Document XXXX-A-7

Well, you see Dr. Ludwiq. You downloading this document means you have accepted to learn more information about RPC-XXXX.
The Information I will present to you was recovered from a certain branch of our government and translated by us. I wont bore you with the details, shall we begin?

The following transcripts will hopefully give you insight on the object.

This is Dr. Stepanov. Documenting my progress on Project : Terror.
My team, with the help of assisting research group [DATA EXPUNGED] have managed to create schematics of a.. what is it?…. Not "biological"?.. ah, yes.
Schematics of a bio-mechanical weapon..
Something that worries me.. In the schematics, [DATA EXPUNGED] requests live humans as.. materials.
I'm not sure how this works, but they're the experts.
<End Log>

The people from [DATA EXPUNGED] gave us all nice pills. They claim the pills help sooth the mind, help us work better. They didn't lie. I feel very good after consuming them. Have to… take them 4 times a day they said.
<End Log>

It is not a pretty sight for first timers. But you get used to it.
The process, in a simple explanation, starts with the starvation of a human being. We leave the subject inside a locked small room strapped to a surface for a week. We give them a special fluid that would prevent them from dying of starvation or dehydration. They wont die, but they will feel hungry and thirsty. Keeping them alone also results in severe damage to their mental health, most of the time the subjects do not survive up to this state.
But when they do survive, we use a special machine created by the [DATA EXPUNGED] team to [DATA EXPUNGED] the subject into the specially made television we created. So far, no subjects survived this phase.
<End Log>

It is.. peculiar.
Using live humans as materials on creating weapons may be.. inhumane. Hundreds of prototypes have been created. Hundreds of humans lives. They all failed.
Is it worth it? Killing off hundreds and hundreds of people, just to make an item capable of destroying thousands more?
It is worth it.
<End Log>

It is an amazing sight.
Our first ever working design. After… 300? Maybe even 400 tries.. we have done it.
It is perfect. A work of art. Every single [DATA EXPUNGED] prisoner dead by it's.. hand.
We're sending in a team to plant the object in a large city in [DATA EXPUNGED]. Let's see how it goes.
This is a great day for the Motherland.
<End Log>

I have just gotten an update on Project Terror. They.. didn't accomplish the mission successfully. They placed the thing in the wrong city, they got caught by German authorities and are probably chewing on cyanide right now…
Heidelberg.. out of all the cities, they went for the small town of Heidelberg.
5 years of hard work, wasted.
Hundreds of lives, lost for nothing.

Agent Sokolov, cancel the retrieval mission. Yes, I meant what I sai- Are you disobeying me?… Then cancel the goddamn mission…

Turn off that recorder.
<End Log>

Intriguing is it not, Dr. Ludwiq?
A large scheme, brought down by a small mistake.
The aftermath of these messages are best left in the dust. Knowing what follows after this is just adding insult to injury.

I have given you the information you need, doctor.