Double Aye Batteries
Item#: XXXX
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
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SCP-XXXX before being transferred to site-81.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be kept in a 0.5 meters by 0.5 meters 0.5 meters by 1.02 meters temperature controlled containment room at site-81, centered on the west facing wall of the containment chamber, at least 0.2 meters away from the perpendicular walls of the room. (see Addendum XXXX-3) centered on the plaster wall separating the chamber into two 0.5 meter by 0.5 meter sections. SCP-XXXX must be kept a distance of at least 0.2 meters away from any surface other than the segmenting wall made for the chamber.
If any more than 10 instances of SCP-XXXX-1 appear on either side of the chamber, the temperature of the room is to be heated to 240° Celsius until every instance of SCP-XXXX-1 is eradicated. Any debris produced from this process are to be vacuumed up by a single Class-D personnel equip with a single compact handheld vacuum and a pair of protective eyewear. The vacuum is to then be sent to be emptied into the on site disposal unit.
SCP-XXXX is to be monitored at all times by two standard type security cameras located in the northeast and northwest corners of the complete chamber, with no recording of SCP-XXXX to take place at any time under any circumstance. Any staff looking directly at or operating near SCP-XXXX must be wearing special glasses which excessively blur the user’s vision. All documentation of the SCP must be digital, and any paper products of any sort are not to be brought anywhere near the chamber or near the observation room of SCP-XXXX.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a fungus of unknown species with the appearance and consistancy of a yellow Post-It Note brand sticky note. The words “Get More Kanbans” appear written on the SCP with black permanent marker, with the specimen having noticeable damage done to it, with visible creases, smearing of the ink, and the bottom right corner of the note torn and missing. Unlike the average sticky note, the adhesive of SCP-XXXX is of a biological viscous secretion hypothesized to be around sixty times more adhesive than the normal acrylic adhesives found on standard sticky notes.
When any person reads SCP-XXXX (whom are subsequently classified as SCP-XXXX-A) they will go into a trance state where they will stare aimlessly at the SCP for a seemingly random amount of time, which has ranged from a few minutes to several hours. After going through this state, they will seek out any sticky notes from nearby locations, write the phrase “Get More Kanbans” on them, and will proceed to place them sporadically around SCP-XXXX (classified as SCP XXXX-2), before seeking out more. The subject will only stop this process if severely injured, and will usually exert or starve themselves to death. Subjects’ search for sticky notes will often begin by breaking into locations such as office supply stores and houses, taking no precautions at being seen. If the subject can no longer find any sticky notes1, they will make a final attempt by creating their own makeshift sticky notes out of paper scraps and adhesive materials such as glue, tape, and earwax. Once placed, wood pulp within SCP-XXXX-2 instances will slowly transmute into SCP-XXXX fungus, taking 48 hours to complete the process at roughly 96.5% conversion success. While SCP-XXXX-2 instances have not been found to induce SCP-XXXX and SCP-XXXX-1's trance effect, SCP-XXXX-2 instances increase the range of SCP-XXXX-1 manifestation from SCP-XXXX's origin.

If SCP-XXXX is left without a victim for a period of time observed to be close to one week, fungus-based sticky notes (classified as SCP XXXX-1) will seemingly materialize around it, manifesting roughly once a week. Unlike the sticky notes placed by SCP-XXXX-A, SCP XXXX-1 instances have a similar trancing effect as SCP-XXXX, multiply at a rate similar to SCP-XXXX, and can be identified by a torn bottom right corner. Due to this multiplication property of SCP XXXX and SCP XXXX-1, SCP-XXXX has the potential to overtake a large area if left unattended for a long period of time; materializing exponentially at a rate of x2+1 per week.

Recovery Log:
Provisional Task Force "The Paper Boys" arrived in ████████, Indiana on February 21st, 2019 at █:██ ██ in plainclothes to no noticeable anomalous activity. At █:██ ██ PTF discovered a woman carrying packages of sticky notes into a vacant home at ███ ████████ Street (currently marked as Zone N). After finding she would not acknowledge their presence, nor respond to any verbal communications, PTF members followed her into the house to find the majority of its interior plastered with sticky notes all reading "Get More Kanbans". A total of seven peoples, as well as four bodies all identified as ████████ residents were found inside. The alive residents were visibly anxious, and were recorded as muttering phrases such as "I'm so close to finishing", "Just a few more", "One more task done for today", as well as more incoherent pleadings; refusing to respond to any verbal intervention by PTF. It was at this time PTF were advised to equip their protective uniforms, where they proceeded to inject everyone within the home with fast acting sedatives to no resistance. For the next six hours PTF worked to remove and seal each of the notes for further inspection before discovering a note in the basement which was unable to be removed from the wall without the help of a scalpel. All people and objects recovered from Zone N were delivered to Site-81, with PTF monitoring the home and apprehending eighteen more people over the next ninety-six hour period, including three individuals from the surrounding █████ area. PTF were also successful in recovering three linked individuals from Central ████ Hospital in St. ██████ Indiana.


Addendum XXXX-1
On February 19th, 2019, Dr. Clark ███████ brought to The Foundation's attention three newspaper articles from St. ██████ Indiana's "The Daily █████". The first of these articles2 details a break-in at a local Office Depot where two unidentified perpetraters managed to steal 2.5 thousand US dollars worth of sticky notes. The second of these articles3, published only six days afterward, discusses a week long series of break-ins across town all in which homes, supply stores, and warehouses were all raided for office supplies, with five unnamed arrests being made during this time.
The last of these articles4 details an interview between a local reporter and a Deputy at St. ██████ Jailhouse. Within the article, Deputy █████ expresses surprise when another St. ██████ Deputy was found escaping from a Staples with a shopping cart of office supplies. █████ details how the Deputy refused to respond to his name nor any questioning, with those arrested demanding to be let out of their holding cells because they "needed to get back to work immediately". After two days of continued aggression, anxiety, and refusal to eat or drink, the prisoners reportedly curled up onto the floor crying, with two prisoners dying of dehydration before the surviving were administered to nearby Central ████ Hospital.
After inspection into the validity of documents, and discovery that all but one of the arrested were from nearby small town ████████, Indiana, Provisional Task Force "The Paper Boys" was created and issued into ████████ on February 21st, 2019.

Addendum XXXX-2
Each note recovered from Zone N was examined at Site-81, with a recorded 80.8% of the notes consisting of a compound of paper pulp and an unknown variety of dead fungal cells. Of these notes, SCP-XXXX was discovered to be the only note consisting completely of unidentified living fungal cells, with its adhesive side being comprised of a viscous secretion.

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Addendum XXXX-3
(the old containment procedures [where the note was placed on only one wall] goes wrong, as a note materializes on the other side of the containment wall within a hallway, which trances one of the scientists. This forces them to create a new containment procedure involving a divider wall within the chamber, as so that when notes materialize upon the opposite side of the wall, they are still contained.)

Addendum XXXX-4
(one of the few d-class tests where the subject is placed in the room with only one blank post it note and nothing more. Unlike other tests where a writing utensil was provided, the subject goes beserk within the room looking for something to write with before ripping out one of his teeth to write with in blood. After using the only sticky note, the subject begins to rip their clothing into squares, poorly writes on it with blood, and pastes it onto the wall using bodily fluids. While making another note, the blood on the first cloth note bleeds into the fabric, making the text on it illegible, which causes the subject to go into a panic attack where they curl up into a ball crying. They were removed from the containment room, where they continued to stay in the ball, and starved themselves to death5. An autopsy on the body shows paper particles on the subject's eyes.)

Addendum XXXX-5
(Scp foundation is called back the now abandoned house which had contained the scp, as more notes had appeared. Wearing the special blurring glasses, it is discovered that while a few more notes had appeared on the wall of the house. When cutting out the piece of drywall the notes had been attached to to test it for possible anomalies, it is discovered there are thousands of notes inside the wall. The foundation is forced to burn the building down and stage it as a gas leak.)