings are constructed from twisting stacks of books. These books are protected and maintained by [REDACTED] dressed in black robes and face is tentacles that stick out and attacked the subjects by mangling them with their tendril like arms. It seems they act as the principle security force in this realm. The sky is defined by a hazy green cloud cover with a huge swirling void in the center. There are various places in the sky where what appears to be a portal is open and the ever-present tentacles are sprouting out. Subjects reported to be able to escape via the same black book which is at the enterance at where they came out of it.
Analysis: We did not expect the subjects to get far. Tests when approaching SCP-2058 with multiple subjects showed increased mind-altering effects increasing for every person within the vicinity of SCP-2058. However, subjects were highly trained to withstand the effects of SCP-2058. The downside is it seems the subjects will never fully recover from entering SCP-2058 Tests will continue at least 2 subjects at a time to recover what the hidden knowledge of SCP-2058 is. We are not yet sure if the entities inside SCP-2058 can escape the same way both subjects did. Extra containment procedures will be taken as as a result of caution. Further testing is waiting approval by the O5 Council.