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Item#: 4827
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Special Containment Procedures: Due to SCP-4827's nature, containment has been deemed impossible.

All D-class personnel showing signs of malnutrition are to be examined and determined if they have been affected by SCP-4827. Affected individuals are to be briefed about the nature of SCP-4827 and advised to wear blindfolds to alleviate SCP-4827's effects.

Description: SCP-4827 is a cognitohazard that randomly affects all D-class personnel under Foundation custody. When an affected individual attempts to consume any kind of food, they will perceive their sustenance as the disembodied head of D-070301, regardless of the size and weight of the meal, though the food's physical state will remain as normal. This effect will remain for the entirety of the individual's life.

Addendum 4827.a: Discovery


D-070391 (Travis Rondeau Gustner). Photo provided by RAISA.

SCP-4827 came to the Foundation's attention on 17-10-2020, when on-site security noticed that approximately 50 D-class personnel had been fasting for at least 3 consecutive days. When questioned about the matter, a large majority of them were confirmed to be suffering from the same cognitohazardous effects. The international Foundation database was soon flooded with similar reports across 63 containment sites.

Further investigation has resulted in the conclusion that the head perceived by affected individuals belonged to D-070301, a deceased male of British descent who was a former employee for the London branch of Ambrose Restaurants before being taken into Foundation custody for [REDACTED] 3 local thaumaturgists. D-070301 was killed by SCP-████ during a failed testing attempt on 21-09-2020, which resulted in SCP-████ [DATA EXPUNGED] his head and eviscerating his remains.

Addendum 4827.b: 14-11-2020 Incident

On 14-11-2020, Officer Augustine Rondeau (member of Site-17's security) noticed an afflicted D-class personnel choking violently during a lunch break. Officer Rondeau then proceeded to perform the Heimlich maneuver on him, culminating in him vomiting out his entire meal, 30 millilitres of blood, and a small sheet of plastic. The D-class was admitted to the site infirmary and later found to have lost 3 hours of memory prior to the incident. The plastic sheet recovered from the scene was later examined and partially restored by thaumaturgy specialists.

Officer Rondeau was shortly questioned about the contents of the document, with which she answered that she had been taking care of her orphaned nephew before he disappeared 7 months ago. She wasn't aware of his position in Ambrose Restaurants nor had she been informed about his detainment by the Foundation or his untimely death.

Officer Rondeau would later request to have 2 days off work, which was summarily granted.