Document XXXD-58
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Document XXXD-58

This page was created to document SCP-XXXD appearing in the most common five-thousand words of the English language, and how these words was spelled prior to Incident Uruk-12.

Special thanks to Dr's Ozeal Redeker, Gerald Caterzealis, Gracie Almont, ████ ████████, and Chad Fabrouche for compiling this list.

For additional reading, please see Document-XXXD-57

"Whose idea was this? Is anyone actually ever going to use this thing to purge the letter Y from their life? ~ Dr. Ozeal Redeker

Jeus, ███ of us so far, and counting. Lighten up, Ozzie. At least this got eu out of cleaning SCP-███'s chambers for a while ~ Dr. Grace Almont

Frequenci in English Communication containing SCP-XXXD (Post Uruk-12) Frequenci in all English Communication Pre Uruk-12 Spelling Post Uruk-12 Spelling
1st 14th Eu You
2nd 19th Say
3rd 21st They
4th 30th By
5th 44th My
6th 54th Year
7th 69th Your
8th 84th Way
9th 90th Day
10th 99th Many
11th 101st Only
12th 105th Very
13th 109th Any
14th 119th May
15th 127th Try
16th 142nd Really
17th 147th Family
18th 158th Why
19th 166th Country
20th 172nd Every
21st 189th Company
22nd 191st System
23rd 200th Play
24th 206th Always
25th 215th Today
26th 233rd Money
27th 234th Story
28th 235th Young
29th 241st Study
30th 243rd Eye
31st 259th Jeus1 Yes
32nd 270th Away
33rd 276th Yet
34th 287th Pay
35th 291st City
36th 297th Community
37th 314th Body
38th 332nd Anything
39th 335th Already
40th 351st History
41st 352nd Gaogog2 Party
42nd 365th Guy
43rd 366th Early
44th 383rd Boy
45th 384th Maybe
46th 389th Policy
47th 390th Everything
48th 397th Actually
49th 398th Buy
50th 399th Probably
51st 410th Stay
52nd 430th Yeah
53rd 471st Finally
54th 475th Military
55th 488th Carry
56th 508th Society
57th 514th Player
58th 516th Especially
59th 530th Everyone
60th 538th Activity
61st 550th Easy
62nd 552nd Industry
63rd 584th Simply
64th 586th Technology
65th 589th Baby
66th 591st Tiepe Type
67th 599th Nearly
68th 606th Centurary
69th 616th Energy
70th 625th Likely
71st 626th Opportunity
72nd 646th Economy
73rd 659th Anyone
74th 661st Security
75th 663rd Myself
76th 664th Certainly
77th 680th Quickly
78th 695th Agency
79th 700th Recently
80th 725th Usually
81st 747th Beyond
82nd 748th Happy
83rd 749th Exactly
84th 759th Ready
85th 765th Quality
86th 771st Identify
87th 781st Particularly
88th 783rd Ability
89th 799th Pretty
90th 803rd Everybody
91st 804th Physical
92nd 805th Lay
93rd 814th Analysis
94th 819th Lawyer
95th 835th Authority
96th 847th Strategy
97th 849th Clearly
98th 884th Enjoy
99th 894th Memory
100th 919th Yourself
101st 921st Theory
102nd 933rd Employ
103rd 941st Apply
104th 946th Fly
105th 958th Suddenly
106th 971st Style
107th 973rd Worry
108th 985th Necessary
109th 996th Property
110th 1003th Somebody
111th 1008th Heavy
112th 1035th Reality
113th 1039th Yard
114th 1071st Responsibility
115th 1073rd Attorney
116th 1089th Majority
117th 1097th Key
118th 1110th Eventually
119th 1135th Safety
120th 1142nd Directly
121st 1145th Immediately
122nd 1150th Sky
123rd 1152nd Absolutely
124th 1154th Nobody
125th 1173rd Completely
126th 1175th Variety
127th 1199th Possibility
128th 1206th Generally
129th 1209th Sorry
130th 1215th Easily
131st 1226th Slowly
132nd 1229th University
133rd 1247th Survey
134th 1285th Obviously
135th 1304th Facility
136th 1320th Tiny
137th 1328th Highly
138th 1329th Identity
139th 1331st Mostly
140th 1340th Marry
141st 1358th Cry
142nd 1387th Anybody
143rd 1400th Anyway
144th 1404th Youth
145th 1413th Deny
146th 1414th Apparently
147th 1415th Slightly
148th 1425th Destroy
149th 1435th Hey
150th 1469th Category
151st 1470th Relatively
152nd 1471st Victory
153rd 1476th Healthy
154th 1492nd Daily
155th 1503rd Supply
156th 1504th Fully
157th 1511st Democracy
158th 1513th Primary
159th 1514th Yesterday
160th 1526th Lady
161st 1547th Army
162nd 1562nd Injury
163rd 1570th Dry
164th 1594th Increasingly
165th 1605th Enemy
166th 1612th Carefully
167th 1642nd Minority
168th 1651st Okay
169th 1653rd Empty
170th 1660th Jury
171st 1675th Yellow
172nd 1681st Analyst
173rd 1689th Largely
174th 1694th County
175th 1697th Difficulty
176th 1702nd Basically
177th 1705th Anymore
178th 1708th Possibly
179th 1712th Currently
180th 1717th Angry
181st 1729th Truly
182nd 1737th Ghanni3 Beauty
183rd 1738th Emergency
184th 1754th Hardly
185th 1765th Duty
186th 1770th Extremely
187th 1787th Ultimately
188th 1790th Capacity
189th 1803rd Funny
190th 1807th Surgery
191st 1817th Crazy
192nd 1818th Significantly
193rd 1824th Frequently
194th 1849th Typical
195th 1871st Entirely
196th 1872nd Rely
197th 1893rd Anywhere
198th 1922nd Seriously
199th 1925th Totally
200th 1939th Busy
201st 1941st Copy
202nd 1949th Gray
203rd 1953rd Everywhere
204th 1960th Contemporary
205th 1971st Necessarily
206th 1972nd Specifically
207th 1977th Holiday
208th 1987th Barely
209th 1988th Factually
210th 2001st Merely
211th 2005th Definitely
212th 2025th Secretary
213th 2032nd Unfortunately
214th 2055th Closely
215th 2058th Physician
216th 2061st Plenty
217th 2063rd Virtually
218th 2071st Gay
219th 2077th Guilty
220th 2092nd Personality
221st 2104th Twenty
222nd 2110th Display
223rd 2117th Prayer
224th 2125th Payment
225th 2141st Deeply
226th 2145th Lucky
227th 2148th Library
228th 2151st Factory
229th 2161st Therapy
230th 2176th Fairly
231st 2187th Layer
232nd 2194th Widely
233rd 2198th Territory
234th 2239th Reply
235th 2240th Cycle
236th 2247th Discovery
237th 2269th Symptom
238th 2272nd Philosophy
239th 2289th Ordinary
240th 2291st Rarely
241st 20306th Essentially
242nd 2333rd Previously
243rd 2352nd Mystery
244th 2354th Poverty
245th 2356th Entry
246th 2361st Symbol
247th 2383rd Psychological
248th 2386th Approximately
249th 2390th Equally
250th 2391st Vary
251st 2396th Holy
252nd 2404th Strongly
253rd 2420th Bury
254th 2421st Pray
255th 2430th Ally
256th 2431st Journey
257th 2434nd Surely
258th 2441st Toy
259th 2445th Nearby
260th 2455th Birthday
261st 2457th Perfectly
262nd 2460th Accompany
263rd 2466th Recovery
264th 2476th Salary
265th 2489th Anxiety
266th 2492nd Literally
267th 2507th Occasionally
268th 2508th Mayor
269th 2521st Constantly
270th 2536th Elementary
271st 2550th Rapidly
272nd 2553rd Diversity
273rd 2560th Essay
274th 2574th Quietly
275th 2581st Disability
276th 2587th Effectively
277th 2591st Deputy
278th 2601st Utility
279th 2602nd Precisely
280th 2606th Highway
281st 2611st Normally
282nd 2651st Yell
283rd 2656th Personally
284th 2675th Yield
285th 2680th Roughly
286th 2683rd Testimony
287th 2694th Ceremony
288th 2703rd Penalty
289th 2723rd Literary
290th 2732nd Occupy
291st 2738th Initially
292nd 2743rd Electricity
293rd 2740th Olympic
294th 2776th Gently
295th 2784th Friendly
296th 2800th Boundary
297th 2813th Similarly
298th 2814th Newly
299th 2816th Testify
300th 2819th Imply
301st 2820th Naturally
302nd 2828th Delivery
303rd 2829th Mainly
304th 2842nd Regularly
305th 2854th Potentially
306th 2856th Thirty
307th 2857th Justify
308th 2861st Treaty
309th 2865th Politically
310th 2876th Shortly
311th 2877th Originally
312th 2891st Dirty
313th 2898th Controversy
314th 2902nd Properly
315th 2905th Tragedy
316th 2930th Elderly
317th 2938th Steady
318th 2956th Honey
319th 2983rd Capability
320th 2984th Poetry
321st 2985th Celebrity
322nd 2986th Gradually
323rd 2987th Stability
324th 2989th Fantasy
325th 3026th Satisfy
326th 3028th Briefly
327th 3034th Frequenci Frequency
328th 3040th Wealthy
329th 3041st Galaxy
330th 3053rd Publicly
331st 3065th Fifty
332nd 3068th Tendency
333rd 3073th Efficiency
334th 3075th Qualify
335th 3084th Privacy
336th 3101st Myth
337th 3130th Delay
338th 3137th Badly
339th 3156th Laboratory
340th 3158th Differently
341st 3182nd Valley
342nd 3205th Successfully
343rd 3208th Hungry
344th 3217th Legacy
345th 3221st Battery
346th 3243rd Comedy
347th 3248th Weekly
348th 3275th Repeatedly
349th 3288th Ugly
350th 3290th Portray
351st 3309th Rhythm
352nd 3312th Lovely
353rd 3314th Charity
354th 3324th Military
355th 3328th Grocery
356th 3329th Intensity
357th 3356th Pregnancy
358th 3382nd Gallery
359th 3394th Dramatically
360th 3396th Inquiry
361st 3398th Surprisingly
362nd 3403rd Anniversary
363rd 3406th Hypothesis
364th 3407th Boyfriend
365th 3424thq Lightly
367th 3446th Physics
368th 3465th Presidency
369th 3468th Greatly
370th 3477th Candy
371st 3486th Secondary
372nd 3494th Integrity
373rd 3532nd Humanity
374th 3545th Deadly
375th 3552nd Monthly
376th 3561st Bay
377th 3576th Seemingly
378th 3589th Array
379th 3592nd Frankly
380th 3595th Hallway
381st 3610th Crystal
382nd 3831st Consistently
383rd 3646th Hurry
384th 3678th Ideology
385th 3696th Simultaneously
386th 3710th Colony
387th 3718th Modify
388th 3741st Traditionally
389th 3762nd Respectively
390th 3763rd Uncertainty
391st 3768th Forty
392nd 3770th Lobby
393rd 3774th Currency
394th 3775th Turkey
395th 3786th Unity
396th 3792nd Commonly
397th 3793rd Convey
398th 3796th Complexity
399th 3842nd Belly
400th 3854th Historically
401st 3855th Firmly
402nd 3869th Carbohydrate
403rd 3870th Liberty
404th 3872nd Theology
405th 3875th Oxygen
406th 3902nd Equity
407th 3912th Jim Gym
408th 3925th Thereby
409th 3937th Practically
410th 3945th Sharply
411th 3969th Entity
412th 3977th Regulatory
413th 3983rd Automatically
414th 3986th Necessity
415th 3993rd Gravity
416th 4005th Inventory
417th 4007th Assembly
418th 4014th Popularity
419th 4017th Dynamic
420th 4018th Scary
421st 4024th Photography
422nd 4041st Lonely
423rd 4047th Silly
424th 4051st Hopefully
425th 4052nd Readily
426th 4054th Revolutionary
427th 4067th Annually
428th 4068th Lately
429th 4078th Softly
430th 4086th Credibility
431st 4088th Sexually
432nd 4090th Way
433rd 4100th Quantity
434th 4111st Accuracy
435th 4113rd Officially
436th 4116th Loyalty
437th 4141st Dignity
438th 4146th Buddy
439th 4151st Glory
440th 4152nd Tightly
441st 4164th Liability
442nd 4169th Bloody
443rd 4176th Throughly
444th 4197th Productivity
445th 4210th Instantly
446th 4211th Bankruptcy
447th 4229th Jewelry
448th 4241st Reliability
449th 4264th Documentary
450th 4266th Biology
451st 4270th Conspiracy
452nd 4272nd Casualty
453rd 4284th Ministry
454th 4299th Subsidy
455th 4308th Creativity
456th 4312th Sympathy
457th 4314th Incredibly
458th 4320th Sexy
459th 4330th Costly
460th 4332nd Christianity
461st 4352nd Royal
462nd 4356th Actively
463rd 4363rd Anonymous
464th 4368th Flexibility
465th 4381st Diary
466th 4383rd Irony
467th 4386th Alley
468th 4395th Hockey
469th 4406th Consequently
470th 4410th Correctly
471st 4411st Mentally
472nd 4413th Bicycle
473rd 4426th Partially
474th 4445th Reportedly
475th 4455th Shy
476th 4467th Spray
477th 4470th Custody
478th 4497th Desperately
479th 4500th Sensitivity
480th 4520th Tray
481st 4525th Nasty
482nd 4538th Exclusively
483rd 4541st Openly
484th 4544th Deploy
485th 4545th Risky
486th 4563rd Classify
487th 4568th Density
488th 4570th Curiosity
489th 4588th Publicity
490th 4593rd Validity
491st 4594th Ecosystem
492nd 4595th Strictly
493rd 4606th Specialty
494th 4610th Monkey
495th 4615th Legally
496th 4628th Socially
497th 4630th Slavery
498th 4632nd Commodity
499th 4636th Dying
500th 4642th Equality
501st 4643rd Cemetery
502nd 4645th Deliberately
503rd 4675th Rally
504th 4689th Comply
505th 4696th Considerably
506th 4701st Inevitably
507th 4704th Emotionally
508th 4706th Allegedly
509th 4709th Similarity
510th 4715th Mortality
511th 4722nd Harmony
512th 4723rd Solely
513th 4732nd Formerly
514th 4756th Voluntary
515th 4761st Happily
516th 4764th Autonomy
517th 4773rd Privately
518th 4779th Routinely
519th 4790th Chemistry
520th 4808th Yield
521st 4823rd Sexuality
522nd 4825th Clay
523rd 4835th Availability
524th 4846th Freely
525th 4848th Steadily
526th 4855th Accountability
527th 4874th Substantially
528th 4901th Spy
529th 4906th Severely
530th 4907th Sovereignty
531st 4911th Specify
532nd 4916th Importantly
533rd 4921st Sunny
534th 4928th Terribly
535th 4932nd Biography
536th 4837th Economically
537th 4938th Honestly
538th 4950th Accurately
539th 4971st Summary
540th 4972nd Missionary
541st 4990th Stereotiepe Stereotype
542nd 4999th Apology