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Summary of pre-Incident-XXXX-AX events:
As agreed upon with Bolivar, MTF-Omicron-40 went to █████street 19, R██████. The task force was split into two groups: ό40-1,2,3&4 went to meet with Bolivar. ό40-5,6,7&8 , along with two security officers hid outside.

The first group was lead by ό40-1, ό40-4 as communicator with the outside group, and ό40-2 & 3 as support.

File #1: Post-incident debriefing with ό40-1


Interviewed: ό40-1

Interviewer: Dr. Miller

Foreword: All surviving members of MTF-Omicron-40 were interviewed, but that of ό40-1 was deemed most reliable and complete

<Begin Log>

Dr. Miller: Let's start at the beginning, what happened after you went inside the building?

ό40-1: We entered this pretty dark hall with two doors to the left and one door that was opened at the end of the hall, with light coming from behind it. We follow that Bolivar guy to the end of the hall, into the lighted room.

Dr. Miller: Do you know what was behind the other doors?

ό40-1: I don't, they were closed, as I said. Anyway, inside that room was a bunch of tables with on top of those tables pots with plants in them, kind of like a greenhouse. Well, exactly like a greenhouse actually. Bolivar explained to us that this was one of the rooms where they kept SCP-XXXX.

Dr. Miller: Was there anything abnormal about the plants?

ό40-1: No, they looked to me like just regular plants.

Dr. Miller: What kind of pants were they?

ό40-1: Gosh, I don't really know, I don't know a lot about plants. Let me think, there was some mint in there I believe, and a few flowers too. Some generic house plants… Oh, and a few tomatoes too. Just anything you would find in a gardening store, really.

Dr. Miller: Noted, please continue.

ό40-1: Alright, so we were in this room, and I tell █████ and ███ to-

Dr. Miller: Use the code names please.

ό40-1: Right, sorry. So, I told 2 and 3 to look around the room while I and 4 took some samples of the plants. We do that for a bit and at one point 2 wants to open a door, and Bolivar warns there's someone behind there, but they were intoxicated.

Dr. Miller: Did he tell you who this person was?

ό40-1: Yes, actually. He's called (idk) if i recall correctly. Bolivar told me he was the guy who made new 'types' of SCP-XXXX, and that each type acts a bit different. So, (idk) was asleep in his office, absolutely pissdrunk. The room he was in was this small office full of paperwork semi-organised in closets.

Dr. Miller: Did Bolivar talk about anything else?

ό40-1: Yeah, he kept asking us something about 9000 dollars, I wasn't sure what it was so I just told him it was dealt with.

Dr. Miller: Right, should have briefed you about that, but please, continue.

ό40-1: We look around a bit, and go back to taking samples of SCP-XXXX, and I take some of the paperwork from (idk)'s office, when all of a sudden we hear a loud noise from a behind the garage door.

Dr. Miller: How would you describe the sound?

ό40-1: Someone breaking a door open, which is exactly what it was. All of sudden a bunch of guys dressed in black storm in true the garage door. We of course point our guns at them and ask them who they are, they asked us the same thing and we told them we were from the Foundation. Turns out they were hired to go there by Marshall, Carther and Dark to investigate, because apparently the people who kept SCP-XXXX didn't actually tell them how they got the items, they lied that they scavenged them, when M,C&D found out, they were of course pissed.

Dr. Miller: How many people would you estimate there were?

ό40-1: I would guess about 10? 20? lets say 15.

Dr. Miller: What happened next?
ό40-1: We and this group of people who entered were standing at opposite sides of the room, both pointing our weapons at each other. They were very aggressive and threatened to attack us, claiming they were backed by one of the biggest organisations in the world. I reminded them that, so were we. Eventually we agreed to settle it diplomatically. Problem was, we both wanted the anomaly for ourselves and didn't want to split it between both. So, they get aggressive again and threaten us with the fact they outnumber us.
Dr. Miller: And I assume that's when you called for backup?

ό40-1: Exactly. I did they hand gesture to ό40-4 that we both agreed ment 'call for back up' and 5,6 and 8 come in. 7 still stayed behind with the two guards. We still didn't outnumber them, but we were better armed. So, We've got a standoff. We both wanted the plants and didn't want to back up.

Dr. Miller: What happened next?

ό40-1: That's around the time we heard chatting and noise comming from the hallway, same place we entered from. It was the people who farmed SCP-XXXX. They were of on something, I don't remember what, but they went back earlier than Bolivar expected. We ask them who they are, then the M,C&D Chief does so too, and they explain who they are.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: [Small summary and passage on what transpired afterward]

File #2: E-mail intercepted from Marshall, Carther and Dark

On 12/03/2018, during a raid into a M,C&D base, serveral files were able to be taken from servers at the location, between them was the following e-mail exchange:

Subject: Recent raid on scammers by team idk
Sent by: idk
Receiver: John Maynard
09/02/2018 01:35

Dear Mister Maynard,

Our mission to intercept the presumed scam didn't entirely end as planned. We were able to find the house easily based on the security footage you provided showing the scammer's car parked in █████. We knew were able to find the general area, and we took a guess and that the house we were looking for was the large warehouse looking place.

While we were correct, it turned out the place was already full with SCP-Agents inspecting the place. Turns out they busted the place the exact same night we did. We tried to reason with them, but they refused, and got aggressive. Things got worse when the original owners of the house (the scammers),also arrived, meaning we kinda had a standoff. We were almost about to convince them the give it to us but a group of absolute madmen stormed into the building (Serpent's hand I believe) and attacked us. The SCP guys called in backup and captured some of the guys. We tried to fight back, but we were WAY outnumbered. I believe Chief and a few others might still be in a Foundation building somewhere.

Since were still able to snatch a few plants, I still believe we should be paid original price.