domenick91 SCP-XXXX
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Polaroid retrieved from Cheyenne local authorities

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedure: Given the unpredictable nature and location of SCP-XXXX, attempts at research and containment have been limited. At the event of a manifestation, the door(s) leading to SCP-XXXX should remain open and under constant surveillance at all times, unless instructed otherwise. Only personnel with Level-4 Access have permitted clearance to SCP-XXXX.

Description: Since its theorized discovery in the mid 1800s, SCP-XXXX, a randomly manifested phenomenon referred to as “No End Inside” by researchers, was often thought to be merely a rumor amongst scholars and scientists with only scribbles, notes and charcoal renderings to support the claims. Random parchment has since been collected dating back to as early as 1827 describing a room unlike others; a witness described the room with lights all around but black inside. The first supposed report of the 20th century occurred in 1913 in Craiova, Romania when an old married couple told local authorities that their living room had disappeared. No record of the 1913 event has been found to this day save for the police report, having survived the many historical events occurring in Europe at the time.

However, in 1968, a Polaroid photograph emerged from one ██████ ███████ of Cheyenne, Wyoming of something akin to the description of the theorized room. The photo depicted a room through one of his household doorways. The room’s physical properties consisted of the standard four walls made of concrete with seams and dried concrete droppings all around its circumference with no other doors visible. A single light was hung at the center of each wall with no apparent power source. The middle of the room however was completely devoid of light.

Up until the early 70s, this was the only known evidence of SCP-XXXX. In 1972, an unknown individual mailed a photograph containing the same room to local authorities with a note of nearly illegible handwriting which read “[…] there is no end inside.” Having caught the attention of the Foundation, investigations were conducted at the origin of the letter’s return address only to find a corpse, buried 6 meters under undisturbed soil, of what is said to be a young woman, in her early 30s with the front facing side of her body completely charred and devoid of recognition. The letter was screened for fingerprints but no such evidence could be found and the sender of the letter was assumed dead or missing.

The phenomenon SCP-XXXX then occurred again in 1975, at the home of a Foundation employee; ███ ███████ reported it immediately to Foundation representatives and investigative staff and research personnel were sent onsite. ███████ said the room that was normally there was the only bathroom in his two bedroom house. The room itself defied physical and natural proportions in relation to the size of his house and the surrounding barriers around the bathroom. Blueprints recovered from ███████’s house indicated that the bathroom was only 5m x 5m in size. However, SCP-XXXX’s proportions were much greater. ███████ underwent several decontamination processes and was under quarantine and surveillance for approximately 72 hours until no threat was detected. ███████ claimed to have no direct contact with the room save for initially opening his bathroom door. ███████ was relocated to new housing indefinitely.

For the next 5 years, SCP-XXXX was researched and and observed with no immediate threat to the outside world. There have been 7 investigative teams sent into SCP-XXXX to gather any information on the phenomenon possible. All teams consisted of personnel chosen with Level-4 access and any personnel without specified credentials were to be assigned elsewhere.

Equipped with air-tight environmental suits tethered to cables, researchers ventured into the center of the room with only two survivors making it back from each team. Research gathered indicated that the room was 11 m2, having each wall measured to 9.5 meters, but once an observer of the phenomenon began to venture into SCP-XXXX, the walls of the room seem to move further and further away.

With flashlights only illuminating one another and the ground beneath them, each team would mark how far they travelled at specifically timed intervals. This in turn presented a new complication: the displacement of time inside SCP-XXXX in comparison to relative time outside the room. The further an observer travelled into SCP-XXXX the longer they were gone, however to the observer their time moved at a normal pace to their frame of reference. On returning, surviving team members would relay similar notions of lost and/or displaced time inside SCP-XXXX.

Reports from observers indicate that they began experiencing abnormal symptoms 5 kilometers into SCP-XXXX.

Symptoms included:

  • Tightness of muscles
  • Shortness of breath (regardless of oxygen output from provided tanks)
  • sweaty glandula, specifically around pit and groin areas
  • subtle sense of paranoia

The farthest teams to venture in with only two survivors returning reported a 16-kilometer mark into SCP-XXXX with no barrier stopping them. The further each team went in, they all reported a subtle yet gradual decline in elevation of the ground. Research of SCP-XXXX has since been suspended due to its unpredictable nature and its random relocation. Once a door to the room where it manifests itself is closed and reopened, SCP-XXXX vanishes without a trace except for what research was gathered. The only physical evidence left behind, save for the before-mentioned photos and the corpse found at the previous site, consisted of 40 human corpses in the same state as the previous one found, all buried under the soil of the house 6-9 meters down. In regards to the deceased, survivors reported victims experienced highly abnormal conditions before parishing.

Last reported symptoms of deceased:

  • dampness dripping from ears, assumed to be blood
  • weakness in muscles and/or difficulty standing
  • thick substance dripping from tear ducts, also assumed to be blood
  • fast paced short breaths
  • extreme paranoia and fear; members from three different teams claimed they were being observed as if in a zoo or under a microscope
  • arthritic tension in hands and joints

Note: Not all observers experienced symptoms at the same time nor the same ones, others not at all, hence the survivors.

Last visual contact with deceased were reported to have been seen evaporating into small strands of particles and flesh from their suits but once their bodies were compromised, they stopped moving and their bodies stopped disintegrating, most likely due to their position to whatever was ahead of them.

Last audible contact with deceased was broken up by distance and radio static between crew members; deceased described a small (or distant) light in front of them and reaching out, believing light would alleviate physical symptoms but ultimately leading to said victims’ demises.

Survivors’ reports seem to align in similarities despite being in two seperate teams. However it should be noted their experiences deviate from one crucial difference. ████ █████, survivor of 1973 investigation reported hearing the faint sound of Mozart playing in the distance once he hit kilometer mark 14.97. █████ ██████, survivor of the 1975 investigation reported the faint sound of Chuck Berry playing at the same kilometer mark 14.97. In both instances, survivors █████ and ██████ urged to push further to investigate source of sound but recovered no such data.1

Addendum: 03/26/20██
Foundation employee ███ ███████ has continued to come in for bi-annual checkups since his discovery of SCP-XXXX in his former home with only subtle symptoms showing.2 However the most pressing matter he continues to bring up is that of the “light inside the darkness.” ███████ reports to sleep with a low-lit light on, either in his bedroom or in his hallway claiming it comforts him not to be in complete darkness. ███████ also claims when he is alone, whether at home or in public, he feels as though he is being watched from afar. ███████ claimed to not have interacted with SCP-XXXX and no apparent physical symptoms have been recorded. It is of note that ███ ███████ does not have Level-4 access to any such records. Therefore his knowledge on SCP-XXXX is limited, however he claims be familiar with SCP-XXXX’s nature and last known record and became a fan of Chuck Berry.