Photo of SCP-4401, The original background seems to have changed to animated


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Item #: SCP-4401

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-4401 Is to be contained in a 3x3 meter large, steel cubic cell, Supplied with electricity and fitted with 28 inch windows to allow natural light to pass into the cell.
Due to the nature of SCP-4401 Special lockdown procedures have been implemented in the event of SCP-4401 entering an enraged state, such as darkening the room, sealing the windows remotely, and clearing the area of all staff and SCP's

SCP-4401 is to be provided with company for at least an hour a day, using Female staff with a clearance level of 3 and no prior history of depression. Male staff may also be used if they are able to maintain a calm and soft tone to SCP-4401.
Class-D may also be used to keep company if they meet the requirements, Such as the ability to remain calm, not showing violence toward staff or other class-D, and no history of depression. Further testing is required in order to fully ensure proper containment of SCP-4401.

SCP-4401 Is a humanoid bipedal entity weighing 167lbs and standing at 5 feet seven inches tall.
SCP-4401 Identifies as a male, and prefers to be referred to as such. SCP-4401 Appears to be an animated entity appearing to look like that of a children's television character. However, pictures and videos of SCP-4401 Appear to degrade into drawings and sketches of SCP-4401, Due to this, artists representations of SCP-4401 Are to be considered accurate as the quality of such is usually better.

SCP-4401 is clothed in a purple hoodie and sweatpants, this is shown to be SCP-4401's preferred outfit. SCP-4401 is also shown to have glowing white eyes, the reason for such is unknown. Strange floating rectangular 'Glitches' appear to surround SCP-4401, possibly a by product of SCP-4401 being in our world.

SCP-4401 Is normally Docile, social, gentle, and playful with staff, enjoying Playing board games, having simple conversation, and eating meals with Staff, however, upon sensing danger or experiencing aggressive actions SCP-4401 Ceases all social activity for approximately Two minutes, if the source of the danger or irritation has not been terminated, or moved to an area approximately two kilometers away from SCP-4401, It Will enter an enraged state, as The eyes of the entity begin to leak liquid of various colors, usually black, but it has been recorded to also be, red, green, and aqua blue, Claw-like appendages will also appear around SCP-4401, Their appearance resembling that of spider legs.
During this enraged state SCP-4401 Will seek out and terminate any and all living organisms and creatures within a two mile radius, due to this, SCP-4401 is to be isolated, and all organisms, including SCP's, are to be moved away from SCP-4401 To avoid mass loss of life and a possible containment breach. This enraged state will pass within a five hour period if SCP-4401 Is unable to find and terminate any living organisms.
Testing is ongoing, as SCP-4401 may be used in termination tests for other SCP's. Approval from 05 staff is ongoing, as this document will be updated with new data when more is understood about this entity.