Document 3720-1A
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Document 3720-1A

Cross-SCP Immunity Testing for SCP-3720

Due SCP-3720 "immunity" to other SCPs, testing was done on many SCPs to determine and possibly use SCP-3720's effects.
Template for testing

Test Condition:

Immunity Test Record:


Item: SCP-049

Test Condition:SCP-3720 and SCP-049 are placed in the same room. SCP-3720 is made aware of what SCP-049 can do.

Immunity Test Record:
SCP-049 simply ignores SCP-3720. When researchers ask why SCP-049 does this, it states "There is no reason for me to attempt to cure her, she can't be cured." SCP-3720 is then instructed to touch SCP-049, and does so, to no effect.

Notes: It appears that SCP-3720 isn't invisible in anyway to other SCPs, it just is uninteresting.

Item: SCP-500

Test Condition:SCP-3720 is cut by security personnel and is then given SCP-500.

Immunity Test Record:After consuming SCP-500, SCP-3720's condition does not improve, and the small cut remains.

Notes:It seems SCP-3720's immunity isn't limited to negative affects. As such, special care should be taken to ensure it isn't seriously injured.

Item: SCP-507

Test Condition:SCP-3720 is handcuffed to SCP-507 and both are told to await a shift.

Immunity Test Record:SCP-507 shifted roughly a day later, taking the handcuffs with him. SCP-3720 however, isn't subject to the shift.

Notes: SCP-3720's immunity doesn't seem to be limited by dimensional anomalies, further testing into the subject is pending.

Item: SCP-914

Test Condition: SCP-3720 is placed into the input booth and SCP-914 is cranked on the "1:1" setting.

Immunity Test Record:The doors of the booths open to reveal that SCP-3720 was not removed from the input booth, and no changes occurred to it.

Notes: As it can be assumed that the other settings would garner the same results, testing of SCP-914 with SCP-3720 was cut short.
Item: SCP-106

Test Condition: [REDACTED]

Immunity Test Record: Testing denied by 05-██

Notes: This test is simply to much of a risk, as opening SCP-106's chambers could prove disastrous

Item: SCP-096

Test Condition: SCP-3720 was showed a picture of SCP-096. SCP-096 was then monitored by researchers.

Immunity Test Record: SCP-096 showed no reaction to SCP-3720's viewing of it's image, and continued to weep as normal.

Notes: SCP-3720 seems to also be immune to "triggering" other SCP's attack conditions.

Item: SCP-714

Test Condition: SCP-3720 instructed to put SCP-714 on.

Immunity Test Record: SCP-714 had no effect on SCP-3720. SCP-3720 did not lose or gain any more immunity than it previously had, nor did it become drowsy or tired.

Notes: Not really sure what else we expected to happen.